I started to name this post, negativity, but then I realized I was stooping to the level I was trying to rise above. I was trolling facebook this morning and all I could find was, sadness, brutality, chaos, fear, well, negativity. What really gets me about many of these posts is they are posted by people saying they do not want negative posts on their page. So, I have to ask myself, do we really know the difference between negative and positive?

Before I expound, let me admit there are times I am as guilty as everyone else. This is one of my faults I am working very hard to correct. Prayer is a biggie for me. Many spiritual practices teach to ‘pray’ about the illness, injury, fear, circumstance, etc. But when you pray about what you want to change, you are actually giving power to it. Then the question becomes how to pray positive. Well, for example, you have a cold. Instead of beseeching the spirits to heal your cold; instead, beseech them for health. Tell the spirits how happy and grateful you are when you are healthy and happy. Or say you have an unexpected expense pop-up and insufficient funds to cover it. Tell the spirits how grateful and free you are when all your bills are paid and there is still money left over. Sadness, depression, or hopelessness are hard because you need the opposite of these to seek the positive needed to change the other circumstances. Tell the spirits how comforting it is when you see beauty in the world around you. Or how consoling it is when nature balances your energies and you are at peace.

I know as well as anyone how easy it is to fall into the negative traps and focus from the opposite angle of where we want to be. So, this is my first remake of myself. Focus from the positive. Happy Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. Great reminder! This is almost as saying that we need to be solution oriented, instead of problem focused. I have also posted negative posts, but I think we do so so be genuine and transparent in our journey of life. There are positive , and there are negative experiences. It is all part of this life. But inspiring posts like this one remind us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. All I can say is stay away from Reddit. I posted on there asking help for my book and nearly every response was paranoid, judgemental, hostile and generally negative. Frankly, I was disgusted with the individuals and disappointed with humanity in general.

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