Fashion for Comfort

This is totally off topic for me because today’s post is about fashion. I know I normally (at least I try) come across as the enlightened spiritual guru.  Well, I am, yet at the same time, I love jewelry, shoes and clothes. Even on the weekends when I’m doing very human things like laundry, vacuuming, and grocery shopping (remember its very spiritual to be human when the occasion calls for it) I have on nice jeans and pretty tops, or a sundress, I put on make-up, do my hair and usually at least have earrings in.  I do this for me. What I do with my outside is a reflection of my inside.

It is also very in line with the law of attraction. When we bath, apply lotion and sweet smelling perfumes, oils, etc.; when we wear nice jeans and pretty tops; adorning ourselves with makeup, jewelery and even cute shoes; we are proclaiming to the Universe: “I am valuable!”  We are feeling, displaying, and living fully into our Divine worth.

But as always, this is unique to each person. The guys out there may be much more comfortable in raggedy jeans and a stained t-shirt. These articles may have some intense memory attached or they may just be so worn they feel like a second skin. With the law of attraction how the clothes and fashion accessories make us feel is far more important than how they look.  But if you can feel great and look great at the same time, this is a double whammy.  I follow a couple fashion blogs, I surf the web for clothes and shoes, and I compare make-up colors, claims, and brands, because feeling comfortable with me fashion choices is very important to me. I have a couple dresses I look amazing in, but they are for special occasions only, because after only a couple hours in them, I’m so miserable, I’m swearing I’ll never wear them again (they’re still hanging in the closet waiting for me to need them).

The point is, you should allow your physical appearance to reflect how you wish to be seen, understood, and it should also be a statement of how you view yourself even when the only person seeing you is you. What you present (put out) even to yourself, is what you get back.

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Scents Smells Odors and Other Olfactory Essences

Did you know our sense of smell is attached to our emotions? Scents, odors, fragrances, stir our emotions as much or possibly more than sight or sound? My point? Too much of a good thing is bad. You get in the elevator and end up standing next to a man wearing an entire bottle of aftershave. Or, you’re in line at the grocery store and the lady in front of you obviously bathed in her perfume.

So, today’s post is a fashion tip for the nose. Ladies and gentlemen, we all appreciate when others smell clean and look their best. We also appreciate passing by and getting just a whiff of cologne or aftershave. But it’s possible to over do it. Just like putting too much sugar in your cookies or too much salt in your casserole, too much cologne ruins the overall package.

Ladies, there are two ways to apply just the right amount of perfume. If you have a spray bottle spray the mist into the air in front of you and then immediately step into the falling mist. Do this with your head down so the mist falls into your hair and onto your shoulders and clothing.  If you have to apply with your fingers, lightly coat the tip of one finger, rub the same finger on the opposite hand and then touch your temples in your hair line. Yes, put it in your hair. You can also add some on the crown of your head, but again, put it in your hair. If this is a special occasion, you can also put just a drop in the bend of your arms (front of the elbows) and right behind the knee. No more.

Gentlemen, with regard to aftershave, just a couple drops in your palms, rub your hands together and then across your cheeks, chin and neck…really spread those two drops out over your skin, then stop. If you use a good cologne, you can use it in place of aftershave, but please don’t use them together. If you tend to sweat and are worried about body odor, use a good deodorant which compliments your cologne, then if you want, one drop, just one,  about one inch below the waist band of your underwear. It doesn’t matter if you sweat there or not, your body temperature is higher in that area and will emit the odor of your cologne in a subtle way as your body temperature fluctuates.

And finally, for men and women both, if you can smell yourself after ten minutes, you’ve used to much.

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