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Weekly Dream Symbolism

I will be posting a weekly dream symbol. However, please understand that all dreams are unique and specific to the individual and what you read here may not resonate with the truth of your individual dream.

The symbolism this week is the Wizard of Oz. Many of you are probably familiar with the psychological symbols in the movie. Each character represents a unique aspect of our personality. Are you the Scarecrow always questing for knowledge; believing that if you take one more class, learn one more skill; then your life will improve? Are you the Tin Man searching for emotions you believe you are not capable of feeling; standing still to the point of rusting and being unable to move until someone else oils your gears?  Are you the Cowardly Lion holding yourself back from everyday experiences and never speaking up for any truth, including your own?

But maybe you are Dorothy; always searching for home. Or maybe you are the Good Witch always there to point others away from danger. You could be the Wicked Witch, always working to take from others because you don’t believe you and what you have accomplished in life are as significant as the accomplishments of others. You might be the aunt and uncle holding space until someone else finds their way home. Or, maybe, just maybe, you are the Wizard, always hiding your true self and true power from others and possibly even hiding from yourself.

I reiterate that dreams are unique to each of us. The above are merely suggestions for you to consider.  For additional insights and help decoding a dream please email me at

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Soul Mates

I keep seeing an article on Yahoo News titled “I love my husband, but here’s why I want to cheat.”  This woman rambles about how her husband is her soul mate. The romantic way they met and how she can tell him anything, but then she goes into some nonsense about meeting someone else and becoming obsessed and finally blames it on avoiding true love??? Really???

I have so many issues with this it is almost laughable.  To begin with, I understand that no matter how amazing your relationship is or how open and honest you are with your partner, you can and do still appreciate the physical attractiveness of other people. I look at models, actresses, etc. and can see why men look at them. I once told William to go ahead and look at Faith Hill, I look at her, she is gorgeous. This does not mean I would accept William wanting to cheat with her. Looking does not mean even wanting to touch, or experience, or take home. Just the opposite, appreciate her beauty, but also appreciate mine and the fact I am right here with you through thick and thin, good and bad, better or worse and only touch, experience and make your home with me.

A soul mate is someone who is your best friend and your lover. Someone who accepts your positive and negative, has your best well being at heart, is interested in constantly knowing you, experiencing you through your good and bad and still wants to be only with you.  But here’s the kicker, if this person is truly your soul mate, then you accept their good and bad, are constantly interested in knowing them at their deepest level, having their best well being at heart and still only want to be with them.

Also, sex is not love. Love is messy, complicated, multilayered, often requires work, and is even sometimes stressful. Love also induces feelings of comfort, safety, familiarity, passion and romance. Love incorporates elements of friendship and carnality together into a recipe of rapture. Sex is an energy that bonds all these emotions, the good and not so good into a physical expression of the level of commitment required to maintain an enduring union ( i.e. making love or love making).

Sadly, I believe that not everyone finds their true soul mate. Many people find good relationships, even great relationships. They find happiness, and are comfortable. A soul mate is more, so much more. I honestly believe if you think about cheating, are interested in deceiving your partner, or are bored and dissatisfied but do not care enough about your relationship to work on it, then either this person is not your soul mate or you are not emotionally healthy enough (healed from past traumas) or simply still too immature to be with a soul mate.

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Lone Wolf

Do you feel alone, like no one understands, rejected by family and friends, and as if there is no one else in the world like you? Have you felt this way for so long that you no longer share feelings, ideas, and dreams with others, much less the deeper more private beliefs? Take a deep breath because you are not alone. Many others feel this way, including myself.

I read an article recently quoting a Lakota elder who was expressing his dismay that so many of his people were selling feathers and sacred ceremonies to non-native peoples. But I garnered a deeper meaning from his words. In the article he suggested that while he understands that people are just looking for a connection, common ground or way to share spiritual experiences, he feels everyone should find their individual roots and ancestry for that connection and common ground.

I agree, but only to a point. I personally am half Irish, one-fourth Scottish and one-fourth German. My maternal grandparents remembered and honored the old Celtic ways, but the rest of my family did not (including my mother-their daughter). I was born with that deep, other-worldly knowing, but because my entire family had been in America for so long and so rigidly influenced by the Puritan Christian ways, the only person who didn’t make fun of me or think I was crazy was my maternal grandfather. I have searched my whole life for others who would even consider what I felt and believed might be true and real. Sadly, I have only found a very few and all but two have been so profoundly influenced by some formal organized group that they thought my beliefs were wrong because I didn’t follow their prescribed rituals, readings and ways of living in general.

The old Celtic/Druid ways are very similar to Native American ways. There are obvious differences in names of spirits, Gods, Goddesses and ceremonies; but the deeper meanings and desired outcomes are much alike. However, Natives really don’t trust Anglo-saxons. Honestly, I don’t blame them, the mistrust they have is earned and is deserved. Then there is the issue that most Celtic/Druid ways have been invaded and polluted with Christian undertones or is believed to be witch craft.And before you hang me or burn me at the stake, I have deep Christian ties, I believe in witch craft and know the two are not mutually exclusive.

So, this leaves me as a Lone Wolf. My personal spirituality is eclectic and includes spiritual longings from many belief systems and practices. Over the course of my life I have developed the gut instinct that no one way is the only way, that all spiritual practices have much truth. I also have learned the hard way that many religions are structured to hold souls hostage through guilt and fear. Or they are social clubs who pull you in with the promise of moral support and gatherings of like minded people.

Sometimes this is lonely, but at the end of the day, I can look myself in the mirror, I can be honest with all the Spirits I pray to, including the Great Spirit of all. When I commune with the spirits, I have no problem admitting to my faults or being open when I am thinking or feeling anything that would be considered by most as ‘not spiritual’. I know I don’t have everything figured out, yet, I also know when I cross over, everything will be explained to me without any insults or condemnation. I have made peace with the Spirits, my soul is content.

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Ghosts are nothing but energy. Do they have the ability to manipulate solid objects? Some yes, most no. Their energy is real and can be registered with the right equipment. Sometimes you will catch spirit orbs or even full images in a video or photograph. Usually these are harmless specters just passing through. There are times when a spirit will repeat the same action for reasons known only to them. Again this is harmless and people are frightened only because they don’t understand.

In areas where deeply traumatizing events occurred, the spirits involved will stay, possibly so we the living do not forget the sacrifice made by them and many others on that site (Wounded Knee, Trail of Tears, Gettysburg). My feeling is to leave them alone, and acknowledge their presence is keeping the area sacred. Sometimes energy from past events which occurred in a specific place lingers or echos over and over which manifests as ghosts but is only emotional energy that stuck and has changed the electromagnetic field of that area.

Do loved ones who have crossed over ever visit? Mine have. Not often, but yes, I have seen them, heard, them, felt them, or known they were sending a message. If this happens to you, don’t take it as a warning of doom. You are connected to people through energy circuits. Just because they have crossed over doesn’t mean the spiritual connection is broken. And, I believe that we continue to learn, evolve and resolve karma after we cross over, so if you didn’t have the best relationship with a relative, don’t worry about their spirit energy. It is very possible they have come to apologize, make amends or put right some unresolved issue with you.  If you had a good relationship with them, why would they not stop by from time to time just to check in and say Hi?

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