Why! It’s a Major Award(s)

First let me say that I have been nominated for awards recently and just have not had time to respond. I do, so, apologize. I am truly honored when I’m nominated and it warms my heart to respond to comments and debate our topics here on wordpress. Also, please let me take this time to apologize that I’m so far behind on reading the blogs I follow. I have the email notifications in my in-box and I’m getting to them slowly. I have found a true family here on wordpress and in the very near future I will share with you the reason for my getting so far behind with reading the blogs I follow.

Now, to the awards, first let me thank Lisa at Road to Nowhere for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. I have to jump on Lisa’s wagon and say I’ve been labeled many things over the years, but “sweet” has never been one of them. So the questions to answer are:

Cookie or Cake? Cake, especially the kind with nuts, and thick frosting made with real butter. Crap, I’m hungry.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate and I love the dark, dark, dark chocolate.

What is your favorite sweet treat: cheesecake or frozen yogurt? Cheesecake, turtle cheesecake with caramel, nuts, chocolate, did I mention I’m hungry?

When do you crave sweet things the most? Only morning, noon and night. THis is my one true vice (well, other than coffee). Life is short, eat dessert first!

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? No idea. I really can not imagine anyone giving me a sweet nickname. When my loyal followers read this, please someone give me a “sweet” nickname.

Next, I must thank make believe boutique for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. The rules say I’m supposed to share 7 curiosities about me. Well, if you’ve been reading my blogs for long, you know there are way more than 7. But here goes:

I have a sweet tooth and it loves the company of coffee.

I love all animals even reptiles and amphibians.

My favorite kind of humor is sarcastic humor. And I can usually find something to laugh about especially during stressful or sad situations.

I once considered being a minister, but realized my spiritual practices are too out of the box for most churches.

My favorite author is Stephen King and I own several hardback first editions of his early work.

I love all music and can play the flute, piccolo and piano (although I’m not great on the piano). My favorite music is rock before 1975, especially Elvis, the Beatles, etc.

I love to travel. If someone says go, I’m in the car waiting before I know where we’re going.

Another late award thank you goes to Spilled Cookies for the Sunshine Blogger Award. The questions for this award are:

A goal I have: To comfort and heal others with my gifts.

Something unusual about me: I’m one of the most unusual people you will ever meet.

My passion: I have many, healing others, helping others find their unique spirituality, saving endangered species and the earth in general, William ūüėČ

Favorite time of the year: I don’t really have a favorite. I love snow so I’m always happy in winter, but I love lazy evenings on the patio in the summer.

Favorite vacation: So far it’s been Sedona Arizona visiting the energy vortexes.

Favorite physical activity: dancing.

What puts a smile on my face: my daughter and grandson.

Next up, Hey, I told you I was really behind. The next thank you goes to Peace with my life for the Versatile Blogger Award.


On to the Beautiful Blogger Award from Lead Learn Live

Both awards require 7 random things about me.

I’m not a house-wife type, nothing in common with Martha Stewart.

I love to laugh

I love children

I secretly listen to KISS – love the make-up and weird stage antics

I walk outside almost every night to gaze at the stars and moon

My favorite meal is chicken livers, fried potatoes and cottage cheese, with buttermilk biscuits.

My dream car is a Dodge Challenger (I’ve already owned a Camaro and Mustang).

I must also thank The Hand Written Life for the Liebster Blog Award.

These are the questions:

Favorite word in the English language: idiosyncrasy, because it sounds like the meaning.

What I’m listening to while I write: football

Last thing I ate which I really enjoyed: Green chili stew (homemade).

During a job interview, the interviewer asks me to make them laugh, what do I do: tell them a funny story about my daughter.

The world is about to blow up, but you’re being saved, and are allowed to take five things to another planet (aside from the clothes you are currently wearing), where you and only 999 other people will now exist (ignore the bleakness of this question). What do you take? Musical instrument, books, photo album, jewelry from William, my favorite boots

Favorite drink in the morning: coffee

Last book that made me cry: Mister God, This is Anna

Most ridiculous way I’ve been injured: fell off a boat and dislocated my should, and yes, I had been drinking

Favorite city in the world: Salem, Mass.

Most embarrassing album in my music collection: Bobby Sherman

To borrow an old line from a Crowded House song, would you rather a mansion in the slums or a caravan in the hills (i.e. a nice house in a not nice area, or a tiny living space but with views)? Believe it or not, I’ve had both. I still miss my “dream house” in the not so great neighborhood. But we have a really nice house now, with a great view, we just wish it were bigger. I love views, but I have to say, and please don’t think bad of me, not much tops a really great house.

Finally, I nominate all of my wonderful followers. These are great awards and all my readers are amazing people. So, please, everyone who reads this post, pick the award you think will be the most fun to respond to and say the award is from me.
Love you all,

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Hallowe’en Hijinks

I want to state that I love Halloween.¬† I also want to be perfectly clear that I respect and celebrate with respect the Holy day of Samhain.¬† So, while reading my ‘fun’ posts about Halloween, please don’t think I take the holiday lightly.¬† I’m just having fun with it.

Today, is all about random fun facts, my silly musings and a poem from my childhood that I still enjoy. So, here we go . . .

The word witch comes from the old english wicce and the wicca were once highly respected for their knowledge and power.

If a black cat crosses your path but you don’t see it, will you still have bad luck? Are white cats good luck?

The first jack-o’-lanterns in Ireland were hollowed out turnips with candles placed in them to keep away evil spirits.

Seeing a spider on Halloween is believed to be the spirit of a loved one watching over you (I’m good then, I live in the desert, I see spiders just about every day ūüôā¬† )

I’m named after the character in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Katrina Von Tassle) my father was reading the story and loved the name so much, he had me named about 2 years before I was born.

In my family the number 13 is thought to be lucky.¬† My parents were married on the 13th, my daughter was born on the 13th, when playing sports in school William’s number was 13.¬† (yes, I know 13 doesn’t have much to do with Halloween, I just threw this in for fun).

On All Hallows Eve (Oct 31)¬†it’s believed the veil between our world and the spirit world is blurred.¬† Masks were originally worn to keep the spirits from recognizing the living.

My family loves black cats and we believe when one adopts you then you will have good luck.  We always feed stray cats too no matter what color.  They are the guardians of the underworld.

When Thomas Edison died it is believed that Henry Ford captured his last dying breath in a bottle. (wonder where that bottle is?)

Tonight, when the last light is gone

And you’re almost too sleepy to yawn

Put your ear to the wall

and hear the thing crawl

but don’t cry

it leaves before dawn . . .

What’s your favorite thing about Halloween or even what ‘scary’ notion interests you the most?¬† Happy Hallowe’en.


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Let me begin today’s post by clarifying that this is not a detailed explanation of anything.¬† There are serious blogs I could write about this subject, but not today. Today’s post¬†is just a Halloween theme to keep you looking over your shoulder, under the bed, double checking the doors and windows¬†at dusk¬†and laughing at yourself for all of these extra-precautions.

Across every ancient realm and society there are legends of shapshifters, skinwalkers¬†and werewolves.¬† In studying the various cultures, from Ireland to Turkey to Native American to¬†Romanian to Chinese, there are similarities and differences in the legends.¬† There is the traditional were’wolf’ legend which, depending on the country you’re in, can either be the transformation from human to healthy full-fledged wolf, or a half-human half-wolfish monster.¬† In Canada there is a legend of a were-bear and in Mexico you could acquire the magical power to change into a wolf, large cat, eagle or bull.¬† Some countries believe people have the ability to change into a fox.¬† In Haiti its believed with the correct power you can change into any animal or plant you wish.¬† In some european countries, you can be cursed, causing you to change into a wolf or other animal against your will.

However, being bitten by a healthy ‘wild’ animal will not cause you to become that animal or any mutated version of it on the next full moon.¬†¬†Most ancient cultures were ‘afraid of the dark’ and everything they perceived to lurk there.¬† For the most part down through the ages, healthy wild animals rarely attack humans.¬† Wolves are the most misunderstood animal on the planet with bears and large cats running a close second.¬† Combine a fear of the dark with the size, strength and obvious wild nature of these animals¬†into the minds of people who didn’t know any better,¬†there¬†forms formidable creatures in the mists.

In many cultures there are¬†people with¬†magical knowledge¬†such as¬†shaman¬†and witch/wizard, who are purported to have the power to¬†change or at least appear to change into other forms. When you combine witches, wizards, shaman and others who know how to use magic, with fear and lack of knowledge about wild creatures you have the makings of many (though not all) shapeshifting¬†legends.¬† I have read accounts from 100s of years ago, where¬†people committed atrocious acts which today would qualify them as serial killers.¬† Many of these people either believed they were being controlled by the spirit of a mutated wild animal or at least said they were in hopes of making a plea that they couldn’t control themselves.¬† This is true even in modern times, the infamous Son of Sam said dogs were telling him who to kill.

Time, imagination, cultural, religious, spiritual legends and rituals, combined with fear of the unknown can and have caused many a monster to be born.¬† However, it’s my personal belief that every legend, from fairies and leprechaun, to vampires, werewolves, even the Loch Ness monster are all born of at least a grain of truth. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction and ‘there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’¬† Are shapeshifters, skinwalkers¬†and were-animals real?¬† I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

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Comic Relief

I wish I had pictures of this story, but sadly I don’t.¬† However, it is 100% true, no embellishment or exaggeration.

I don’t blog much about my family mostly because they are either afraid of my gifts or choose to ignore them all together.¬† But they are all good, honest hard-working country people.¬† My brother, Matthew is six years younger than I am.¬† The best way I can describe him is he looks a little like Garth Brooks (definitely that size), and his personality is a cross between Gentle Ben and Big Hoss.¬† But with¬†a tough side he rarely lets¬†friends and¬†family see (he’s a Federal Officer stationed at the Penitentiary in my home state).¬† His wife, Pam¬†is both beautiful and highly intelligent (scrub nurse supervisor at the local hospital).¬† They have seven amazing, bright, beautiful, wonderful children (yes I’m prejudice, I’ve had the honor of being the first person to hold every one of my nieces and nephews at birth,¬†after their parents of course).¬†¬†This¬†arm of the family has taken the Brady Bunch and met Green Acres in the Appalachian Mountains, and there are many funny stories I could blog, but today’s is the most recent. So as told to me by my mother who witnessed it first hand here is what happened:

Feeding all these children gets expensive even with the good jobs my brother and sister-in-law have.¬† They have abundant gardens every summer, so they freeze and can vegetables for the winter.¬† My brother usually buys a beef every fall to freeze for the winter.¬†¬†In addition,¬†this year he decided to start raising chickens.¬† My brother’s degree is in Criminal Justice and even though he lives in the country; he knows nothing about chickens.¬† He talk to a friend and neighbor who¬†came over to help build a very nice coop and fenced area for the chickens.¬† The first two arrived last week.¬† The rooster is named Henry and the hen is named Mabel.¬† All the kids are learning to help clean, feed and care for Henry and Mabel, even the baby boy (okay, he’s 5, but he’s still a baby to me).

Due to my brother and sister-in-law’s work schedules, the teenage girl across the hollow picks the kids up at school on her way home from the high school and they stay with my mom until Matt or Pam come home. On this particular day, Henry and Mabel were either excited to see the kids come home or bored in the chicken yard, because they flew out to greet the kids as they were coming up the drive.¬† I told you my brother knows nothing about chickens and apparently no one told him you have to clip their wings.¬† The¬†neighbor girl knows quite a bit about chickens, so she told my mom and the kids they were on their own, she had no intention of being pecked to death if Henry and/or Mabel got mad. She went home.

My mom also knew better than to confront Henry and Mabel, she stood her ground about 100 yards from the coop while the 5, 6, and 8 year olds tried for almost an hour to corral the chickens back into the yard, but they just kept flying out.  Of course, for the kids this was a mixture of funny and frustrating.  They were laughing but the chore quickly became tiresome.  Luckily, my brother came home from work.  Which is what I think is the funniest part of the story.

Picture if you will, a very large, muscular, man wearing a law enforcement uniform (gun and all) chasing one rooster and one hen around an approximately 5 acre lot always just missing them.¬† Always having them jump, fly, or scoot from his grasp inches from his hands until finally he throws his hands up in despair, walks away telling Henry and Mabel (rather loudly) he hopes the coyotes eat them because he’s done with them. At which time they both fly politely back into the chicken yard and wait for their dinner.

Yes, my sister-in-law helped my brother clip their wings the next day.¬† Although I understand Henry wasn’t having any of it and his wings may not be clipped enough.¬† Which tells you something about his personality and my brother’s timidity.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Ghost Story

In my dreams last night I received the idea to change things up a bit for October.¬† Halloween is my second favorite holiday (Christmas is my first), so to celebrate during the month I’ll be posting odd facts, eerie questions and haunting tales; mixed in of course with my usual spiritual advice and guidance.

To start things off, I once lived in a haunted house.¬† Not Amityville type haunt, more like Casper haunt.¬† But still very much haunted.¬† In fact, my daughter and I lived there for 16 years, peacefully with the ghosts.¬†¬†All our dogs were¬†tormented terribly, so much so, we finally gave up trying to have dogs.¬† Cats were a different matter.¬† They were all quite happy and in fact would go out and bring other stray cats home to us.¬† Oddly, my wolves were quite happy also.¬† The ghosts never bothered them, or if they did, the wolves didn’t care.

The history of the house and land based on old, fragmented county records, is that in the 1800s it was a chicken farm.  When we moved and were landscaping we found the remnants of old building foundations which we dug out and disposed of.  The main house had been a small 3 room house which was built onto over the years to install a bathroom, plumbing in the kitchen, and to add 2 bedrooms.  Based on the same county records, different members of the same family had owned the property for over 100 years.

From the moment we moved in my daughter and I heard strange sounds.  I have clairaudience, so I heard whispers, fragmented voices and breathing.  She heard thumping noises in the walls, and banging sounds, specifically along the wall which separated her bedroom from the kitchen.  I could walk into the kitchen and find every single cabinet door standing open.  I would close the cabinet doors and within minutes, sometimes seconds they would all re-open; as if someone were walking past, opening each one by one.  Many small, personal items disappeared, especially if I left them on the bathroom sink.  Earrings, caps off lotion bottles, even cups or pieces of clothing.  I would search diligently to no avail and then days, maybe weeks later the item would return right where I lost (left) it.

One day while I was home alone, I was walking from the laundry room into the livingroom, as I glanced across the living room into my daughter’s bedroom I saw 3 people, 2 women and a man standing there smiling at me. They were dressed in clothing common for 1800s farmers.¬† I was so stunned to see them so clearly, I stood there in silence for several seconds and then they shimmered out.¬† I immediately went into the bedroom and began trying to talk to them, but they were either gone (to where ever ghosts go) or were not interested in having a conversation at that time.

When my daughter was in middle school, a friend asked to spend the night.¬† About 2:00 in the morning the girls woke me because apparently one of the ghosts had frightened my daughter’s friend.¬† The poor child said she woke up and there was a woman standing over her staring at her in a very stern way.¬† We all spent the rest of the night in the living room with the lights on and after breakfast my daughter’s friend went home.¬† She did come back to visit after that but always left before dark.

On another occasion a friend of mine was visiting and we were watching a movie.¬† Suddenly my friend touched my arm and said there was a man in the house.¬† I told her¬†this was impossible, no one could get in as the entire property was fenced and there were 3 large wolves in the yard.¬† No one was in the house. She insisted that a blonde man in his thirties had looked around the corner between the dining room and living room and smiled at her.¬† She was so certain we had to search the entire house, even closets and the shower to be sure there wasn’t someone in the house.¬† After that incident, she never stayed to visit after dark either.

One signature move of my ghosts was they loved to make a sound like the back door was slamming, then they walked through the kitchen into the dining room, stopping at the dining room table.  They would do this over and over and over.  My daughter and I gave up going to look for anyone, we knew it was the ghosts.  My future son-in-law was not so brave.  I actually frightened him one day as I was coming home from work.  I entered the back door, walked through the kitchen and placed my purse on the dining room table, I went into the living room and said hello to him. He literally jumped out of the recliner to his feet.  Then he began half-laughing, half almost crying (he was 18 at the time), the ghosts had been traveling across the kitchen into the dining room for over an hour and when he heard me, he thought it was them.

So, I think you get the picture of our lives with ghosts.¬† They never really harmed anyone and were never aggressive in any way.¬† Most people can’t live with ghosts, my daughter didn’t mind and I actually liked them. When I finally moved from there into a smaller, not haunted house, I missed them.

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Don’t Take Life Too Serious

Humor is not just a human emotion, if you really pay attention and take notice animals, plants, even the weather at times have a thread of humor in them.¬† I’ve seen animals smile and they often respond to our laughter.¬† Flowers dance in the wind and the weather’s moods change daily.¬† There is humor all around, because God (Great Spirit, Goddess, Universal Consciousness) has an amazing sense of humor.¬† Don’t believe me, sit in your local mall or shopping center and just watch the people who walk by you.

We are multi dimensional creatures, created with a plethora of layers to our mental/emotional/spiritual being.  Finding the humor in everyday events is one of the easiest ways to connect with spirit.  So I decided to share a few of my favorite pictures which warm my heart and make me smile.

I love being a woman and sometimes its fun to play that card.

¬†Being spiritual doesn’t make you perfect, it just teaches you to forgive yourself quicker.

¬† I’m good to go, people already think this about me.

¬† No I wasn’t lucky enough to be there, but I’m going to be rockin on even after I cross over.¬† “If there’s¬†a Rock n Roll Heaven, you know they’ve Got a Hell of a Band.”

What’s humorous about this? I got chills when I realized Edgar Allan Poe said it.¬† Poe, of all people?¬† Very cool.

¬†It doesn’t matter how many times I look at this, it makes me smile from my face all the way down to me toes, outside and inside.

Happy Sunday everyone!  Find something to make you laugh today!

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Totally Out of It

Okay, you will rarely hear me say this,¬†– I’m sick, (so is William – but he handles sick differently). 100% bona-fide, down and out sick.¬† But the really twisted thing about me is when I get like this, my sense of humor swings wide left and becomes a mutant from a bad movie.¬† I planned to post a short, to the point post and go on with my day but while searching for one of the pictures I needed my mutant sense of humor took over.¬† I once wrote a short story called “Those Things on The Beach”¬† its part of a collection of short stories (you may check it out on¬†Amazon, “Lurking Legends”, $3.99, Kindle only at this time), anyway, I find the picture I think I want but continue browsing, then can’t find the one I wanted.¬† I find myself calling it “those things on the beach”¬† which sent my brain left of center and I started thinking how sometimes all those mushy, pseudo-romantic, never happen in real life scenarios make me want to gag, which in my feverish state isn’t difficult. Yes, I know I’m rambling.¬† I’m really a romantic deep down although I keep it safe under lock and key until the occasion calls for it.¬† And truthfully there really is no point to this post other than even the most spiritually minded, balanced gurus sometimes get thrown a curve ball and we get sick.¬† My philosophy is that even in our most enlighted state, there remains a thread of our human nature, although I’m really hoping that once out of this physical body the nuisances of illness will be a thing of the past.¬† And, for the record, I think it’s extremely spiritual to see the humor in life, even the less than perfect scenarios (like being sick).¬† Humor is not just a human emotions but one shared by all life, but I’ll save that for another post.¬† Happy Thursday.

This is Romance:

This is Love:

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Good Day Sunshine

No deep philosophical script, no wound cleansing essay, part of healing is resting and allowing the Universe to comfort you. Happy Friday everyone.

What is your favorite feel good song?¬† I have many, so I want to hear what music each of you find comfort in.¬† ūüôā

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Nurture Your Inner Child

When you were very young, what did you pretend to be? A fairy, a cowboy, a princess, a super hero?  We all had our fantasies, but as we matured the fantasies gave way to what appeared to be more practical ideals. Yet, on a lazy afternoon, or deep in our dreams, sometimes we still find the fantasies reaching back to us. We should never ignore these longings, we should embrace them with every fiber of our being. Nurturing the fantasies of the inner child are essential for balanced mental health.

For you fairies (no pun intended) out there, think about what fairies are best known for, they play in gardens, dance in the moonlight, and they like bright, shiny, objects.  How do you embrace this?  Plant a garden. Flowers, vegetables, herbs, whatever warms your heart and makes you smile.  Even some men enjoy gardening.  And for those of you who live in apartment buildings, you can have window boxes and/or house plants. Once the plants are growing, adorn them with garden orbs, wind chimes, flags, you can even decorate little fences with bright metalic paint.  Your inner fairy will be very happy.

For the cowboys out there, if you don’t really live in the country find a horse stable and make arrangements to ride on a regular basis.¬† If you’ve never ridden before, there are many people willing to teach you and trust me on this, most horses are gentle and patient.¬† Also, camping is a great way to exercise your inner cowboy.¬† But don’t go in an RV or trailer, you have to at least sleep in a tent.

The inner princess still knocking on your heart?¬† Take up fashion designing.¬† It really doesn’t matter if you’re artisitc, draw the clothing, buy a sewing machine and make a few small things.¬† Or design hair ornaments, jewelry or scarves and belts. You don’t have to make a living, just something to exercise the longings and let the inner child come out and play.

Superhero more you style. Volunteer to work at a soup kitchen to cook or serve the needy, a nursing home to organize games or just visit with residence who have no regular visitors, or a school maybe reading to the children, or helping with sports, or other extracurricular activities.¬† You’ll be a real hero to the people you’ll be helping and you’ll feel amazing about yourself.

And finally, with Halloween just around the corner, there is nothing wrong with buying or renting a costume just for one day.¬† If you’re having trouble connecting with a fantasy, looking at costumes may help you. The costume you’re most drawn to or feel the most comfartable with will tell you alot about your inner child.¬† Plus, many people still organize costume parties, and if no one you know is throwing a party, then you throw one.¬† Costumes parties¬†are just as much fun for adults as for kids¬†and are another great way to nuture your inner child.

I’m curious to hear from all of you, what you most long(ed) to be and what costume you would pick for a party.

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Summer Fun

We all need to have a little fun, so I’ve decide my posts will be light, easy, and not too over whelming this week. And next week, I’ll be on vacation for the week, without the computer, so today’s post is about summer fun. Of course, you can have fun anytime, but summer is here now, so the now fun is what’s important.

Fun is spiritual, fun is healing and healing is spiritual, resting is healing and healing is spiritual, do I really need to go on? every Divine creator, no matter the name you scribe or principle you follow, they all teach about the importance of rest, healing, and humor.¬† Rest, healing , humor, relaxation, all are corner stones for health; mental/emotional, physical, spiritual health. So to get you started thinking fun thoughts here are some pictures I found…¬†

What does summer mean to you? What do fun, rest, and humor mean to you? There are no wrong answers, I’m curious, so lets get this party started!

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