Weekly Dream Symbolism

I will be posting a weekly dream symbol. However, please understand that all dreams are unique and specific to the individual and what you read here may not resonate with the truth of your individual dream.

The symbolism this week is the Wizard of Oz. Many of you are probably familiar with the psychological symbols in the movie. Each character represents a unique aspect of our personality. Are you the Scarecrow always questing for knowledge; believing that if you take one more class, learn one more skill; then your life will improve? Are you the Tin Man searching for emotions you believe you are not capable of feeling; standing still to the point of rusting and being unable to move until someone else oils your gears?  Are you the Cowardly Lion holding yourself back from everyday experiences and never speaking up for any truth, including your own?

But maybe you are Dorothy; always searching for home. Or maybe you are the Good Witch always there to point others away from danger. You could be the Wicked Witch, always working to take from others because you don’t believe you and what you have accomplished in life are as significant as the accomplishments of others. You might be the aunt and uncle holding space until someone else finds their way home. Or, maybe, just maybe, you are the Wizard, always hiding your true self and true power from others and possibly even hiding from yourself.

I reiterate that dreams are unique to each of us. The above are merely suggestions for you to consider.  For additional insights and help decoding a dream please email me at freefullife@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Dream Symbolism

  1. I always identified with Toto. What does he symbolize? Innocence? Disernment? Cute fluff?

    • Katrina

      Nope, Toto is security, Dorothy’s link to everything familiar and safe for her.

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