Making Yourself Sick

I’ve gotten permission from a client to share her amazing story.  She is a single mom who lives with a nice guy.  The problem is this guy doesn’t want to get married or every have any more children (he has two of his own).  My client has felt for some time now that this may not be the right relationship for her, but like so many women she’s been caught up in the day-to-day, ‘there’s really no reason to leave’ scenario.

Recently she woke up one morning feeling more tired than usual and just knew something wasn’t right.  However, she took her son to school and headed to work.  After about an hour she began to have sharp pains in her side, became very nauseated and weak.  She told her boss she was sick and needed to go home. But being the wise woman she is, she drove herself to the emergency room.   After many tests and examinations it was determined she has large ovarian cysts.  The cysts will probably have to be removed surgically, but this is what I’m doing for her along with the medical treatment she is receiving:

First, the ovaries are the seat of creativity and creation.  Cysts are false growth.  My client has known for years that she wanted more children.  She has been harboring deep grief and sadness because she wasn’t sure how to ‘grow’ her dream of more children while with her current boyfriend.  She also feels as though she has nothing new and exciting to look forward to in her life.

I went over her diet with her and found she is eating too much red meat and dairy, while consuming very little leafy greens, or many vegetables at all. I have started her on little changes in diet, just a few things each week.  Next we are really pulling up those deep, unspoken feelings of sadness, disappointment and even grief that she sees no immediate plans for more children.  Once I got her to admit this was really eating away at her, she began to cry. Crying is good.  I recommended that she cry as long and as much as she needs until she feels better or there are no tears left.  I have given her specific meditations for her second, third and fourth chakras which will also invoke some crying.  I have also started her on an energy medicine exercise routine where she will massage energy meridians in her body to help open the energy blockages which probably caused the cysts in the first place.

Is she out of the woods yet?  No, she will need to have the cysts removed and she needs to heal emotionally and spiritually as well.  The point is, by holding in these deep, profound, life altering emotions, she made herself physically sick.  When you don’t acknowledge, voice, and then release intense emotions, they will get your attention, one way or the other.

If you are dealing with emotional turmoil and spiritual pain, I’m just an e-mail away.

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Healthy Energy

Today I’m sharing the story of one of my test subjects of the meditation I’ve developed.  I’m not sharing the person’s name but the story is true.  The meditation is to clear and heal energy blockages in the chakras.  I’ve been working with this person for several months and when I offered the meditation they jumped at the opportunity. This person knew they had some stuck energy in their solar plexus and throat chakras.  There were also some wounds in the heart chakra but these had been mostly resolved. Additionally, they were dealing with some minor physical issues, mostly related to constipation, with headaches, backaches, joint pain and experiencing anxiety which came on mostly at night.

Over the past few weeks while working with the chakra meditation, my client noticed as the healing occurred and the epiphanies came to the surface, they were able to acknowledge and release them without dwelling on them.  As the healing continued, the landscape of their chakras were changing, somtimes almost daily.  Often there was a pattern to the change, but sometimes the changes made no sense to either of us.  Then almost over night their landscapes became more colorful and more alive.  Recently my client has experienced major physical healing.  Suddenly they were no longer constipated, which was a relief  and as this resolved over the course of about thirty-six hours, they stated their abdomen was sore and they were extremely fatigued.  I recommend extra sleep, even naps during the day if possible.

Also, they are sleeping more soundly, they have not had an anxiety attack for two weeks and these had been occurring every night usually multiple times a night.  There have been no headaches for over a week and the back and joint pain are mostly gone.  The fatigue is lingering which is to be expected and they are still sleeping more than usual.

This is an extreme case study.  Not all my test subjects are reporting this level of healing but most have experienced some relief from physical issues which were directly related to energy blockages caused by emotional issues.  I want to caution that not all physical ailments are caused by emotional issues and not all physical ailments can be healed or even relived with emotional or energy healing.  Although I personally believe our emotional thermostat predisposes us to physical maladies.

Being healthy, balanced, and aware of our emotional, mental, and spiritual energies is key to physical health. And taking care of our bodies by eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep every night has a profound impact on our emotions, thought processes and spiritual awareness.

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Fashion for Comfort

This is totally off topic for me because today’s post is about fashion. I know I normally (at least I try) come across as the enlightened spiritual guru.  Well, I am, yet at the same time, I love jewelry, shoes and clothes. Even on the weekends when I’m doing very human things like laundry, vacuuming, and grocery shopping (remember its very spiritual to be human when the occasion calls for it) I have on nice jeans and pretty tops, or a sundress, I put on make-up, do my hair and usually at least have earrings in.  I do this for me. What I do with my outside is a reflection of my inside.

It is also very in line with the law of attraction. When we bath, apply lotion and sweet smelling perfumes, oils, etc.; when we wear nice jeans and pretty tops; adorning ourselves with makeup, jewelery and even cute shoes; we are proclaiming to the Universe: “I am valuable!”  We are feeling, displaying, and living fully into our Divine worth.

But as always, this is unique to each person. The guys out there may be much more comfortable in raggedy jeans and a stained t-shirt. These articles may have some intense memory attached or they may just be so worn they feel like a second skin. With the law of attraction how the clothes and fashion accessories make us feel is far more important than how they look.  But if you can feel great and look great at the same time, this is a double whammy.  I follow a couple fashion blogs, I surf the web for clothes and shoes, and I compare make-up colors, claims, and brands, because feeling comfortable with me fashion choices is very important to me. I have a couple dresses I look amazing in, but they are for special occasions only, because after only a couple hours in them, I’m so miserable, I’m swearing I’ll never wear them again (they’re still hanging in the closet waiting for me to need them).

The point is, you should allow your physical appearance to reflect how you wish to be seen, understood, and it should also be a statement of how you view yourself even when the only person seeing you is you. What you present (put out) even to yourself, is what you get back.

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Thursday Recipe

For something a little different I thought I’d post a recipe. Its actually good for at least two meals depending on the size of the roast and how many people you’re feeding.

Fresh pork roast, I usually buy a roast that’s about 2 to 2 1/2 pounds. I spear it several times with a fork, then I combine the following:

2 tablespoons cornstarch

2 teaspoons cinnamon

2 1/2 tablespoons brown sugar (pack it good)

1 cup applesauce and 2 apples peeled, cored and sliced chunky

Pour the mixture over the roast in a baking dish and cover. Bake for 30-40 minutes, if you live below 3500 feet altitude uncover the roast and continue baking until done to your liking. If you live above 3500 feet, I suggest leaving the roast covered until done to your liking otherwise the sauce around the roast may caramelize.  Serve with your favorite side dishes.

Now for the left overs. Take the remaining pork cut in thick slices or medium sized chunks. Pour in one can of chicken broth and one can of water. Let the roast cook at a rough simmer (slow easy boil) until the liquid is almost cooked away and the meat is falling apart. Then add your favorite barbeque sauce and you have home made pulled pork sandwiches.


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What You Don’t Know About the Law of Attraction

Many of you have commented that my posts are giving you a new way of looking at the Law of Attraction. Thank you for the comments, they help me more than you know.  Today I’m going to point out a few nuances of the LOA which most proponents of the principle don’t teach.

First, trying to reverse a negative with a negative will never work. When you’re looking at you weight and you’re thinking and feeling, “I’m so over weight” all you’re doing is acknowledging the fat cells. However, just saying “I’m so slim and beautiful” won’t work either. Because deep down you’re lying to yourself. And most of us with any moral compass will sense the lie on a cellular level.It’s still a negative statement.

Second, our bodies and spirits are connected, physically, psychically, morally, spiritually connected. While our Spirits are in residence on this physical plane in our physical bodies, then there is a solid connection. However, we are also physically, psychically, morally, spiritually connected to the Divine. There is scientific evidence implying the Divine communicates with us on a cellular level.

Most of us are programmed from conception with cellular ghosts from our ancestors and even more from our parents. Encoded in these cells are imprints of our ancestors lives. Their joys, fears, opinions, financial status, careers, education and spiritual beliefs. Now we’re not completely reprogrammed from our ancestors, but there are small ghost imprints that linger in us. So when I look at my thighs and wish for Julia Roberts’ thighs, I’m actually battling my grandmother, my aunt Lou, and my aunt Jean.

How will the LOA help with this? First, I have to love my grandmother, Aunts Lou and Jean they were beautiful women. Strong, well educated, intelligent and physically beautiful women. And instead of channeling their thick thighs, I channel their intelligence, their strength, my Aunt Lou’s beautiful skin, my Aunt Jean’s gorgeous auburn hair (it looked and felt like silk even after she started graying) and my grandmother’s hour glass figure (she had the smallest waist of any woman I’ve ever known-even with the bigger thighs). Not to mention they were all well endowed above the waist.

Then, as I’m sure some of you have guessed, I go jogging. I concentrate on my breath while running, I take in the magnificent scenery around me, and I meditate on these beautiful women and the ways in which I do want to be like them, on how fortunate I am to have known them and to be where I am now, with William and the amazing life we have together.

By concentrating on the positive I already have and can channel from my ancestors, then over time there’s less room for the negative and it has no choice but to leave because there’s no longer any room for it in my life (and on my thighs.)

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Health From Law of Attraction

Health; we all take it for granted until we no longer have it. I’m on this band wagon myself right now, since William and I both have been passing some sort of bug back and forth for almost a month now. So, how are we using the Law of Attraction for health? Well, let me preface this with, the Law of Attraction needs help. You can’t sit and think healthy thoughts and expect to recover from illness or even stay healthy. This is probably the simplest example of how Law of Attraction works. To be and stay healthy, you have to act healthy. What is acting healthy? Eating the right amounts of the right foods, a.k.a balanced diet. You can’t eat sweet rolls for breakfast, a candy bar for lunch and then ice cream and cake for dinner, then wonder why your stomach doesn’t feel right, your bathroom routine is non existent and your face is swollen. At the same time, don’t eat raw vegetables three times a day either. This will have the exact opposite affect on your bathroom routine and your face will still be swollen and you’ll probably have stomach cramps. Eat small portions of foods from each food group (and no wine and chocolate donuts are not food groups, if they were, I’d be very happy!).  I also advocate eating dessert maybe twice a week. Or if you’re one of those people who just isn’t satisfied until you’ve had a bite or two of sweetness, then eat just one or two bites of something sweet. William keeps a bowl of candy on the kitchen table. Usually something like jelly beans, skittles, Hershey’s kisses, etc. So after eating he can grab a few pieces to quell that sweet craving.

The same goes for exercise. You don’t have to be a marathon runner, body builder or professional sports figure to work your muscles and help your body flush out fat. In my younger days I was a weight lifter. It’s really not convenient for me now, so I fall back on my second love which is dancing. I turn up the stereo and I boogey. But if dancing isn’t your thing, ride a bike, or an exercise bike, walk the dog double the distance you normally walk. You and the dog both will feel better. Ball play with your kids, swim, play tennis, golf, anything which will increase your heart rate, body temperature and breathing.

Also, too much alcohol is bad for your brain, liver,stomach and kidneys. Yes, it has been proven a glass or two of wine, beer, or even a mixed drink two or three times a week is fine. This is not a license to drink a six pack every day after work or an entire bottle of wine on Friday night because you’re bored and lonely. The same goes for recreational drug use. I personally believe marijuana should be legal, however, again, everything in moderation and we all know there are plenty of street drugs out there which will destroy you before you know what’s happening to you.  The destroying part, goes double for your physical body.

The point here is this, when you eat healthy, exercise even in small bursts, and don’t abuse your body with substances never meant for human consumption, you are telling the Universe that you respect your body and want it to be healthy. Your body will respond in kind and you will begin to raise your energy vibration which sends signals to the Universe, then the Universe sends back equal energy vibrations of respect for your body. The results are the eating healthy, exercising and respecting your body get easier and you start to look and feel better.

The truth is in many ways, people have been using the Law of Attraction for hundreds of years, they just didn’t know how the Law works or the impact it has when followed correctly.

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Law of Attraction Part 2

Today I’m using myself as the example for how Law of Attraction helps with weight issues. Growing up I was very slim. Not bean pole thin, I had hips, breasts and a few curves, but I was thin. So, I know what thin feels like. Then at 24, pregnant with my daughter, my hormones and metabolism went haywire. In only nine months I gained 70 lbs. My blood pressure stayed down, there really wasn’t any water retention, I was just fat! I gave new meaning to the expression “beached whale.” And, no, my daughter only weighed 6 lbs, 15oz. The rest was me. I wore my maternity clothes home from the hospital after she was born. In fact, I wore maternity clothes for almost 4 more months and then had to buy…wait for it…size 14 pants.  What did I do?

To start with, I found pictures of myself from before all the weight gain. If you don’t have pictures of yourself the size you want to be, find pictures of models who you want to emulate. Do Not! put them on the refrigerator. This will only make you angry and law of attraction doesn’t work when you’re mad. Take these pictures of the way you want to look and carry them with you. At work, in restaurants, anywhere you’re tempted to eat wrong. When you start thinking you’ll have a donut instead of yogurt or, dessert instead of salad, take the picture out, look at it and then look down at your stomach, thighs, etc.

Make a list or a vision board of what you and your life will look like when you lose the weight. Will you go on vacation? Don’t wait until you lose all the weight, take a winter vacation to comfort yourself. Thinking you’ll buy a new car? Why wait? Buy the car now. Many of us use food as a comfort or to replace something we think is missing in our lives. If these things weren’t missing, we might not turn to food as often.

Splurge now. Go buy something at least 2 sizes too small. Something you will look amazing in. Hang it in the closet and look at it about 3-4 times a week. Again, do not hang it up where you can see it every time you walk by, remember, anger makes things worse. FYI, this one trick helped me the most. I had a beautiful, lacy pink top that I couldn’t wait to wear. Also, reward yourself for milestone progress. For every 5-10 pounds that come off, buy yourself something, like new pants, top or dress. Start revamping your wardrobe while you lose the weight. Guys, this goes for you also. Side note, as your clothes become too big, donate them or give them away. Get them away from you, this way, you have nothing to fall back on and if you gain a little back, you’ll have more incentive to lose it because your clothes will be uncomfortable.

Start an exercise routine. I got up 30 minutes early everyday just to exercise in my family room. Anything that gets your blood pumping. If your thing is walking, take one of those pictures with you on the walk and really meditate on how you’ll feel when you’re that size.

Finally, diet pills only work short term. To keep the weight off, you need lifestyle changes. Eating healthier and exercising more are the two most important things. However, if you’re like me and have a sweet tooth then pick one or two days each week (No More than 2!) when you eat dessert. My favorite, is usually on Sunday mornings I make cinnamon rolls or some other danish in place of traditional breakfast. Or I buy single pieces of pie or cake in the deli of my grocery store for Friday or Saturday dessert.

Law of Attraction brings more of what you are concentrating on into your life. To change what you’re thinking about, start making the small changes. You’ll start noticing many of the new things show up without you doing anything. Be grateful, accept them, welcome them and make them part of the new you. As more new shows up, start getting rid of the old, immediately. For all the changes you want, stop thinking ‘maybe someday.’ Why not today?

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Hungry Girl

No, I’m not hungry, although it is morning here. Hungry Girl is a website dedicated to healthy, low fat, low calorie eating. The concept was started by Lisa Lillien, who busts many myths about diet food and provides recipes which help bulk up the meal without bulking up on fat and calories. I first came across her while watching an episode of Dr Oz. On that particular show she showed how to make mac and cheese with low fat, low calorie ingredients and then add cauliflower which of course adds vitamins, minerals and fiber without adding unwanted fat or calories. Plus, it fills you up faster and keeps you full longer.  Truthfully, I haven’t tried this yet, mostly because I’m not a fan of mac and cheese (yeh, I know, sorry) and I prefer my cauliflower raw. However, from her news letter, I’ve found some amazing salad ideas, such as adding fruit, nuts, tuna, chicken, and a host of other ingredients. While she uses many foods in her cooked dishes which I prefer raw, still her recipes sound practical, nutritious and easy. I’ve signed up for her newsletter and will continue to watch for new recipe ideas from her. Who knows, she may convince me to try a few new foods or at least old foods prepared in new ways.

Here’s the link for her website: Hungry Girl    If any of you are already familiar with her, please leave me a comment to let me know your opinion. If you’re not familiar with her, I invite you to check her out. I”ll be interested to know how some of her recipes taste if anyone tries them.

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