Brief History and Misinformation

Hemp is not marijuana. The hemp plant was brought to the continental United States by the British Colonies. The fiber lines, sails and caulking of the Mayflower were made from hemp. The hemp plant was so widely used the pilgrims were required by British law to grow it. Through the 1600, 1700, and 1800s hemp plants were grown and used to produce cordage, cloth, canvas and paper both here in the states and for export to Britain. The first drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. Thomas Jefferson bred improved varieties of it and even invented a machine for crushing the stems when making fiber. Hemp was grown through the 1950s for the production of multiple products, including the fiber lines, sails and caulking of the USS Constitution, aka  Old Ironsides.

In the 1930s it became too widely known that certain varieties contained compounds which caused psychoactive affects when ingested and in 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act was passed. This moved control of the plant from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Revenue. Eventually leading to it becoming illegal.

Recently there has been renewed interest in the plant. Depending on who you ask or what reference material you read the same plant contains varying numbers of natural compounds with just as many uses. Of particular interest is a compound called cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is not THC (cannabinol). In fact, medical research suggests that CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. Yet they both exist in the same plant but in different concentrations depending on the variety of  the plant. 

Medically right now CBD is being used for PTSD, social anxiety disorder, schizophrenia and Dravet Syndrome, just to name a few. Continued research is suggesting it may be useful in the treatment of everything from acne to cancer. And all without the psychoactive effects of THC. THC is also widely used for many medical conditions. Additionally, hemp seeds are edible. Yes, you can eat them. They are rich in protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, Omega 3, 6, and 9. I add hemp seeds to yogurt, oatmeal, salads, even sprinkle a few on a peanut butter sandwich.

A notable reason for turning to a natural plant compound over man made drugs is that the natural compounds have little if any side affects. While most artificial or man made drugs not only have unpleasant side effects but some actually do as much harm as good. Every listen to commercials for man made drugs and hear the list of side effects which is longer than the list of maladies they treat?

So, if you are dealing with a medical condition, you now have a life altering option, do you want man made drugs that may or may not help you while also possibly (probably) damaging your body in other ways. Or do you want a natural substance known for centuries to be safe and will potentially (probably) improve your health?

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Beauty in Balance

I have been away for some time now, although I have posted the random blog. I have been on a journey of self discovery, self healing and finding the path where I am living my truth with every breath I take and in every circumstance of life. The journey has been partly solitary and partly learning from others. The most efficient warrior knows when to seek help with healing and how to heal herself when the occasion calls for it.

The results of this journey are a deeper understanding of myself as both a Divine Being and a mortal body. We all have a purpose in this physical world. For some the purpose manifests in very physical ways. For others, there is a balance of both the physical and spiritual, and then for a few of us, the authentic purpose is mostly spiritual.

What I have learned during this time is new ways of eating, exercising, breathing, meditating, thinking and even feeling. From here on some blog posts will be very spiritual. Some will be very practical encompassing everything from healthy food, supplements, beauty products and exercise. While some will be discussions of every day issues such as a balanced view of finances, politics and raising children.

Stay tuned. The next post is coming soon.

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Energy of Knowing

Every thought, feeling, belief and deep knowing is an energy. What we think, feel, believe and especially know is an energy vibration we send out into the Universe.

Most of you are thinking Law of Attraction, and you are right. But it is more than merely attracting what you are vibrating. Our level of knowing, whether it is understanding the cycle of plant life through changing seasons, methodology of gravity maintaining the planetary orbits in our solar system, certainty that wolves are not aggressive man killers, perception that birds appreciate the food we put into bird feeders, or knowing the legends of the Greek and Roman Gods, what we “know” we are holding space for and what we hold energetic space for draws its life force from our knowing.

Our energy knowing or “knowing energy” gives life to what we “know”.

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Love is a Privilege

In my home office, I have a collage of pictures from my childhood. There’s my dad watching over me, sleepy, but focused on me. My grandfather showing me what winter is like in the Appalachian Mountains, while looking at me with such wonder. There’s my aunt introducing me to the dogs, Trigger and Dixie. My grandfather and uncle showing off the horse my grandfather just bought me and my aunt and uncle holding me and smiling for the camera. Before you get the wrong idea, I was not privileged. I was loved.

The adult relationships in my family were just as complicated as all adult relationships are. The married couples disagreed, they even argued from time to time. But there was never any hitting, spitting or throwing things at each other. They didn’t call each other names, they didn’t separate, threaten to leave or disrespect each other. Through the disagreements and arguments, they loved each other.

The mountains of West Virginia is one of the most isolated cultures still remaining in the United States. They have their own way of doing everything, from the dialect, to the accent to the way they dress, even the way they grow food. It is not a perfect culture, no culture is, because there are no perfect humans. And even though I was raised there, I never completely fit in, and now that I’ve lived in another culture for so long, it would be even harder for me to live there. In looking back and analyzing the personalities that raised me, now I understand that many of those people who loved me so much, didn’t fit in either.

But the reason they didn’t fit, was because they understood something too many humans don’t. Live is not easy, relationships are hard, and there are no perfect people, but the one thing my family got right and taught me, actually ingrained in me; my family knew how to love.

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The Greeks have five words for love depending on the emotion being expressed. Most English speaking people understand that there are varying definitions for this overly misused word.  What too many fail to comprehend is that authentic love is not an emotion.  It is an energy total, complete and unique in and of itself.

There are many circumstances where humans attempt to label an emotion and/or physical feeling by calling it love. These feelings are a desire for love, not authentic love. When something is stirred within us, physical, mental, emotional or some combination of these and it’s sent out to the person, place or thing which inspired the stirring, often this is an attempt to control, manipulate, entice, own, or even hold hostage the attention of the desired object.  Authentic love only occurs when an unconditional energy is sent and then reciprocated by the other to which that energy was directed.

These different emotions are very real and may have very good intentions behind them, but they’ve been misunderstood and mislabeled as something they are not.  This is even true of spiritual emotions. In religious/ spiritual experiences, feelings and emotions are often misinterpreted. An authentic spiritual love is unconditional and reciprocated between the person and Deity involved.

I believe this is why so many friendships, partnerships and relationships fail. The arrangements are too often based on emotions/feelings/desires spawned from an intention to control, manipulation and own the other. 

The energy of authentic love can only exist and survive when it is unconditional and reciprocal.

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Respect versus Submission

I’ve heard many people say “never forget where you came from” or some variation of this warning to always honor your parents and respect your heritage.  But what if you were born out of place or even in the wrong time?  How do you respect your parents when all you were taught growing up is in opposition to your natural, authentic nature?  Many people who don’t understand the difference between respect and submission, end up confused, frustrated and angry.

The thesaurus says that respect is similar to veneration, affection, appreciation and recognition. It says that honor is similar to respect, veneration, recognition and honesty.  But, it says submission is similar to surrender, obedience and subservience. 

At some point in the process of becoming a mature adult and finding your way in this world, you must decide what is true and right for you. Just because mom never went to college or dad works in a factory doesn’t mean you must do the same. Just because all of your grandparents and half your aunts and uncles are school teachers, doesn’t mean you have to be one too.

But, just because no one ever in the history of your known family has never done something doesn’t mean that you can’t do it either. So what if every woman in your family is a school teacher, goes to the Methodist church, bakes cookies on Saturday afternoon and lives in the same city, in the same state, even the same neighborhood as multiple generations before her? If you truly feel in your heart that you’re meant to travel the world, save endangered species and never call anywhere home for more than a few years, then this is your true nature coming through. Your longings, desires, and joy are God expressing himself/herself/themselves through you.  If you ignore these longings and desires you may end up living a dull gray existence and miss real life altogether.

You can appreciate everything your parents, grandparents, and other relatives taught you and still be your own person. If someone is disappointed in you or angry at you for being your own person, that is their problem, that is an unresolved issue in them and has nothing to do with you.  You can live a full, exciting life and still be grateful for your parents and what they taught you, whether it was good or bad, or whether it resonated with you or not; it taught you something. Quite possibly, it taught you what you do not want to do and who you do not want to be.

Do I believe we have soul contracts? Yes, I do. I belief we all agree to certain things before we incarnate in this life. And I reiterate, longings, desires, ambitions, joys, and peaceful expression are the Great Creator expressing and living through us.

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What Do You Really Want

As I read and/or listen to news reports, as I shop, drive, and just scan the internet and regular television programs, I have to stop and ask myself, what are people really trying to accomplish?  More than 50% of television shows are so called ‘reality’ shows. If this is really anyone’s reality, I’ll go back to riding my unicorn while talking to trees and sweeping stardust. News shows rarely if ever broadcast any ‘good’ news. 99.9% of what they report is child abuse, murder, rape, theft, and general gloom and doom. Even the weather is relayed in a depressing manner. OMG it might snow/rain/ or if you live in a drought area, heaven forbid, the sun is going to shine another day.

So, as I was meditating this morning, I had to ask the Spirits what is really going on and what is the purpose of life? After the usual balance between light and dark, positive and negative, and the one I always have to bear – just spread the word and don’t worry about who accepts it or how they interpret it, I came up with this . . .

We all want a nice home, transportation, clothes and food. But if we have these and we’re still not happy, if we are able to make ends meet and are surviving, why are so many so willing to lie, cheat, steal, even murder to have more? Why are governments more worried about what is happening in other countries than in taking care of those in their own countries? Why are most people never satisfied with their accomplishments and triumphs?

Before I moved here 5 years ago, William asked me where I wanted to be in 3 years. My response was “to be a spiritual counselor and energy healer.”  Well, I’ve learned 2 very important things, first, I already was a spiritual counselor/energy healer and I still am, both and so much more. Second,  not I nor any other spiritual leader or healer can help and/or heal anyone who doesn’t want to be helped and/or healed. All we can do is stay open and ready for those who needs us.

But my greatest sadness is that so many are either partially or completely ignoring any and all things spiritual for the sake of the next promotion, raise, house, car, or dollar in their pocket. Guess what, none of those things are going with you when you cross over, the spirit world provides for your basic needs and in the spirit world those needs are completely different.

So, do you want to spend your entire earthly existence worrying about material possessions while the earth and all life forms including people are being made to suffer and even destroyed because of humans’ selfish desires? Or do you want to learn respect, consideration and love for what you have been offered and be able to take those things with you when you cross over?

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A big word with an even bigger meaning. Authentic is more than real. It is the deeper truth under the surface reality. Are you authentic? Even with yourself, do you really understand and know yourself on the deepest levels? Would you share your authentic self with anyone? Just some thoughts for your weekend.

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Do You Know What You Believe

I keep seeing pretty pictures with the words: Ask, Believe, Receive.

Okay, but, shouldn’t it be: Ask, Receive, Accept.  ? 

If you don’t know what you believe, how do you know what you’re really asking for? Your mouth says one thing, you may even think with your mind what you say with your mouth. True beliefs live in your spirit. When you ask, always be sure you know your spirit and truly believe what you’re asking – then all you need do is receive and accept.

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Hello – I know it’s been some time since I posted, but I’ve been busy and life has taught me a few things lately.

But here I am and before the post today, I must tell you that you will notice a difference in me and my writing, I’m much more truthful and determined. So, you have been warned. 🙂

Today’s message is this, most humans are completely off track. Their agendas are based on wrong thinking and selfish interests. My father always said to decide if something is truly important, determine if the matter will have an impact or make any difference 100 years from now. So, lets break this down. Will the styles worn by the Kardashians make any difference in 100 years? I doubt it. Will anyone care or even remember Justin Beiber’s shenanigans 100 years from now? Probably not. Will Honey Boo Boo, Lizard Lick Towing or Hard Core Pawn even be remembered in 100 years? If they are, I’ll be glad I’m already gone, because that’s a world I don’t want to live in.  

But, will it matter if wolves, polar bears, and orcas are extinct? Yes, it will because the entire Eco-system will be off balance. Will it matter if the rainforests have been destroyed? Yes, because our planet was designed by the Creator as a giant terrarium, and if the rainforests are destroyed there will not be necessary moisture to sustain healthy weather patterns nor will there be adequate oxygen for healthy air to breathe. This means most of the streams, lakes and rivers will be drying up and humans and animals will be dying off because of contaminated air. Will it matter that fossil fuel companies used dangerous chemicals to mine and clean the fossil fuels? Yes, because the only place to dump those hazardous chemicals is into to the water, or the ground and the chemicals will still leach into the water supply.

Yet, people continue to idolize the Kardashians, Justin Biebers, and big industries of the world while the food chain, water and air supply are being destroyed. 

Will it matter 100 years from now that people felt this way?


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