The brain is a complicated organ. There are multiple lobes which govern different aspects of our physical body, our mental capabilities and our emotional processes. There is a conscious process and a subconscious process within these different lobes. Basic physiology says that we have conscious control over most everything, but that the subconscious kicks in to maintain control over heart beats, breathing, cell regeneration, digestion and multiple other physical functions. Obviously both the conscious and subconscious are very busy with multiple, often overlapping responsibilities.

Medical science also believes that dreaming is a function of the subconscious brain. They have come to this conclusion based on tests performed on sleeping subjects. They monitor physical reactions during sleep when the subject is dreaming. But does this really tell us where the dreams are coming from or what actual process creates the dreams?

If I am watching television and see a commercial with an adorable child doing something funny, my brain waves probably change, but does the emotion I feel originate in my brain, or come from my heart, a physiological process in a different part of the body? Did the brain process the information, send a message to the heart saying, oh, look a cute kid and you love kids, squeeze the heart muscle to evoke an emotional response? Or, did the heart squeeze and evoke the emotional response and then the brain go, oh, I need to pay attention, the heart is feeling something sweet and gooey? Based on this question, I ask, are dreams a brain process or possibly a more spiritual process?

I don’t really have the answer to this question. I’m hypothesizing here based on meditation and experience. I believe dreams are a very spiritual process. When we’re conscious we operate in what we perceive as reality. There are multiple theories that we create our reality based on our thoughts. When we are subconscious (the physical body is asleep) we perceive a different reality. I can recall the same memory consciously or subconsciously (awake or asleep). I have solved problems in a sleep state (we’ve all heard, sleep on a problem for the answer). I’ve been meditating (a different thought process) and had resolutions come to me. And I’ve been fully awake when suddenly the answer was right there.

The energy we are exists with or without the physical body. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can change form, but continues to be. Our energy current is measurable but has never been determined to be physical. It is assumed physical because it is being measured in the physical body by physical equipment. But if we put water in a container, the water doesn’t become the container, yet we can still measure the amount of water and it is still water if you pour it out.

My point is this, we are spiritual energy beings in a physical body. No matter what your personal spiritual beliefs are, you have an energy connection to a bigger energy source, separate and distinct from the physical body. When conscious, most of us are not focusing on this energy connection (making it a subconscious function?) yet the connection exists. My opinion is that dreams are part of the spiritual, energy we are and which we are connected to. Which then leads to the possibility that we are able to control the subconscious reality also. Perhaps dreams are the spiritual aspect of ourselves or that which we are connected to exposing other probable courses of existence for us and other possible realities available to us. A reality we create, a reality where we manipulate laws of existence and are able to manifest desires. Or a connection to an infinite library of information for use by our spiritual selves.

This is where I go spiritually when I interpret dreams for myself or others. I connect to an energy wisdom outside my physical body to divine the meaning of the subconscious information. No dream symbol is one size fits all. Each is unique to the individual, their past, their beliefs and their current circumstances.

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2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. This is a wonderful summation of a topic that fills volumes and spans eons of time. May I suggest “Thinking and Destiny” by Harold Waldwin Percival.

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