Reconciling Conflict

I have to laugh when I think of all the directions this post could take. But if you know me at all, you know I’m taking this down the spiritual path. As we grow older our memories of early life become more vivid. This is not the post for explaining why, I’ll leave that for another day. However, as I meditate and look for new and innovative ways to connect with the spirit world, more and more memories from my childhood surface. Which more often than not, these memories involve my Celtic/Christian grandfather. Most people automatically assign very pagan rituals and beliefs to the Celts and to some degree they are correct. My grandfather saw the connection between Celtic beliefs and Christian teachings and worked it like magic . . . literally.

What I learned and now am seeing more and more clearly is the all-encompassing connections among all spiritual/religious/universal beliefs and practices. Almost all beliefs have a God, Divine Creator, Universal Consciousness which is at the head or is a beginning for all life, both physical and spiritual. Obviously we have unique names and there are some unique attributes, but a “God Head” nonetheless. Then of course, they all have lesser god(desses), demigod(desses), prophets, angels, spirits of all kind and manner. I’m aware I’m not telling you anything you probably don’t already know. The issues arise when you realize you have beliefs different from or appearing adverse to your core belief system; then what?

Then you look for the commonalities and connections with your warring beliefs. For example, I have a friend who was raised Buddhist. She’s a great person and lives her religion every day. One day while we were hiking I told her she would make a very good Pagan. At first this hurt her feelings, but then I pointed out to her some core beliefs she lived by that were considered very ‘Pagan.’ She has the highest respect for nature, she is such a ‘tree huger’ she puts me to shame; she is a vegetarian only because she cares so much for animals (even fish and fowl), she can’t bring herself to eat them; she pays strict attention to the phases of the moon because she is so fascinated with them; she is very interested in the Pagan holidays and changing seasons; but was afraid to experiment with them. So we spent the rest of the day making the connections between her Buddhist beliefs and Pagan beliefs.

Another good example is my Celtic/Christian beliefs. At first glance it may seem a conflict of interest so to speak to carry and honor both belief systems. The truth is I carry many belief systems, these are just the two dominant. I start by realizing I believe God made everything, then I go to Jesus is God’s son, then I go to God made all the other prophets (Buddha, Mohammed, etc.) who all have excellent teachings which we should live by; then I go to God made the planets, moon, stars, seasons, animals, plants, and it is all good. So when I practice my Celtic (a/k/a Pagan) rituals and beliefs, I’m still honoring all that God made.

When we resolve the perceived conflicts of differing beliefs within ourselves, then we can see the way to resolving the perceived conflicts with other people.

If you’re having some difficulty resolving differences between spiritual beliefs, email me at

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Reality In Relationship

Being spiritual beings in physical bodies we are overly trained in using our five physical sense to interact with our environment and for communication and interaction with each other.  In and of itself, this is not entirely bad, we need well tuned physical senses to keep our physical bodies safe while moving through the physical environment.  However, part of the deterioration of our societies, cultures and planet earth have been caused by over reliance on the physical and intense suppression of the intuitive senses.  I’ve discussed higher senses before so I’ll elaborate some here.

We all have higher senses which we’ve been programmed to ignore.  There is that deep gut level “I just know” sixth sense or intuition.  There is an ability to envision a situation and then it happens very much like you envisioned it; which is a type of reality creation.  Some people have dreams that are actually clairvoyant.  Some people can just cast a wish into the Universe, and then it comes to them; this is law of attraction at its best.  There are people who have clairaudient abilities; they hear spirits talking and some people see spirits.  There are people who have the ability to actually move between realities.  The spirit world is as “real” as our world and there are multiple dimensions of worlds operating around us all the time.  Most people either ignore this truth or are so overly dependent on their physical senses that their higher senses are weak, unreliable or possibly dormant.

I’ve been meditating on the possible results if we all worked on awakening, developing and strengthening our higher senses.  How would we act, react, treat each other, animals, plants, the earth herself?  Would we still fear ghosts and lingering spirits?  Would we find possible solutions to world-wide famine, poverty, and pollution?  Would it change our governmental structure?  Would it change what we focus on, or where we direct our emotional/spiritual attention?  Would it send what we’ve come to accept as social norms off into space and cause us to develop new priorities for work, spending money, play time, or how we raise our children and extended families?

Would it change our concept of religion? Would we pray differently? Would we perceive God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, angels, saints, (dead) relatives, and other general spirits differently?  Would we communicate, interact with and treat them differently if we developed our higher sense so we could hear, feel, see, sense them?  Would our concept of relationship with them change? Would how we see and feel about ourselves personally change?


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Great Meaning of Life

In writing this post, I know I’m about to at least irritate some Christians, Jews, and possibly a few others, and I might possibly piss you off. Excuse the language, but the truth is the truth.  I’ve been working with my totem animals more than usual lately and I’ve gleaned some interesting insights about life in general.

For starters, all life; you, me, animals, plants, even the chemical make-up of earth, water, air and fire have living elements inherent in them.  Presumably, all life emanates from the same Divine Creator, therefore, all life will return to this Divine Creator.  This seems to answer the first question for me, yes, our pets and other animals will be with us in the spirit realm, heaven, afterlife, whatever name you give it.  This leads me to respect.  If other life forms came from the same Divine Creator as we humans and all life forms are returning to the same Divine Creator, does it not make sense to afford the other life forms the same respect we give other humans?  By reason this would make them just another culture co-existing with us.  I realize this is a stretch for some people as they are generally disrespectful, but I’m appealing to those of you with an open mind and basic loving and respectful heart.

If we agree that all life is flowing from, returning to, and deserving of equal respect based on the Divinity which created it, then why are they here?  Do they have an agenda?  Are they learning lessons?  Is there a higher purpose to their time here?  We believe there is for us at least a learning time in our life cycle here.  We also believe we humans are serving some higher purpose or at least supposed to be.  So are the other life forms learning from us?  Are we supposed to be learning from them?  Is this all getting really complicated and giving you a headache?

Take a deep breath and let it out very slowly.  Meditate for just a moment (in this case meditate is just deep contemplation), think about dolphins.  They appear to be playing most of the time.  They are gentle, calm, peaceful creatures who seem to make play their life’s work.  Yet, sharks fear them.  They don’t worry, they don’t stress, and they live in harmony in large pods (groups) which doesn’t seem to have much of a hierarchy.  Yet they have the whole ocean in which to roam, play and live in total freedom.  Think of bears, they are strong, confident, and fearless.  They are quiet, usually slow-moving, living in small groups which consist mainly of mom and her babies.  Babies, which by the way are smaller than a baseball when born and birth occurs while mom is asleep.  Which leads me to the next thing bears seem to get right, they hibernate about four months every year.  Granted some of this time they are only resting and not in a deep sleep. Then they wake up and come out of their dens.  But they still sleep a portion of every day.  And they have entire forests and woodlands to explore, play, meander and rest, in complete freedom.

Based on just these two animals, I see fun, play, rest, relaxation, peace and harmony.  No hunger, poverty, stress, or illness.  They take only what they need, eat when they want, play when they want, sleep or at least rest when they want.  Also, every other animal, bird, plant, insect, aquatic creature, amphibian, tree, flower, all other life cultures, except humans live this way.  So, who should be learning from whom?

Perhaps, the only lesson is to appreciate yourself, your family, and the world around you.  Stop and smell the flowers; I’ve seen wolves, bears, rabbits, smelling the flowers.  Birds nest high in the trees and we can say it’s for protection, but I’m willing to bet the amazing view has more to do with it.  Humans make life hard.  Period.  We complicate it, we dramatize it, we politicize it, we mutate and warp it, and we look for faults, constantly believing there’s something which needs changing, or fixing.  Why?  When you look around the earth, and you put aside all the issues humans have created for themselves and all other life, what else is really wrong with the earth?  What really needs changing except the way we act, react, treat each other and other  ‘cultures’? What would life on earth be like if humans began living with the same philosophies and attitudes as the other life cultures?

Just some food for thought.

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What Fear Has Taught Me

Most of you know I was raised by very nurturing, loving men.  Yes the women were all present and accounted for, but I preferred the men.  In my own healing I’ve worked at pinpointing crucial moments in my development, finding the key teachings which have helped me over the years and the ones which have held me back.  What I’ve found is important for everyone.

My father was the strong silent type. Tall, dark, brooding, deep voice yet a great sense of humor, kind to everyone whether they deserved it or not.  And a closet fear caller.  He was afraid of everything.  He faced his fears, he never backed down especially when it came to protecting, providing for and loving his family.  However, the closet fear he carried presented as being over-protective.  Although my brother wasn’t subjected to as much, he has in turn become very much like our dad in how he treats his children.

My maternal grandfather was average in every way. Blonde, blue eyes, athletic, also with a great sense of humor, and not afraid of anything.  Ever.  He lived with total passionate abandon.  He was kind, considerate, but could speak up for himself and never let anyone take advantage of him.  Yet it was always in a sweet, almost comical way.  I’m sure many people who crossed my grandfather walked away from their encounter not sure what had happened and later realized he had politely put them in their place.

Both men smoked, drank socially, ate whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. For both of them, life was an adventure. The difference is, for dad, the adventure was dark, with possible danger lurking behind every tree and certainly around the next bend in the road.  For granddaddy, it was a romantic comedy.  Full of dancing, singing, children, animals sunshine, flowers and passion.

What’s the lesson?  My dad was 48 years old when he crossed over.  He had been sick for a long time, and when he crossed it was sudden and final.  My granddad was 77 and crossed on his own terms, taking his time throughout the day making sure we knew where he was going and what he’d be doing when he got there.

I’m sure many factors come into play for both men.  And yes I could probably write much more about these men and how they lived.  But in the end I believe it would still come down to the fear that was and was not present in each life.

Have a fearless hump day.

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Entertaining Unawares

Most spiritual practices teach about entertaining spirits, angels, Deities, and general souls unawares. I have often said we must be careful for we do not know to whom we are being kind (or rude).  Spirits are around us all the time. It doesn’t matter what name you ascribe to them, they are always here. Being ethereal for the most part, many (if not all) can change shape and form to suit their immediate mission.  They communicate with us often.  However, many of us are not paying attention and miss the messages, therefore, the spirits must find creative ways to get their messages across.

These messengers appear in many ways often without us realizing there is a message. The best way to determine if the spirits are speaking to you is pay attention and look for synchronicity and odd behaviors.  Are you often finding feathers, pennies, or flower petals?  Have flowers you didn’t plant appeared in your garden? Have any wildlife shown themselves to you often and even seemed to not be overly fearful of you?  Have babies and toddlers shown unusual interest in you, even seeming to act as if they know you (when you’ve never met them before) or have you noticed a wise understanding expression on their face when they look at you?  Have you found notes, money, or scraps of paper with messages written on them?  Has there been a picture, or quote that you see repeatedly (on the news, internet, magazines, or stores)?  These may be messages for you from the spirits.

Only you can decide what the message is, why its given to you and if you wish to accept it.  Be aware, the spirits are more respectful than most people, they will not force you to accept their message, follow their advice or receive their comfort. Once the message is delivered, it is up to you what you do with it. However, in these changing times and periods of  spiritual evolution and development, I believe it is very important to recognize the signs, messages and help being offered to us all from the spirits.

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Something from Nothing

I recently watched an interview with author, Lawrence Krauss. His book “A Universe from Nothing” is causing a stir for many who reject the Big Bang Theory. What grabbed my attention was his theory that there can be “nothing” and then suddenly be “something”. So today I read excerpts from the book and while I don’t agree with his philosophy, he makes some valid points in favor of the spiritual principle that we create our world with our thoughts. And I’m sure from the interview and the book, he had no intention of endorsing anything spiritual.

This post is really not about his theories but more about my ideas after considering his theories. He is obviously an extremely intelligent person and I learned quite a bit of sound scientific knowledge from the excerpts I read. But what I do best is find the spiritual component in any theory.

I have really meditated on the concept from both a spiritual and scientific perspective and I’m beginning to see (feel) that perhaps we create not just with thoughts but with a combination of thoughts and feelings together, which when they combine produce an energy unique to the combination and to the individual who created the combination. This may also be true of plants, animals, water, earth and energies in space. Combining consciousness and feeling to produce creative energy thereby making something from nothing.

When learning the law of attraction, we not only hold the image but direct ourselves into the image to create the feelings we want to attract. Life is not a picture or even a video, life is about feeling. Would conscious thought really exist without a feeling supporting the thought? Right now, while writing this post, I feel the breeze coming through the window, I feel the water I’m drinking, and I’m feeling my emotions of calm, peace and wonderment at the ideas flooding through me. The thoughts are creating wonder, or is it the other way around and the sensation of wonder is creating the thoughts? Can they be separated or are they dependent upon each other to exist?

I’m not trying to solve any mystery, I’m merely putting the ideas out there for all of you to ponder along with me and perhaps experiment with as we continue to create our world.

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Why “Death” Bothers Us

Warning, this post is intense and deals with sensitive subject matter, if you are feeling emotionally weak or overly sensitive you may want to read this post later, or skip it, I won’t be offended.

First, let me say, I rarely use ‘death’ words. I don’t like them, they just feel wrong to me. But they’re necessary for this post. Secondly, I felt convicted this morning to write this post.

The mystery we name as death is very unnerving for most people. The reasons are that we know so little about it and we feel abandoned, left behind, some are even angry because they feel betrayed when someone close to them crosses over. The biggest reason for this is, we can’t see them and have no idea where they are. So, hopefully my story (a completely true story) will comfort some of you.

My Celtic Christian (yes, you can be both) grandfather, William Heck McGinnis, showed me where the Spirit world is and how people cross. January 23, 1977; my grandmother woke to find my grandfather shoveling snow from the back door of their farm house. She nagged him (something she was good at) to come in, eat breakfast and get warm. He eventually complied and while sitting and watching the snow fall, he began to feel very different. She wanted to call the doctor, but he wouldn’t let her. He said he was ‘home.’  She of course told him she knew he was home, to which he replied, ‘no, my heavenly home, I’m leaving you soon.’  She called my mother, told her what was happening and so in a snow storm, my dad drove us to the farm (65 miles on a two lane country road-there’s an interstate now, but not then).

Now, that I’ve set the scene, I’ll cut to the basics of the day. I sat with him from about 11:00 a.m. to almost midnight. The ambulance took him at about 11:30 that night. But during that day, which in hindsight passed more quickly than any other day of my life, I was given a glimpse into what we call death.

He would be completely lucid one minute and the next be almost comatose and unresponsive. Each time this happened he was ‘there’ longer and with us less and less. However, each time he came back he told me where he was going, what it looked like, and all the pleasures he would experience there. He said there is really only a veil between us and the Spirit world, it’s just almost impossible to see with the human eyes. There is grass, trees, flowers, streams, lakes, birds singing, music playing, he said it was like eternal spring. I recall once when he came back he looked out the window at all the snow and seemed surprised for a moment, because where he was going, there was no cold or snow. He said his dogs were all there, his family, old friends, more food than you could ever eat and he smelled bread baking. The human body can only survive for so long without our spirits to maintain it. So eventually, he just didn’t come back. But by that time, I understood why he chose there over here.

An intense day to say the least. I was 16 at the time, and I grieved like any normal 16 year old would losing their best friend. But over the years (and I’m a grandmother now, so its been a lifetime, almost) I’ve thought back on that day, and I’ve been honored to sit with other family members while they crossed. While I miss them, I know where they are and know I’ll be there someday also.

So when dealing with grief, loss, and what seems like the end of the world, take heart that it isn’t the end of anything, merely a change of perspective, a change of energy form, a change of spirit.

There’s a saying, “We rejoice over births and we grief at funerals, because we’re not the one involved.”

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Impossible Dream

I love the song, Impossible Dream, I’ve often thought it has a pseudo-spiritual quality to it, although I can see where it might be considered an ‘all about me’ song too. Regardless of how you interpret the underlying meaning of the song, it stirs emotions deep inside.

Which started me thinking, ‘To Dream the Impossible Dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear with unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go, to right the unrightable wrong, to be better than you are, to try when your arms are too weary…to reach the unreachable star.’  Isn’t this what we are all doing every day? What dream seems more impossible than the one nearest and dearest to our heart? What foe appears more unbeatable than our own demons? What sorrow seems more unbearable than the sorrow we hide in our hearts? Don’t we all run into our own dark recesses where no one else could find their way? What wrong seems more unrightable than the wrongs we commit against ourselves? Are we not all striving everyday to be better than yesterday? Do we not keep going for ourselves when most everyone else has walked away?

So where is the ‘unreachable star’?  Its inside of us. Its the Eternal connection between our own Spirit and the Divine. We think its unreachable because we feel disconnected and separate from the Divine. But we’re not, we never were. Our physical bodies have created weight which causes us to feel like we’re ‘down here’ and the Divine is ‘up there.’ But the truth is, we are still as connected as we ever were and when we realize this to the extent we allow ourselves to feel it in our bodies and spirits, then we have beaten the foe, laid down the sorrow, run through the dark recesses with courage, we have righted the unrightable wrong and we are our best selves. We have reached the unreachable star.

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Dinner Guest

If you could chose one person either living or dead to have dinner with, who would it be and why? Stop reading for a moment and really think about this. What is it about the person that rouses your interest? Where would you take them for dinner, or would you invite them to your home? What questions do you have for them? Are there things you want to tell them? Keep in mind, this can be anyone.

My first pick is Jesus. I would probably invite him to my home for dinner. Since he’s Jewish I would probably serve fish, rice and rolls, I figure this is a safe bet. Of course I would have a nice bottle of wine chilled. For dessert I would make a flaky apple cinnamon danish layered with nuts, ice cream on the side and fresh pinon coffee.

Why Jesus? He fascinates me, He always has, maybe always will. However, I don’t really have any deep Theological questions for him. I have the rest of Eternity to learn the deep and mystical. I want to get to know the man. I would ask what it was like to grow up in Israel 2000 years ago. Did he have any pets? What types of games did He and the other children play? Was there ever a time when He dated or was even interested in girls as more than friends? Does He have a favorite color, flower, food, drink, flavor? What does He think about the current politics of the world in general?Of course as the evening progresses I’m sure I’ll think of other questions.

The only deep question would be…Is there anything He really wants me to know (that I don’t already know or think I know).

Just some food for thought.

Have an Amazing Sunday!

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Time Travel

I recently watched a show about various cultures who may have the ability to time travel. After watching it, I started thinking about my own life and various ‘disappointing’ times in my life.  I’ve also seen many fictional movies and series about time travel, all of which warn about the possible dangers of changing too much of the past therefore, altering the present or even the future with disastrous consequences. But if we want to time travel isn’t at least part of the reason so we can change certain issues?

So, I’ve been thinking about time travel and the potential perks. Since my childhood was pretty awesome, there would be no reason to go back before I was 15. The first gut wrenching memory I have is when my grandfather died when I was 16. Would I warn myself about this? No, it was his time and he made his passing as easy as he could for the whole family, especially me.

If I went back, it would be to my senior year of high school. I would tell myself what college to attend, and what to study immediately after graduation. I would warn myself about all the men I would date over the years and which ones I might want to not take too seriously.  I would warn myself about the mistakes we all make as single parents and how to make it easier on myself and my daughter. I would school myself on better money management and how to implement it early in life. And I would tell myself how to take better care of my health over the years and what illnesses might be avoided or at least lessen the severity.

Would I be changing history? Probably. Would my life be any easier over the years? Probably not. We are perfect in our imperfections. I would most likely make different mistakes, but I bet I’d end up right where I am doing just what I’m doing now…or maybe not. 😉

If you could time travel back in your own life, what, if anything would you warn yourself about?

Happy Saturday!

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