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There are numerous definitions for the word, and I’m not insulting anyone’s intelligence by listing any of them. The Truth I’m talking about is our own unique truth. The authentic us, the truth we must own to be fully ourselves.  Many people go through life never finding the rock bottom raw truth of themselves. Which is fine for them. Most of them are perfectly happy and living normal lives with partial truths that get them through their days. Full truth is not for everyone.

However, there are those of us who ‘keep swimming out into life’ looking for a rock to stand on. The rock we’re really looking for is our deep, raw, authentic truth, our purpose, destiny, reason for being here. Part of owning our destiny and purpose is owning the raw truth of our authentic self. It’s not enough to just ‘know’ ourselves, we have to dive to the bottom, feel the pressures of the ‘above’ weighing down on us, we have to face our dark half (and yes, its half), we must smell the bad we are capable of – acknowledge our limitations and where our threshold of temptation lies. Once faced, its up to us to find the leash, our unique way of controlling or containing our threshold of temptation. For me, it’s been similar to the Kraken in Greek Mythology. However, in my version, I’m both Perseus and Zeus, I’m always in control of the Kraken and I find very few reasons he ever be ‘let loose.’

Once faced and we see ourselves ‘authentically, truthfully’ there is nothing left to fear. For all our unique fears are born from our own dark recesses, the negative we are capable of; when we fear anything, we’re actually projecting our own negative capabilities out onto something or someone else. Then we are free to acknowledge our destiny, purpose for being here. To integrate all our authentic truth into a whole person.

This realization, this immersion into raw open sea of life and the truth of our destiny, what we are best at, what we are most able to do in a way no one else can do, brings an indescribable comprehension of ourselves and we finally know peace with ourselves; then peace with ourselves brings peace with others and life in general.

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Law of Attraction 1.5

I am back tracking a little today. My daughter, my only child, and the most amazing woman I know is fighting a demon right now. She is a smoker, and has been for far too long. She decided she wants to quit and its not going so well. She sent me text messages this morning, several in fact, about her withdrawal. She’s highly intelligent so the psychological component is not a huge issue for her. However, the physical component is major. She is nauseated, constipated, shaking all over, sweating and has a bad taste in her mouth. In short, she’s miserable. We are going to Skype later today and I’ll work with her using energy medicine. But her condition started me thinking about my blog on Monday.

The Law of Attraction sounds good and it does work. Yet I’m betting there are many people who have, will or are facing the physical withdrawals when fighting an addiction. So, I want to offer this advice. It doesn’t matter if its cigarettes or cocaine, alcohol or meth, food or something else, never try to stop cold turkey over night. It won’t work and its dangerous. Bad habits are one thing, addictions are completely different. When dealing with a true addiction, the Law of Attraction is only one tool in an arsenal you will need to overcome the addiction.

I would like to offer this to my wordpress followers. If you or someone you know needs help with a bad habit or an addiction, I will provide my services at a 20% discount and it will be completely confidential. My e-mail is and I always respond in less than 24 hours.


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