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December 21, 2012

Word of warning, this is a very direct post.  I’ve been very open and honest about my personal feelings as well as providing spiritual insight.

December 21, 2012, winter equinox, the Yule celebration, the darkest day of the year (less sunlight than any other day) and the end of the Mayan calendar.  Please notice I didn’t say anything about the end of the world.  Recently there has been more investigation, speculation, research, debate, and planning than perhaps even during the Y2K scare of 2000.  We humans tend to let even minor changes panic us.  The truth is the plethora of possible scenarios running rampant in imaginations all over the world are scarier than what will probably happen.  Our fears are almost always worse than actual reality.

We may have solar flares, polar shifts, or gravitational changes; however, I have no idea why these seem to be an issue, we have solar flares, polar shifts, gravitational changes, not to mention meteor showers, and obscure space junk falling all the time.  As the planets spin and rotate around the sun and the earth, there is a constant tug, push, dip, swerve, pull, press, wiggle, sway and movement caused by variations in gravitational force among the planets and the sun.  Our earth is part of this, no one knows exactly how long this has been going on nor does anyone know how much longer it will continue.  The earth survives and continues in her support of us through all these astronomical dances and except when there’s a big news flash or some social media brings it to our attention, we go about our daily lives oblivious to it all.

Most religions and spiritual principles foretell of an apocalypse, a day of reckoning, a moment in time when everything changes for human life as we know it.  When we get up everyday and go to work; are we not ‘working’ to change our life?  When we save, plan and build for the future; is it not for a different life than what we are currently living?  When we worship, pray, meditate, and practice spiritually are we not practicing for a hoped for spiritual awakening?   What if all the societal corrections we harass our governments for happen naturally due to planetary alignment and atmospheric alterations?  Would a change in spiritual consciousness; a new age of compassion, understanding and acceptance, really be so bad?   What if the planetary changes which ‘may’ occur on December 21, 2012, repair global warming and heal the earth?  What if some global disaster does happen, but when the dust settles you realize those people you thought were different from you, that you thought were savages or morally inept due to different spiritual practices, that you thought were not as good as you, or that you didn’t want living in your neighborhood, going to school with your children, or God forbid, running your country, what if it turns out those people are exactly like you?

But, what if, . . . nothing happens.  Our calendars end every twelve months.  What if it turns out that the Mayans were just keeping much longer, more complete calendars than what we have time, attention or selflessness to create?  And, by the way, for all the religious zealots, when did you begin assuming that just because the Mayans ended their calendar, this means your apocalypse, doomsday, or rapture is set to occur?  Are not these people some of the ones you’re always trying to save from themselves? Since when do you base your religious time frames on some other culture’s beliefs?  What if the point to this current end-of-the-world panic was to teach us to care, nurture and love the earth, the environment, the waters, the plants, the animals, and (dramatic pause, then gasp) other people; even the ones that appear different.  (I know most of you who read my posts regularly do not fit into this category).

What if . . . ?  You fill in the blank. I’d love to hear what each of you is fearing, hoping or even foreseeing?

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Symphonies of the Heart

Everyone has a unique vibration, their own music, as it were.  Some vibrations are similar and blend well with another’s.  We’ve all met those people who we just click with.  When this happens our personal vibrations are in harmony.  This happens in families often.  Although, much to the dismay of many moms, it doesn’t always happen between child and parent.  I personally didn’t vibrate in harmony with anyone in my family except my grandfather.  And, my music can harmonize with my daughter’s but not as well as with my grandson.  My point is that vibrational harmony is not determined by DNA or proximity of blood relationship.

But what about those people we are attracted to, or are in a close familial situation with – yet we have trouble balancing the vibrations between us to find the harmony of our personal musics?  Or when, after what seems like a period of harmony we find our vibrations are not syncing the way we would like or the way they once did? Do we give up on the relationship?  Do we decide maybe we should no longer be friends? Or do we seek to restore the balance and harmony?  Or maybe it’s not as severe as this but those little idiosyncrasies are starting to be more obvious, we’re starting to hear their flats in between our sharps or vice versa, what then?

We take the two pieces of music and find a new musical piece in-between the notes.  We listen deep in our soul, down below the surface noise, and find our own ‘Inside’ vibration and then really feel the ‘Outside’ vibration of the other person.  We allow the notes of their outside ‘in’ between your inside ‘out’ notes.  If you’re a little confused with the music analogy, think of it this way, heart beats, two hearts beating together, not as one – but our’s – their’s – our’s – their’s and then just let the rhythm of the two vibrations offset each other’s beat.  To find the beauty of the new music – listen with your heart.

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Do You Know Where You’re Going?

Hard question and if you’re anything like me (and I’m sure at least some of you are 😉 ) the answer changes at least daily, possibly several times a day.  We adults are striving to improve ourselvs, the lives of our children, and the world around us in general.  Today’s earth, even Universe is very different than when our parents and grandparents were our ages.

I recently watched a television show about how Star Trek changed the world.  I’ll admit I think they took several liberties in claiming credit for many of today’s technologies, but when you step back and look at our world, maybe they didn’t.  I blog quite often about law of attraction, meditation, and visualization as means for manifesting what you desire.  In some ways, that’s what the creators and writers of Star Trek did.  They imagined, they wrote, they filmed, they proposed to all of us what might be possible . . . and viola!  We have many of those Trekkie devices today.  Many of the people who imagined, created and developed these gadgets are not around to enjoy what has come of their ideas.  Yet our world is different because of them and many others like them.

My point?  I believe our generation, those of us who are tapping into the inner child, the higher self, the connection of all that is both seen and unseen, are the ones paving the way and proposing ideas which our children and grandchildren will need to live in the world years from now.  By exploring the ‘strange new worlds’ of energy bodies, chakras, meditation, law of attraction, and our connection to the spirits we are not only ‘boldly going where no man (or woman) has gone before’, we are also laying the foundation for the next generations to survive in an ever changing and ever expanding Universe.

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Hark! What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks

It is the East and Juliet is the sun. AAHH…I love Romeo and Juliet. Yes I know they die from a double suicide, but there is some really beautiful verbal love making before the sad ending.  They enjoyed the journey. They made the most of their love for each other. What caused their death is that they became so focused on an end result they lost sight of the journey they were on together. They were young, so not able to see the beauty they had together in the moment.

We all do this from time to time. Even when you’re older chronologically, there are still life experiences which place you in a young mindset or situation. We should look for the beauty and love along every path we travel, through every journey we take, over every mountain we climb. If we become too focused on an end result or a goal, we miss so many wonderful experiences along the way.

Romeo and Juliet were passionate, romantic and sensual in their love for each other. We don’t have to be talking about a relationship for these terms to apply. All endeavors worth working on, all journeys worth taking in life, all experiences worth diving into should be lived, felt, loved, with passion, romance and sensuality. These sensations and emotions should be at the heart of all of us.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight til it me marrow.

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Law of Attraction

Before you decide not to bother with this post because you think the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, give me a chance to explain. I am going to show you a new angle to the Law of Attraction. While positive thoughts and feelings are important they’re only a piece of the big picture. Over and over again, I would try the Law of Attraction and fail miserably every time mostly because what I was trying to create was new and different. How could I possibly hold a thought much less an emotion for something I’d never experienced before? Well, sit back and relax, I’m going to show you how it’s done.

Let’s say you want to quit smoking, and no I’m not picking on smokers, almost everyone in my immediate family is or at least was a smoker at some time.  Okay you want to quit, you’ve tried everything and you still can’t kick the addiction. The first thing you do is find a substitute for the fix you are getting. The nicotine patches and gum both work well for curbing that craving.

Now, sit down with a pen and paper, the signals to and from the brain are stronger when you write instead of type. Make a list of what you and your life will look like after you quit smoking. Will you get your teeth whitened? Will you start getting regular manicures? Will you start an exercise routine? Maybe you’ll change your hairstyle or start wearing a special cologne, or perfume. Or maybe you’ll buy some new clothes to celebrate. This one worked for my uncle, you’ll take the money you’re saving now that you’re not buying cigarettes and open a savings account with the money. Right now it doesn’t matter how you feel about these things, the feelings will come later.

Now that you have your list, pick one thing on the list. A girlfriend of mine started with getting her teeth whitened. That was week one for her. When she saw how great her smile was after the whitening, every time she wanted a cigarette she would look in the mirror at her pretty white teeth and remind herself what would happen if she smoked a cigarette.  And no she didn’t stop completely over night. But this helped her cut back quickly. The second week, she started going out for a walk every morning before work. Not a jog or even a power walk, just a leisurely stroll around her neighborhood. Over time this progressed into running for exercise, but she started slow. Week three she had her hair colored and styled  in a way she’d always wanted but never tried before. Over time she started to feel like a new person and the cigarettes became less important.

As I said earlier in the post, she didn’t quit over night. No one becomes a two pack a day smoker over night, so you’re not going to quit over night. The point is don’t think if you quit smoking then you can change other things about yourself. Change things about yourself and your life then you will attract the urge to not smoke. As you start making these small changes they will become familiar and you’ll feel comfortable with the new changes. As you become comfortable with the new changes then you attract more new changes. Over time you can and will become anyone you want to become. It’s simply the Law of Like attracts Like.

I will continue this post later in the week using other examples of weight loss, exercise, and careers.

Happy Monday!

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Irish Myths

I want to preface this post by saying what I’m sharing here may not be grounded in fact. There are as many versions of these stories as there are characters for each story. This is just some fun to start an early St Paddy’s Day weekend.

The Banshee: often seen as an old woman, her scream is said to bring death to anyone who hears it. There is one version of this story which says she is attracted to people in extreme grief. The death her screams bring is supposed to relieve the grief. It’s also thought if you survive her screams, you will become a banshee.

Pookas: Mischievous fairies. They love wrecking havoc especially in the countryside.

Changelings: Baby fairies swapped for human babies. Changelings are thought to only be happy if there is chaos and sadness in the home where they’re left.

Dagda’s Harp: a magical harp which when played can emit the Music of Tears, making everyone who hears it cry, Music of Mirth, making everyone laugh or the Music of Sleep making everyone fall into a deep slumber.

Childred of Lir: Lir is the Lord of the Sea. His children were changed into swans by their jealous stepmother. They could only be changed back if they heard the chime of a Christian Bell. They are reported to have been swans for around 900 years until St. Patrick brought a Christian Bell to Ireland.

St. Patrick: He’s reported to have driven all the snakes from Ireland. Which wasn’t hard, since there weren’t any snakes in Ireland.

The Shamrock: The Druids believe it wards off evil. The Celts believe it has mystical powers, and they believe the number 3 is sacred. And the Christians believe it represents the Holy Trinity.

Finn MacCool:  a warrior who in ancient times caught a salmon which possessed all knowledge. While cooking the salmon hot juice spilled on his thumb. While sucking his burnt thumb, he was imparted with the knowledge of the salmon. So, whenever he needed to know something, he sucked his thumb for knowledge.

Fairies: Shape shifting creatures, who can take any form but for some reason like the human form. They often appear as beautiful and irresistible, however, contrary to most fairy tales, they are not usually kind or friendly.

Leprechauns: Very tall fairies. They usually appear as an old man. They collect gold and hide it in pots at the ends of rainbows. It’s said they travel on rainbows and if you’re lucky enough to catch one, he has to grant you three wishes before he is allowed to leave you.

Like I said these are myths and there are many versions of these stories. Here’s some nice Celtic music to start putting you in the mood to honor the Irish!!!

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Resist, we all do it from time to time. The problem with resistance is often we are preventing ourselves from attaining, or even living in a better, more fun, easy, entertaining, beautiful way. We are all creatures of habit. We will stay with jobs, homes, relationships, and habits, simply because its easy and familiar.

Many years ago, I worked with and counseled victims of domestic violence. First let me give you a DV 101, domestic violence invades homes regardless of race, religion, sex or socioeconomic status. It will enter a multimillion dollar home at the exact same time its invading a thirty thousand dollar duplex on the other side of town. So, money may be used as an excuse for staying, it’s just not a valid reason. Victims become trapped in a cycle which they honestly don’t want or like. They stay because they are conditioned to it and the conditioning is familiar.

People who have perfectly safe, calm, happy lives will stay with jobs because it’s familiar. They may dread every minute of their existence while at work, yet they resist taking any steps to change because that would involve stepping outside of their comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory.

I have a friend who is living in a house she and her husband both hate. The reasons are really not important. What is important is they have a lot of time and money invested in this house. It will require stepping outside their comfort zone to correct the situation, so they stay in this house because its easier, they’re miserable, but miserable is familiar and easier than taking the steps to change it.

I have another friend who smokes. She wants to quit and has several times over the years. Yet she always reverts back. I have seen this woman smoke while wearing a nicotine patch. Quitting is uncomfortable. It requires she move outside of her comfort zone. She might have whiter teeth, fresher smelling hair and clothes, be rid of yellow fingernails, not to mention her blood pressure would go down, she’d have more energy and be less susceptible to colds, flu, and many other ailments. Giving up those cigarettes means moving into unfamiliar territory. She would actually feel better  physically, but the change in her physical health would be strange and different. It would be new and unfamiliar. I’m not picking on her. I know there are thousands of people who are doing the same thing. This is just an extreme example of how we stay with habits because they’re familiar and feel safe.

Any type of change means we are giving up something to allow space for something new. Change means more of the new and unfamiliar. The number one reason lottery winners end up broke again is because they are suddenly in a ‘new’ space. An unfamiliar arena of life and while on the surface it appears safer, easier and happier, deep down on some level their soul is crying from fear and stress because this ‘new’ is so unfamiliar and strange.

New relationships are sometimes difficult. Many people say they want love, but resist taking the steps to find it and make it work. They resist because new people, feelings, situations, means more newness. Gaining more of anything means allowing more newness into your life. This is scary for just about everyone.

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An Appreciation of Vampires

The vampire legend is as old as civilization. There are many explanations for the origins of the vampire legend such as grave robbers, being buried alive, forms of anemia and porphyria, just to name a few. The vampire legend was made famous by Bram Stoker, and Hollywood has romanticized the concept to fit modern day desires. I love vampires as much as anyone. In fact, I’m currently working on a fiction novel about vampires. So, maybe this is a self full filling prophecy.

As you may recall, last week I began having issues with my left eye. Well, I’m still having issues with my left eye. Long story short, after consulting with my own subconscious, my conscious mind, and a doctor, we still have no idea what’s going on with my eye. Best guess is a corneal abrasion, but that is at best a guess.

If you’ve ever had anything happen to your eye, you know the most important issue is light hurts. Period. All day Sunday, I wore sunglasses in the house, kept the drapes closed and cringed every time I came too close to any light. I was actually doing the vampire stance. You know, you throw both hands up to block the light while twisting the front of your body away as you squint and cringe. Yes, I was a constant source of amusement.

The down side of all this is we are having our first really warm spring days. The temperatures topped the low 60s yesterday and it was amazingly beautiful outside. Well, I think it was, as I squinted through pain and the slit in the drapes. Which started me thinking, as wonderful as immortality might be, not to mention the super strength, and psychic abilities, what would it be like to never again feel the sun on your face, or watch glorious sunrises and sunsets? I’ve said in previous posts that while I am a Leo and our governing planet isn’t a planet at all, its the sun himself. I am a child of the night and truly love the moon, stars and galactic phenomena in space. Yet, I’m coming to realize I also truly appreciate slow mornings on the patio with coffee as the sun breaks the eastern horizon. The gentle, lazy evenings with a soft breeze, the smell of our roses, with a glass of wine as the sun bids farewell slipping below the western horizon leaving the yellows, oranges and reds to slowly fade into gray, blue and purple before giving stage to the moon and stars in all their glory.

Yes, I believe at least part of the lesson for me in the eye issue is I need to step back, slow down and appreciate all I see before me. The day and the night, the light and the shadow, the sweet and the tart, the good and the bad. I’ve obviously gotten out of balance, so, I need to relax and allow myself to “see” all I have been given and am allowed to enjoy everyday.

Take a moment today, look around you and then leave me a comment about something you noticed which you feel you should appreciate more.

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Authentic Truth

While reading a blog by Make Believe Boutique I found this quote,

Unity consciousness leads us to the same moral behavior that religions dictate for their followers. The difference is that when we ourselves choose, from the depth of experience, goodness over evil, we become good. If, instead, we do merely what we are told, we layer goodness over unhealed parts of ourselves…Elizabeth Lesser

We all are born wanting to please our parents. Especially when we have gentle, doting, protective, parents. When we begin mental, emotional and spiritual growth, begin discovering parts of our true nature, the nature instilled in us by God before conception, we sometimes find we are not created the way our parents were, nor is our true nature in alignment with how our parents see us or want us to be. This can cause immense guilt and shame for the child. Constantly told to look, feel, think, act, in ways that feel wrong or unnatural yet to not obey or at least comply with your parents directives means you’re bad or at least, not good. Finding and truly living your own unique truth is imperative for a fully congruent personality, emotional health and spiritual maturity. Yet for many it also feels as though they’ve betrayed their parents. Which causes them to continue feeling guilty and shameful long after they’ve recognized their unique truth and are far past being ready to live fully in and from this truth.

For anyone under eighteen reading this, your parents are still your parents and you should respect them for that simple fact alone. For everyone else reading this, I made peace with this conundrum by accepting these facts: every generation faces different societal structures, they base many things on the society they live in, including how they parent. Every set of parents has no way of knowing what society or the world in general will be like for their children at any future time. Most parents do the best they can with the limited information available to them. Remember, children don’t come with instructions.  Our parents are not us and we are not our parents. And finally, for every time that voice in your head or heart starts screaming…but mom (dad) said not to…(you fill in the blank), to my voice I reply….’mom and dad aren’t here.’

Living in and from your authentic nature, being fully in your unique truth is the greatest accomplishment you will ever achieve and it’s a true honor to the Great Creator. So, be yourself, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the rest of the world.

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We read everyday about the positive impact being appreciative can have on our lives. I am a firm believer in positive thinking, appreciation, and paying all good things forward.  But this morning I received a lesson in appreciation. I have recently had a minor sinus infection, cold, something, not major and certainly not enough to interfere in my day to day routine. However, yesterday, I either scratched my eye or the sinus issue has spread to my eye, I may have it checked later today.

Many people misunderstand how metaphysics works. It is not a substitute for healers, or medicine (conventional and holistic). It is to pinpoint the underlying emotional/mental/spiritual conundrum which made us sensitive to the illness. For example, the problem with my eye. I need something to help my eye heal. But what deep down inside caused my eye to be weak so it couldn’t resist the attack?  Metaphysically, when we have eye problems, it means we are either afraid to see what is in front of us or we are not seeing something we should. So for the last few hours, I’ve been asking myself, what am I missing or should I see differently. Honestly, I haven’t been able to find the cause yet. But as I am sitting in my office here at home, just like I do every morning, I noticed something, I’ve never noticed before.

In the corner of my office I have a beautiful water fountain. It is approximately five feet tall, with a base full of stones and semi-precious rocks, then there is a stain glass of roses and hummingbirds which the water cascades down into the base of rocks and stones. It makes a lovely sound, has a light which helps illuminate the stain glass at night or when it’s very cloudy.  It’s very beautiful and I really love it. I turn it on everyday and pretty much leave it on all day until I go to bed.

This morning, just as the sun was breaking the horizon, I caught the impression of light from the corner of my eye (the one with the seeping crude). I turned and the sunlight was illuminating the stain glass on my fountain in such a way to make it appear to glow. The sunlight was picking up on the water and bouncing off as if the fountain were alive. As I sat here watching it, my stomach muscles relaxed, I completely forgot about my eye, and for just a few moments was mesmerized by the beauty the sun was adding to the fountain. I saw beauty I already knew existed in a new way and appreciated it more. After a few moments, I thought, I need to get back to work. I have a busy day. So I turned away just long enough to switch to a different internet window. When I looked back, the sun had gone behind the clouds and the fountain looked as it always does, still beautiful yet not as beautiful as with the sunlight.

The lesson? When beauty catches you and holds you, allow it to keep you as long as it wants. Stop the car, stop walking, stop checking e-mails, stop watching television, stop whatever you’re doing. Let the beauty hold you as long as it wants, because it may not be there later when you want to go back to it.


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