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Do We Know What Loving the Earth Means?

I’ve been saving this message for today. It’s Earth Day, today’s post is not about statistics, today is about touching your hearts to better care for the earth. We humans have taken over becoming selfish, self centered, egotistical, blood thirsty and destructive.  I know we’re not all bad, yet…

The Rainforests of the world are estimated to contain approximately 80% of the green and flowering plants in existence. Each 2.5 acres of rainforest may hold up to 1500 species of higher plants and 750 different types of trees. We are over farming, logging, and developing rainforest areas beyond points where they can recover. The earth is set up as a giant terrarium (this is an overly simplistic example, but it suits the post), the plants and trees in the rainforest are emitting oxygen for our atmosphere, oxygen and other chemicals necessary for our survival, yet we seem to think the wood and paper products we get from there are more important. I bet most people have no idea the beauty which lives in the rainforests.


    Orchids grow wild in the rainforests. Some species of orchids are listed as endangered now because of our over harvesting and over development of the natural habitat. We can grow them in hot houses, but if we destroy their natural habitat the orchid population will never be the same.

There are so many animals on the endangered species list, I almost don’t where to start. I think the issue most horrendous is the killing of these beautiful animals for their furs and feathers. Some humans are so insecure with their own appearance, they kill majestic creatures to steal their beauty. Here are two examples.

Ocelot. Bald Eagle

We are able to replicate their beauty artificially while leaving them whole, healthy and alive. Also, these two are endangered from deforestation and over development of open land by humans and we call it progress.

This mother and baby are endangered simply from global warming.

Global warming is real and its deadly.

Finally, my personal soap box, wolves are endangered purely from human ignorance. …when you don’t understand you will fear, and when you fear you will destroy the animals, and if you destroy the animals you will destroy yourself…Chief Dan George.

  Wolves do not eat people. We are not on their menu, they are not a threat to our existence.

Today, if only today, search your heart, find some small thing you can do to not only preserve the earth and all she provides, find a way to honor her. For without her and all the other life here, our very lives will end.


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