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If You Knew

In the past I’ve written about psychics, mediums, etc. who use scare tactics to drum up business. But what about the truly gifted who only want to help or what if YOU are psychic or otherwise spiritually gifted? The available knowledge is almost endless and has great potential for changing future events . . . or does it?

I recently took a “Are You Psychic” test on a webpage I follow regularly. I took the test for fun and to test the person in charge of the webpage. I already knew what my psychic abilities are, I was just checking the legitimacy of the page and the person. She was dead on and amazingly correct. So, I’ll continue to follow her.

The truth is, I use my spiritual gift(s) often. My gifts give me the subject matter for my blogs. I only write when the spirits give me inspiration and they always pick the topic. Sometimes I have an idea who needs the information, other times, I just put it out there and wait for the results. What is the gift? I see and hear spirits. I communicate well with the spirit world. I also have an uncanny ability to connect with animals, plants and children. I seem to know their thoughts and feelings (and yes, plants have feelings, I don’t think they consciously process word patterns, but they have “feelings” which contain information). The spirits also help me interpret dreams for others.

Some people have a strong sense of knowing something will happen before it does. I have done this sporadically in my life, but this is not my strongest gift therefore, I don’t usually rely on it, I wait to see what happens. But for those who have a strong sense of the future, should they share the information? Have they been given the gift in order to alter future events? I believe this is between them and their Divine Creator.

Having said all this, if they are supposed to share the information and are giving others the chance to change the future in some way, what of those who receive the information? Does the Divine sometimes give us the opportunity to alter life from this point forward? I’ve said many times, we are all given a giant reset button everyday. Each day we are afforded the ability to change how we think, feel, act and react. Are psychics giving a little more inspiration by providing glimpses into the outcome of change? Or even the outcome of not changing?

If you were given information about your life with very clear choices and knew the outcome, would you take the information and use it? I’m curious as to why or why not. And if you take the information, would you use it based on logical thought or heart based emotions? Why or why not. Or, would you continue doing what you’re doing with the belief that you could change current circumstances anytime you wish?

Please leave comments, I am excited to see how you all feel about this subject.

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Dream a Little Dream With Me

Dreams, if you know me at all, you know I love to sleep and usually enjoy the places my spirit takes me when my conscious mind is resting and can’t interfere with our itinerary.  Last night was one of those nights; deep, healing, mind recharging and heart restoring, sleep.

First, the world received news that Elvis is still with us.  He was healthy, fit and looked like we would expect him to look if he had been healthy at the age of 77.  He agreed to give one concert in Las Vegas and I was there; sitting in an elegant Las Vegas show room listening to Elvis just as I remember him sounding in 1975.

Then, William and I built an island in the center of our kitchen (we have a very nice kitchen now and there’s nothing wrong with it). He then brought home an ice cream maker.  But this was a special ice cream maker because after you made the ice cream, if you added milk the machine would take the fresh ice cream and make milkshakes.  Sweet, creamy, comforting milkshakes.

Yes, I had quite a night last night.  So, what’s the point?  Only that the most spiritual people should also be the most human people.  Everything we have in the material world is here because we have been endowed by the Great Spirit with imagination, ingenuity, talents and ability to invent or become anything we need or want.  And, as my favorite psych once said, “sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar”, and to you I say, “sometimes a milkshake is just a milkshake”, so, don’t read anymore into it than that.  Happy Sunday!

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Importance of Dreams

From a physiological perspective there are 5 stages of sleep, 1) light beginning sleep where we transition from awake to sleep; 2) brain waves change, body temperature drops and heart rate slows; 3) brain waves continue changing and we transition from light sleep to deeper sleep; 4) deep sleep characterized by very slow delta brain waves; and, 5) REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep where dreams occur.  REM sleep is a paradox in some ways because the brain becomes active again in a different way than when we’re awake, our heart rate increases again and we may breathe a little faster, yet our muscles become very relaxed, almost paralyzed.  There is still a debate in the scientific / medical communities as to the need for certain amounts of sleep.  My personal opinion is its very important.  We could debate endlessly about the physical health benefits of sleep, but if you don’t allow your subconscious to dream, to clean out closets and talk to you, there are any number of possible mental and spiritual problems that can arise.

Not everyone has vivid dreams, some of you think you don’t dream simply because you really don’t recall your dreams when you awake.  But you are dreaming and the dreaming is important whether you remember it or not. We basically all have photographic memories in the sense that our subconscious records everything we see, feel, hear, smell, touch, think, then stores it somewhere in the deep recesses of our brain.  Much of this information can be considered information overload or just not necessary, so the subconscious needs to release it, clean it out and reorganize the remaining stored information.  This occurs during REM sleep.

For those of us who remember most dreams and for the even fewer of you (like me) who are vivid dreamers, REM sleep is vital for our mental and spiritual health.  I admit there are many nights when my brain cleans (but even awake I’m a clean freak so . . . ), and truthfully too many nights cleaning out old, mostly forgotten, useless images from the deep, dark basement of my subconscious leaves me more frustrated than rested.  My common sense and intuition tell me its crucial because once the cleaning and reorganizing are done, my subconscious can speak to me, reveal my frustrations, longings, desires, perceived obstacles, worries and path to happiness.  Thus allowing me to deal with my deeper issues before they are out of control.

Never underestimate the power of your conscious and subconscious mind. Never dismiss any dreams too lightly until you’re sure it’s just a cleaning spree, and pay attention to the dreams which evoke intense emotions or which recur often.  They are trying to tell you something and if the dream comes often, it’s most likely something important.

Have a great weekend everybody and if you need more information about dreams or some help decoding dreams, please email me at

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