Spirit Guides

We have all heard the miraculous stories of people helped or even saved by total strangers who then suddenly vanish. We have heard of the gravely ill who are visited by apparitions and then make amazing recoveries which defy medical science. I have read of children lost in the woods for hours, even days but were kept warm by an animal or led back home by ‘people’ no one else could see.These are extreme examples, but I believe are very true.

So what about every day struggles, just life in general. Have you ever been sad even depressed then as you are walking through a store a stranger’s child suddenly smiles, even giggles and acts like they recognize you? You have just been touched by the spirits. Ever have a bad day, your blood pressure is up, you are shaky and feel like you want to run? Then an animal comes up to you, you pet it, maybe give it a bite of something you have and suddenly your blood pressure goes down and for just a minute you forget how upset you were moments ago. You have just been touched by the spirits.

The definition of a spirit guide is based largely on the culture in which you were raised. But the spirits don’t care about your culture.  They will find you no matter what you believe and they will impart their wisdom, guidance, healing and protection whether you recognize it or not.

Spirits come in many forms. I personally have seen angels with my physical eyes. I have heard with my physical ears the prayers and guidance of spirits I could not see. I have been blessed with a comforting encounter by various animals and I have been reminded of my ability to share my spirit with birds, plants, trees, even insects and reptiles. Never take for granted any encounter when it comes from the spirits. They come in endless forms for endless reasons. Just know when they have your attention, when they cross your path, when you get that ‘feeling’; they are providing just what you need.

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3 thoughts on “Spirit Guides

  1. So important to learn what that feeling is. The reality is that everything has meaning, and we should never ignore our intuition… Too many times when I have I’ve gotten into trouble, but my guides did their best regardless of my ignorance !

  2. It’s so comforting to know I’m not alone in my pain and that Spirits are around to help ❤

    • Katrina

      They are always with you, all you have to say is ‘help me” and they will.

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