Waves in the Ocean

Recently in two blogs I follow Grandfather Sky and life in the blue ridges I found deep and well connected epiphanies. A quote from Barbara Kingsolver says “she kept swimming out into life because she hadn’t yet found a rock to stand on,” and another whose author I don’t know “one does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”

I myself have spent my entire life swimming out into the vast openness of life. I’ve found rocks and rested on a few, but I didn’t stay for long. Some didn’t support my dreams, some didn’t support my physical health or life in general and some, well, some I just didn’t care for the view. I have allowed myself rest on sailing vessels, knowing I would still not be near a shore and not really knowing or caring where the ship would take me, its just that sometimes sailing is easier than swimming. Yet, I’ve never ended the voyage. At this point in my life, I’ve spent so much time in the open sea of life, I’m no longer just a drop of water, I’m part of life itself. I’ve become one of the waves

We are all searching, sometimes inwardly and sometimes outwardly. What concerns me is, do we really know what we are searching for and why we are searching? Is what we already have so bad? Is there something wrong with where we are or what we’re doing in life? If you answered yes to either or both questions, then I agree, swim out into the deep, get on the ship and sail. However, if you said no to either or both questions or if you even hesitated, then maybe it’s not really another destination, another place or way of being you are searching for. Maybe it’s all about the voyage itself.

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Life Lessons

I’ve recently learned some hard life lessons. As many of you know, I profess to be ‘fearless’ and generally speaking I am. Sometimes, too much so for my own good. However, what I’ve learned lately is when I really, really, really, I mean totally and completely would almost rather die first; don’t want to do something, I process the “I don’t want to do this” as an irrational anxiety.

I’m not saying I’m afraid to do it, I’m not, but I dread it so much I allow myself to become anxious and uncomfortable. Which from my rational perspective, is just plain dumb. So, I’ve had to fall back on my “I can do anything, I’m strong, fearless and totally capable of handling this…whatever”, I just have to suck it up and do it.

Which, ha, ha, is not as easy to do as it is to say. I started to write here that I had to “swallow a lot of…” but no words came to me. I’m not really swallowing anything, I’m not giving up anything or even truly doing anything different other than…change my perspective. And as the old saying goes, ‘change your mind (perspective) and your life will follow.”

So, tomorrow I think I’ll spend some time with the Spirits on my patio (William and I spent several hours today landscaping our front yard-I’ll post pictures in a week or so when we’re completely finished) comforting myself that while I may have to do things I don’t want to do, they need done anyway, the Universe obviously thinks I’m the person to get these things done and after all…I’m strong, fearless and totally capable.

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Lack of Faith

Lately I’ve been thinking quite a bit about our interconnectedness with all other people and energy beings in the Universe and the Universe itself. Our energies are connected to other energies and our energies have a direct impact on these other energies. If I see you, I know you exist, I know what you look like, smell like, sound like, I may even know what you feel like. It takes no faith to believe in you since I can see you.

However, there are many beings in the Universe (angels, guardian spirits, spirit guides, God, Goddess, Jesus, Saints) and many more. Most of the time, we either can’t or just don’t see them. Yet they are there.  So truly believing in them takes faith. Faith is not belief without prove, it is trust without reservation.

So, I’m wondering, how our faith affects the spirits and energy bodies we can’t see with our eyes? Do we add and/or subtract from their strength and power by the belief we send them? Every part of us is energy, from the physical to the mental/emotional to the spiritual. I’m sure this must include how and what we believe. So if we truly believe in a deep, heart felt way, then we are sending out an energy vibration which connects to and supports what we believe.

The other side of this must mean when we doubt, fear and question the existence or even the intentions of the spirits and other energy bodies, does this not at least sadden or possible weaken them? What if our doubts, fears and questions are even making them ill? Are we harming the Universal consciousness by not believing, trusting and loving the other energy bodies in existence, whether we can see them or not?

I personally don’t want to be responsible for saddening, weakening or possibly causing illness to another energy body or spirit. This revelation has given me reason to pause and reconsider my entire belief system and how it affects others.

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Impossible Dream

I love the song, Impossible Dream, I’ve often thought it has a pseudo-spiritual quality to it, although I can see where it might be considered an ‘all about me’ song too. Regardless of how you interpret the underlying meaning of the song, it stirs emotions deep inside.

Which started me thinking, ‘To Dream the Impossible Dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear with unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go, to right the unrightable wrong, to be better than you are, to try when your arms are too weary…to reach the unreachable star.’  Isn’t this what we are all doing every day? What dream seems more impossible than the one nearest and dearest to our heart? What foe appears more unbeatable than our own demons? What sorrow seems more unbearable than the sorrow we hide in our hearts? Don’t we all run into our own dark recesses where no one else could find their way? What wrong seems more unrightable than the wrongs we commit against ourselves? Are we not all striving everyday to be better than yesterday? Do we not keep going for ourselves when most everyone else has walked away?

So where is the ‘unreachable star’?  Its inside of us. Its the Eternal connection between our own Spirit and the Divine. We think its unreachable because we feel disconnected and separate from the Divine. But we’re not, we never were. Our physical bodies have created weight which causes us to feel like we’re ‘down here’ and the Divine is ‘up there.’ But the truth is, we are still as connected as we ever were and when we realize this to the extent we allow ourselves to feel it in our bodies and spirits, then we have beaten the foe, laid down the sorrow, run through the dark recesses with courage, we have righted the unrightable wrong and we are our best selves. We have reached the unreachable star.

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Dinner Guest

If you could chose one person either living or dead to have dinner with, who would it be and why? Stop reading for a moment and really think about this. What is it about the person that rouses your interest? Where would you take them for dinner, or would you invite them to your home? What questions do you have for them? Are there things you want to tell them? Keep in mind, this can be anyone.

My first pick is Jesus. I would probably invite him to my home for dinner. Since he’s Jewish I would probably serve fish, rice and rolls, I figure this is a safe bet. Of course I would have a nice bottle of wine chilled. For dessert I would make a flaky apple cinnamon danish layered with nuts, ice cream on the side and fresh pinon coffee.

Why Jesus? He fascinates me, He always has, maybe always will. However, I don’t really have any deep Theological questions for him. I have the rest of Eternity to learn the deep and mystical. I want to get to know the man. I would ask what it was like to grow up in Israel 2000 years ago. Did he have any pets? What types of games did He and the other children play? Was there ever a time when He dated or was even interested in girls as more than friends? Does He have a favorite color, flower, food, drink, flavor? What does He think about the current politics of the world in general?Of course as the evening progresses I’m sure I’ll think of other questions.

The only deep question would be…Is there anything He really wants me to know (that I don’t already know or think I know).

Just some food for thought.

Have an Amazing Sunday!

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What You Don’t Know About the Law of Attraction

Many of you have commented that my posts are giving you a new way of looking at the Law of Attraction. Thank you for the comments, they help me more than you know.  Today I’m going to point out a few nuances of the LOA which most proponents of the principle don’t teach.

First, trying to reverse a negative with a negative will never work. When you’re looking at you weight and you’re thinking and feeling, “I’m so over weight” all you’re doing is acknowledging the fat cells. However, just saying “I’m so slim and beautiful” won’t work either. Because deep down you’re lying to yourself. And most of us with any moral compass will sense the lie on a cellular level.It’s still a negative statement.

Second, our bodies and spirits are connected, physically, psychically, morally, spiritually connected. While our Spirits are in residence on this physical plane in our physical bodies, then there is a solid connection. However, we are also physically, psychically, morally, spiritually connected to the Divine. There is scientific evidence implying the Divine communicates with us on a cellular level.

Most of us are programmed from conception with cellular ghosts from our ancestors and even more from our parents. Encoded in these cells are imprints of our ancestors lives. Their joys, fears, opinions, financial status, careers, education and spiritual beliefs. Now we’re not completely reprogrammed from our ancestors, but there are small ghost imprints that linger in us. So when I look at my thighs and wish for Julia Roberts’ thighs, I’m actually battling my grandmother, my aunt Lou, and my aunt Jean.

How will the LOA help with this? First, I have to love my grandmother, Aunts Lou and Jean they were beautiful women. Strong, well educated, intelligent and physically beautiful women. And instead of channeling their thick thighs, I channel their intelligence, their strength, my Aunt Lou’s beautiful skin, my Aunt Jean’s gorgeous auburn hair (it looked and felt like silk even after she started graying) and my grandmother’s hour glass figure (she had the smallest waist of any woman I’ve ever known-even with the bigger thighs). Not to mention they were all well endowed above the waist.

Then, as I’m sure some of you have guessed, I go jogging. I concentrate on my breath while running, I take in the magnificent scenery around me, and I meditate on these beautiful women and the ways in which I do want to be like them, on how fortunate I am to have known them and to be where I am now, with William and the amazing life we have together.

By concentrating on the positive I already have and can channel from my ancestors, then over time there’s less room for the negative and it has no choice but to leave because there’s no longer any room for it in my life (and on my thighs.)

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Health From Law of Attraction

Health; we all take it for granted until we no longer have it. I’m on this band wagon myself right now, since William and I both have been passing some sort of bug back and forth for almost a month now. So, how are we using the Law of Attraction for health? Well, let me preface this with, the Law of Attraction needs help. You can’t sit and think healthy thoughts and expect to recover from illness or even stay healthy. This is probably the simplest example of how Law of Attraction works. To be and stay healthy, you have to act healthy. What is acting healthy? Eating the right amounts of the right foods, a.k.a balanced diet. You can’t eat sweet rolls for breakfast, a candy bar for lunch and then ice cream and cake for dinner, then wonder why your stomach doesn’t feel right, your bathroom routine is non existent and your face is swollen. At the same time, don’t eat raw vegetables three times a day either. This will have the exact opposite affect on your bathroom routine and your face will still be swollen and you’ll probably have stomach cramps. Eat small portions of foods from each food group (and no wine and chocolate donuts are not food groups, if they were, I’d be very happy!).  I also advocate eating dessert maybe twice a week. Or if you’re one of those people who just isn’t satisfied until you’ve had a bite or two of sweetness, then eat just one or two bites of something sweet. William keeps a bowl of candy on the kitchen table. Usually something like jelly beans, skittles, Hershey’s kisses, etc. So after eating he can grab a few pieces to quell that sweet craving.

The same goes for exercise. You don’t have to be a marathon runner, body builder or professional sports figure to work your muscles and help your body flush out fat. In my younger days I was a weight lifter. It’s really not convenient for me now, so I fall back on my second love which is dancing. I turn up the stereo and I boogey. But if dancing isn’t your thing, ride a bike, or an exercise bike, walk the dog double the distance you normally walk. You and the dog both will feel better. Ball play with your kids, swim, play tennis, golf, anything which will increase your heart rate, body temperature and breathing.

Also, too much alcohol is bad for your brain, liver,stomach and kidneys. Yes, it has been proven a glass or two of wine, beer, or even a mixed drink two or three times a week is fine. This is not a license to drink a six pack every day after work or an entire bottle of wine on Friday night because you’re bored and lonely. The same goes for recreational drug use. I personally believe marijuana should be legal, however, again, everything in moderation and we all know there are plenty of street drugs out there which will destroy you before you know what’s happening to you.  The destroying part, goes double for your physical body.

The point here is this, when you eat healthy, exercise even in small bursts, and don’t abuse your body with substances never meant for human consumption, you are telling the Universe that you respect your body and want it to be healthy. Your body will respond in kind and you will begin to raise your energy vibration which sends signals to the Universe, then the Universe sends back equal energy vibrations of respect for your body. The results are the eating healthy, exercising and respecting your body get easier and you start to look and feel better.

The truth is in many ways, people have been using the Law of Attraction for hundreds of years, they just didn’t know how the Law works or the impact it has when followed correctly.

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Law of Attraction Part 2

Today I’m using myself as the example for how Law of Attraction helps with weight issues. Growing up I was very slim. Not bean pole thin, I had hips, breasts and a few curves, but I was thin. So, I know what thin feels like. Then at 24, pregnant with my daughter, my hormones and metabolism went haywire. In only nine months I gained 70 lbs. My blood pressure stayed down, there really wasn’t any water retention, I was just fat! I gave new meaning to the expression “beached whale.” And, no, my daughter only weighed 6 lbs, 15oz. The rest was me. I wore my maternity clothes home from the hospital after she was born. In fact, I wore maternity clothes for almost 4 more months and then had to buy…wait for it…size 14 pants.  What did I do?

To start with, I found pictures of myself from before all the weight gain. If you don’t have pictures of yourself the size you want to be, find pictures of models who you want to emulate. Do Not! put them on the refrigerator. This will only make you angry and law of attraction doesn’t work when you’re mad. Take these pictures of the way you want to look and carry them with you. At work, in restaurants, anywhere you’re tempted to eat wrong. When you start thinking you’ll have a donut instead of yogurt or, dessert instead of salad, take the picture out, look at it and then look down at your stomach, thighs, etc.

Make a list or a vision board of what you and your life will look like when you lose the weight. Will you go on vacation? Don’t wait until you lose all the weight, take a winter vacation to comfort yourself. Thinking you’ll buy a new car? Why wait? Buy the car now. Many of us use food as a comfort or to replace something we think is missing in our lives. If these things weren’t missing, we might not turn to food as often.

Splurge now. Go buy something at least 2 sizes too small. Something you will look amazing in. Hang it in the closet and look at it about 3-4 times a week. Again, do not hang it up where you can see it every time you walk by, remember, anger makes things worse. FYI, this one trick helped me the most. I had a beautiful, lacy pink top that I couldn’t wait to wear. Also, reward yourself for milestone progress. For every 5-10 pounds that come off, buy yourself something, like new pants, top or dress. Start revamping your wardrobe while you lose the weight. Guys, this goes for you also. Side note, as your clothes become too big, donate them or give them away. Get them away from you, this way, you have nothing to fall back on and if you gain a little back, you’ll have more incentive to lose it because your clothes will be uncomfortable.

Start an exercise routine. I got up 30 minutes early everyday just to exercise in my family room. Anything that gets your blood pumping. If your thing is walking, take one of those pictures with you on the walk and really meditate on how you’ll feel when you’re that size.

Finally, diet pills only work short term. To keep the weight off, you need lifestyle changes. Eating healthier and exercising more are the two most important things. However, if you’re like me and have a sweet tooth then pick one or two days each week (No More than 2!) when you eat dessert. My favorite, is usually on Sunday mornings I make cinnamon rolls or some other danish in place of traditional breakfast. Or I buy single pieces of pie or cake in the deli of my grocery store for Friday or Saturday dessert.

Law of Attraction brings more of what you are concentrating on into your life. To change what you’re thinking about, start making the small changes. You’ll start noticing many of the new things show up without you doing anything. Be grateful, accept them, welcome them and make them part of the new you. As more new shows up, start getting rid of the old, immediately. For all the changes you want, stop thinking ‘maybe someday.’ Why not today?

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Hungry Girl

No, I’m not hungry, although it is morning here. Hungry Girl is a website dedicated to healthy, low fat, low calorie eating. The concept was started by Lisa Lillien, who busts many myths about diet food and provides recipes which help bulk up the meal without bulking up on fat and calories. I first came across her while watching an episode of Dr Oz. On that particular show she showed how to make mac and cheese with low fat, low calorie ingredients and then add cauliflower which of course adds vitamins, minerals and fiber without adding unwanted fat or calories. Plus, it fills you up faster and keeps you full longer.  Truthfully, I haven’t tried this yet, mostly because I’m not a fan of mac and cheese (yeh, I know, sorry) and I prefer my cauliflower raw. However, from her news letter, I’ve found some amazing salad ideas, such as adding fruit, nuts, tuna, chicken, and a host of other ingredients. While she uses many foods in her cooked dishes which I prefer raw, still her recipes sound practical, nutritious and easy. I’ve signed up for her newsletter and will continue to watch for new recipe ideas from her. Who knows, she may convince me to try a few new foods or at least old foods prepared in new ways.

Here’s the link for her website: Hungry Girl    If any of you are already familiar with her, please leave me a comment to let me know your opinion. If you’re not familiar with her, I invite you to check her out. I”ll be interested to know how some of her recipes taste if anyone tries them.

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Happy Ostara a.k.a Spring

Technically, spring doesn’t start until tonight. From dusk this evening to dusk tomorrow evening, light and dark will be equal and balanced.  For the Druids and Celts this is a lesser day of celebration. The Vernal Equinox or Ostara is a time of planting seeds, of awakening and of longer, warmer days ahead. It is a celebration of newness and an appreciation of nature in her infinite wisdom.

One of my favorite songs is “The Rose.” A line from the song: “in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies a seed that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes the rose.” We all plant seeds, some bear the fruit and flowers of our hearts desire, some don’t. What we reap depends in part on the ‘seed’ we plant. However, the most beautiful seed will not blossom if it is not properly nourished. If we plant a seed of love and then water it with anger and feed it with impatience and condemnation, what grows is some mutant which we can’t handle and in truth, probably don’t want. Likewise if we water it with encouragement and feed it with patience and acceptance what grows is an eternal love which adds beauty to the world and inspires all that gaze upon it.

As you can see, Freedom to a Full Life is undergoing a make-over. New blog topics will include diet tips, recipes, ideas and encouragement for smoking cessation, fashion and beauty news, and more serious issues such as domestic violence, delinquent children, homelessness, drug addiction, and the ever growing poverty world wide.  Please take a few moments to explore the pages of my blog. I’ve given them all a fresh coat of paint and feel free to leave a comment to tell me what you think.

Thanks and have a great day!

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