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Landscapes of Our Lives

As some of you know, I’m working on a new chakra meditation, which combines color therapy with allowing your individual chakras to develop into (or should I say out to) more evolved energy landscapes.  The wheels of energy which form the core of each chakra perform very intricate functions for us physically, mentally/emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Any blockage in an individual chakra or a blockage of communication between any of the chakras causes us any number of problems, including mental disruptions, emotional imbalances, physical illness, and spiritual disconnections.

When I first became aware of the ability of our chakras to develop out  to more intricate energy landscapes, I wasn’t sure what was happening. I was using color therapy to strengthen my individual chakras and one day while meditating on my root chakra it suddenly burst open like a flower blooming and instead of merely seeing the wheel of energy I was in an energy landscape which instantly revealed some intimate details of my base nature. And as I have continued working with this meditation the landscapes have continued to evolve out developing more details and becoming larger over time. Also, some chakra landscapes have changed completely while others have merely become larger and more pronounced. But each of my chakras begins as the wheel of energy and vibrates out developing very intricate landscapes which overtime are starting to flow together as my own energy universe, unique to me.  I’m comfortable that as I work with myself, the landscape of me will develop out to a connection to the Universe.

Some of the positive changes for me have been; I’m more aware of my physical body and its needs, I’ve had some very old, forgotten emotions from my childhood surface so I could release them and heal the places where they were once buried, I’ve connected with two new animal spirits which I was not previously aware were attracted to me, my voice is a little deeper, my body language has changed some and I’m much more aware of my body language when interacting with others, I’m more confident, I am relating to my present life differently, and I’m perceiving future possibilities in a new way.

I’m still taking volunteers for learning this meditation, so if you are interested, email me at

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