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If You Knew

In the past I’ve written about psychics, mediums, etc. who use scare tactics to drum up business. But what about the truly gifted who only want to help or what if YOU are psychic or otherwise spiritually gifted? The available knowledge is almost endless and has great potential for changing future events . . . or does it?

I recently took a “Are You Psychic” test on a webpage I follow regularly. I took the test for fun and to test the person in charge of the webpage. I already knew what my psychic abilities are, I was just checking the legitimacy of the page and the person. She was dead on and amazingly correct. So, I’ll continue to follow her.

The truth is, I use my spiritual gift(s) often. My gifts give me the subject matter for my blogs. I only write when the spirits give me inspiration and they always pick the topic. Sometimes I have an idea who needs the information, other times, I just put it out there and wait for the results. What is the gift? I see and hear spirits. I communicate well with the spirit world. I also have an uncanny ability to connect with animals, plants and children. I seem to know their thoughts and feelings (and yes, plants have feelings, I don’t think they consciously process word patterns, but they have “feelings” which contain information). The spirits also help me interpret dreams for others.

Some people have a strong sense of knowing something will happen before it does. I have done this sporadically in my life, but this is not my strongest gift therefore, I don’t usually rely on it, I wait to see what happens. But for those who have a strong sense of the future, should they share the information? Have they been given the gift in order to alter future events? I believe this is between them and their Divine Creator.

Having said all this, if they are supposed to share the information and are giving others the chance to change the future in some way, what of those who receive the information? Does the Divine sometimes give us the opportunity to alter life from this point forward? I’ve said many times, we are all given a giant reset button everyday. Each day we are afforded the ability to change how we think, feel, act and react. Are psychics giving a little more inspiration by providing glimpses into the outcome of change? Or even the outcome of not changing?

If you were given information about your life with very clear choices and knew the outcome, would you take the information and use it? I’m curious as to why or why not. And if you take the information, would you use it based on logical thought or heart based emotions? Why or why not. Or, would you continue doing what you’re doing with the belief that you could change current circumstances anytime you wish?

Please leave comments, I am excited to see how you all feel about this subject.

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Ascension, Higher Vibrations, and Metaphysical Evolution

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs or opinion of psychics, empaths, or energy healers, I think we all can agree that society, people in general, the earth, even the Universe is changing, expanding, and evolving at a more rapid pace than possibly ever before in the history of mankind on earth.  Television, radio, books, magazines, newspapers, the internet are all a buzz with theories, stories and revelations concerning the changes.  People are ascending, raising their personal vibrations, developing new metaphysical abilities and preparing for whatever may happen in the next few weeks.  And yes, it is only weeks now until a cosmic event occurs which, if nothing else, is a historical event we all are honored to witness.  But I suspect its something more.

For you scientists reading this, from a practical point of view, our bodies are over 75% liquid, the gravitational pull of the moon as she rolls through her phases every month have a notable impact on us physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually.  When our seasons change we each deal with it differently but still we feel the change.  So polar shifts have an impact on us whether or not we choose to acknowledge them.  As the other planets in our solar system move they also have an effect on earth’s gravity which affects us on pretty much the same level as the moon.  As they are moving into this rare alignment we must be feeling the power on every level of our being.

For you more enlightened souls, simultaneously with the events in our solar system, we as life forms are changing, evolving and transforming.  Our latent abilities are surfacing as our vibrations rise and we find ourselves operating in the world in new, exciting and for some of you frightening ways.  You may now see things in a new way or possibly see things you could not see before.  Or maybe you’re hearing or just sensing energies previously hidden from you.  Regardless of how you are experiencing the change, it is real, you are not crazy, and if used morally and ethically, the new abilities will help you adjust as life continues to evolve.

My dear friend at Love and Light Portal pointed out to me that possibly the physical challenges I’ve been going through recently are a result of these very changes.  I am an empath and quite often pick up random thoughts and feelings from others.  But unbeknownst to her when she suggested this, I have recently developed the ability to see auras around plants, trees, flowers, even the ground.  While this is exciting, I’ve also discovered certain colors don’t resonate with me at all.  Which may explain the dizziness, nausea, weakness,  watering of my eyes and nose, hoarseness and inability to sleep.  I can feel my own personal vibration rising.  Some days it feels a little like anxiety, other days like an almost euphoric excitement, other times a deep sense of gratitude and love for everything in existence.  I am more sensitive to energy all around me (including people) and by sensitive, I mean I care more about the life force from which everything came on a new and conscious level.

My advice is to take better care of your physical bodies.  Until we ascend to a level where we no longer need our bodies, we need them and ascension will be easier if we’re not distracted by a weak body which isn’t operating at peak performance.  Also, as you sense the changes heralding your transformation, don’t fear it and don’t think or let anyone else tell you you’re crazy or its your imagination.  It’s all very real.

Finally, connect with others who are experiencing these same changes.  The collective energy of those of us who welcome and cooperate with these changes will help others less enthusiastic about their transformation.  Living beings have always been dependent on each other, this includes animals, plants, the earth, and humans.  The transformations taking place are merely a change in how we depend on each other.  Compassion, understanding, patience and love are more important than ever.

Have a great weekend.

Blessings, Katrina

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Do You See What I See?

This post has been hard to write.  It doesn’t resonate with me but I feel compelled to post it.  I’m not advocating for taking away video games, action movies or books.  However, they should be age appropriate, and, for the record, I believe parents should use their own judgment as to when their children are ready for the video games, action movies, etc.  I feel like the message here is for an adult maybe dealing with something similar to what my client experienced.

One of my clients recently had a profound breakthrough with an issue which has plagued her basically her entire life.  Because of the senstive nature I can not share the details of the issue.  However, I can share what she discovered caused the issue.

In using the meditations I developed and some lucid dreaming techniques, after several days of extreme exhaustion she had a very intense dream.  At first she thought it was a coded message, the landscape appeared to be an area she was familiar with when she was small and she recognized some people, some she didn’t.  After closer examination she realized she was remembering something she witnessed as a baby.

Now, first let me say, if you take what she saw out of context, it was rather benign. However, she was probably only tweleve to eighteen months old.  Her little mind took this event and twisted it into something which affected a very crucial part of her life for far too long.  And in defense of the adults involved, I’m sure they thought she was too young to understand or for the event to register as a memory.  This event happened over fifty years ago and back then the medical/scientific/psychological communities didn’t realize our brains record and store everything and often these stored impressions are so deeply impressed in us that subconsciously they mutate and can cause issues.  Also, we know today that perception is everything.  What this event meant to the adults involved was far different then what registered in my client’s baby mind.

My point is be careful with your children.  As they grow and mature we should gradually expose them to the realities of life and teach them how to cope with these realities.  But not when they are very small. Babies and small children should be allowed to be babies and children.  I’m not advocating being over protective and we all know you can’t protect children from everything.  But there are two things babies and small children should never witness; arguments (especially if they escalate into full blown fights) or intimate moments (not talking about normal hugs and kisses but the more intense intimacy).  Babies are sponges and like our kitchen sponge, they pick up good and bad.  If the two mutate together the result could be a psycholological impression later in life they don’t want but can’t find the roots to pull out.

Also, for adults, we all have some issue, personality quirk, or habit we hate and can’t find the root cause of.  It may be something you witnessed when you were very small and your mind perceived it in such a way it mutated into your issue.  The event may not have been as bad as you perceived (or maybe it was, in that case find someone to talk to about it), but when looking at these issues you just can’t seem to solve, look deeper than your conscious memory.

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Opposing Forces

Any energy which does not resonate with us is an opposing force.  We label these energies as negative, dark, evil, etc. based on our feelings toward these energies.  Many of them are for lack of a better word ‘negative’ but they are still necessary to keep balance in the Universe.  Positive-negative; light-dark; good-bad; are created by the same Divine to give us perspective for our feelings.  If negative didn’t exist, positive would have no meaning.

Yes, there are very negative forces at work and they are very real.  Every person is created by the same Divine Creator.  But each is created with the ability or privilege to choose right or wrong; good or bad; positive or negative energies to aline with in this and every other life they incarnate into.  We all have a choice every second of our existence which energy we allow to resonate with us.  It activates the karmic cycle, it affects the energy of all those around us, and has great bearing on our future selves.

The hard part is our perception. We may see an action as ‘not that bad’ or ‘probably okay’ and someone else may perceive it as very wrong or really bad.  This is also true when we look at the actions of others.  We may perceive them as rude, hateful, mean, wrong, bad, and they may have no idea how they are being perceived by others.  Or, sadly, they may just not care.  How they view themselves is not our concern.  Our only concern is how we perceive our own actions and what energies we allow ourselves to resonate with or which we allow to resonate with us. Period. Anything else is judgmental and pulls us into a karmic vice which will be even harder to resolve than our own karmic issues.

I’m not advocating accepting situations where there is horrendous abuse, torture, or even murder.  These are separate issues which have entered a realm of opposition where they have severed their connection to the Divine which created them. There are many degrees of love and light which are still connected to the Divine and which can be healed and raised vibrationally by light and love from us and the Divine.  True evil is a disconnect from the Divine, and really doesn’t want to be healed (Although I want to point out that we are still connected to the Source, the Divine vibrationally and the evil still affects us, but this issue is best left for a blog of its own).

Being created with a choice of the energies we allow to resonate with us and which we emit is a great privilege and we should treat it as such.  The temperature and vibrational frequency of the energy we send out is determing the condition of our world and will determine when, how and even if, our world heals.


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Healthy Energy

Today I’m sharing the story of one of my test subjects of the meditation I’ve developed.  I’m not sharing the person’s name but the story is true.  The meditation is to clear and heal energy blockages in the chakras.  I’ve been working with this person for several months and when I offered the meditation they jumped at the opportunity. This person knew they had some stuck energy in their solar plexus and throat chakras.  There were also some wounds in the heart chakra but these had been mostly resolved. Additionally, they were dealing with some minor physical issues, mostly related to constipation, with headaches, backaches, joint pain and experiencing anxiety which came on mostly at night.

Over the past few weeks while working with the chakra meditation, my client noticed as the healing occurred and the epiphanies came to the surface, they were able to acknowledge and release them without dwelling on them.  As the healing continued, the landscape of their chakras were changing, somtimes almost daily.  Often there was a pattern to the change, but sometimes the changes made no sense to either of us.  Then almost over night their landscapes became more colorful and more alive.  Recently my client has experienced major physical healing.  Suddenly they were no longer constipated, which was a relief  and as this resolved over the course of about thirty-six hours, they stated their abdomen was sore and they were extremely fatigued.  I recommend extra sleep, even naps during the day if possible.

Also, they are sleeping more soundly, they have not had an anxiety attack for two weeks and these had been occurring every night usually multiple times a night.  There have been no headaches for over a week and the back and joint pain are mostly gone.  The fatigue is lingering which is to be expected and they are still sleeping more than usual.

This is an extreme case study.  Not all my test subjects are reporting this level of healing but most have experienced some relief from physical issues which were directly related to energy blockages caused by emotional issues.  I want to caution that not all physical ailments are caused by emotional issues and not all physical ailments can be healed or even relived with emotional or energy healing.  Although I personally believe our emotional thermostat predisposes us to physical maladies.

Being healthy, balanced, and aware of our emotional, mental, and spiritual energies is key to physical health. And taking care of our bodies by eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting adequate sleep every night has a profound impact on our emotions, thought processes and spiritual awareness.

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Lessons From the Eagles

Eagles are revered in our home.  Every winter a pair of eagles come and nest in the canyon along the river gorge.  It is a ritual for us to spend at least one morning drinking coffee and watching the eagles travel up and down the gorge.

Eagles mate for life. They are extremely devoted to each other and never travel far without the other. Early in the morning the pair leaves the nest together and searches the gorge for fresh fish.  It is extraordinary to watch them glide gracefully several feet above the water and then just as gracefully swoop down appearing to drag their feet in the water then climb back up with a fish tightly in their grasp. They make it appear effortless.

Often, the male finds a nice spot where he has an open view for many miles in every direction where he roosts while the female wanders farther up the gorge in search of other food.  The male waits patiently never moving until she returns.  He doesn’t wander off checking out the landscape, he doesn’t dive down for food in the water below him. He waits. He waits for his mate and when she returns with food clutched in her talons, they eat together.

The lessons?  First, like all birds (even birds of prey), they are not anxious or worried.  They gracefully glide over the water where they know there is plenty of food. They take their time and take only what they need. They are secure in knowing their needs are met by the Universe. Second, they are secure in their devotion to each other.  The male doesn’t fret or pace or become anxious while waiting for his mate. He waits patiently for her return, knowing she will bring their next meal.  The female, is also secure knowing her mate will be waiting patiently when she returns and then together they return home.

We humans really have no way of knowing the mind and heart of the eagles. But their body language, mannerisms, and habits speak volumes.  They’re calm together, they are working together as a team, they have a routine and depend on each other, the trust and devotion are obvious.  I know how difficult relationships are for humans, but when I watch the eagles, I have to wonder do we make it harder than it really needs to be?


This is the male waiting for his mate                                                                        This is the pair resting together

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Obsessing Over Enlightenment

Do you obsess over enlightenment, raising your vibration and healing your soul? I’ve been guilty of this more than once in my life. However, as I age I find myself reaching that place where I’m so sore and exhausted mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically that I catch myself saying, ‘enough, I need to just let it be for awhile.’

This past weekend I was reading a post from Make Believe Boutique titled ‘the threshold between regret & soul light’. In the post she quoted John O’Donahoe. Two sentences resonated with me deeply. The first; ‘soul light found in the old crevices of living in the bones.’  When working the soreness out of our souls, those places where we examine old traumas and work at releasing them – knowing when we finally make peace with them then they will no longer have a hold on us. We dive deep looking for where light of our souls shine through the crevices of ‘old bones.’  However, allowing the old bones of trauma too much attention only gives them power, dead power, power that will ultimately keep us dead with them. I admit we need to make peace with the old bones, but then we must bury, then release them. Too much grief is not healthy.

For the real goal is freedom from the trauma. You will never completely forget it, yet making peace with it dis empowers it. We cannot undo the past, we might never reach a place where the dead bones are gone from our souls, but true enlightenment, actually raising your vibration and really healing your soul is when you leave the dead bones buried and accept that ‘part of the wisdom of spiritual soulful self presence is to be able to let certain parts of your life alone.” Leave the past in the past, you are no longer that person and those old wounds are just old bones.

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Do You Love Being a Mother?

I love and honor all the women in my life who have nurtured and cared for me, including the woman who gave birth to me. But, I’m a mom too and a grandmom! I have given birth and I’ve seen my baby give birth.

So today while we are all paying homage to the ‘mothers’ in our lives, I invite all the moms to toot their own horn, brag, whine, moan and otherwise express their feelings about being a mom!

For me, I recall the day I found out I was pregnant, I was so happy I cried. I was literally floating on clouds I was so excited. During the following 9 1/2 months (she was more than 2 weeks late and has never been on time for anything, ever) I felt fantastic. I had almost no morning sickness, I had energy to spare and zero, zip, absolutely no mood swings, I was happy all the time. In fact 2 weeks before my due date the doctor put me on bed rest because he said I was making the baby tired. Not knowing she had no intention of being on time, there I lay for 4 weeks, plenty of energy, bored, restless and impatient. When I finally went into labor everything went south. My cervix didn’t dilate at all, I was in full labor, they could see the top of her head and couldn’t get her out. Her heart rate began dropping during contractions so after 6 hours I had an emergency C-Section. I was knocked out so I didn’t hear her first cries, and wasn’t able to be the first touch she felt. It was almost 4 hours before I could hold her. But I’ve not let her go since.

When she was small I made time every day for just the two of us. I called it cuddle time and it was our time, to read, watch a movie or just talk. When she was about 5, we found out her eye sight was very bad and we had to get special glasses for her (she still wears special contacts). She would look up at me with those huge blue eyes through those glasses and to me she was the epitome of beauty and grace. My heart melted every time she smiled. She has always been petite (5’1 right now), beautiful skin, and teeth. The day she got married she looked like a fairy princess. Her blonde hair was cut in a Marilyn Monroe bob, and she wore a tiara instead of a veil, the dress was covered in sequins and pearls and her bouquet was blue flowers. They were married by a lake in the late afternoon as the sun set on the water.

When my grandson was born, I stood beside her and her husband watching my child go through a really hard labor. Her pregnancy was nothing like mine. She had morning sickness everyday, she joked that she had two breakfasts, one she gave back and one she kept. Her delivery was long and hard. Being so petite, his head was stuck for several minutes and then when he popped out, he looked like a Klingon, his dad looked at me in shock and said “his head isn’t going to stay like that is it?” And no, it didn’t, he’s beautiful. And the second love of my life. I might not have heard my daughter’s first cries, but I heard my grandson’s, and after his mother held him for a few moments, I was given the honor of holding him next.

I remember sitting outside under the stars explaining to him which ones were stars and which ones were actually planets, I remember when he told me he wanted to ‘touch the moon’, I recall teaching him to blow bubbles with his bubble gum, and and the day he looked at me and called me ‘Nonnie.” Not what I thought I would be called, but if this is what he wants to call me, then so be it. I actually bought a Spiderman costume and paid a young man to wear it for Bubby’s third and fourth birthdays. He almost peed his pants the first year when we arrived at his party and was greeted by his hero, Spiderman. The second year he said he didn’t care about presents as long as Spiderman was there to eat cake with him.

Do I love being a mom and a Nonnie? absolutely! For me, I don’t need a day to acknowledge being a mom and a Nonnie, because everyday I’m honored to love and be loved by these two amazing people.

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For the “Other” Mothers

When we think of mother, we think of pregnancy, raising an infant, toddler, adolescent, teenager, etc. But what about the women out there who give their time, energy and love to other peoples’ children? Teachers perform a certain type of mothering, so do nurses, nannies, and of course, aunts, older sisters, the list can go on and on. So this post is to honor two women in my life who never had children of their own, but cared for and loved me every bit as much as my biological mother.

First there was my aunt Louise (ok, she wasn’t technically my aunt, she was my mom’s first cousin, but my grandparents raised her. She and my mom grew up together like sisters, so…). She was the epitome of a Country woman. She was a school teacher (I’ve sen her teach in one and two room school houses) and she was married to a typical good ‘ol country boy. She taught me how to plant and care for vegetables so there was always plenty year round, how to clean fish and fry it up so it melts in your mouth, she taught me how to bake biscuits using real lard, and she cooked for me whenever “I” decided I was hungry, not necessarily when everyone else thought it was meal time. She also gave me the down payment for the first house I ever owned. I was honored to hold her hand while she cried for Jesus to come take her because she was tired of being sick and bed ridden, and I was the one with her when He did come for her.

Then there was my mom’s BFF and our next door neighbor, Loretta. Her parents were WWII immigrants from Italy and she was a typical Italian lady. She taught me how to start with olive oil and fresh garlic and end up with spaghetti sauce hours later (although mine never tasted like hers), she taught me how to raise beautiful flowers inside and out, how to raise Love Birds, and she was there for me in the middle of the night when I awoke extremely ill and home alone with my small toddler. She came in the dark of night, carried me to the car, drove me to the emergency room, took care of my daughter until I was released hours later, then went to buy my medicine and bring me food. Her death rocked my world. She was the one person I never considered might cross over before me and leave me here without her.

Both of these women were never pregnant nor had any children of their own. Yet they loved the same as my biological mother, they had and shared the gift of motherly love with me just like I belonged to them.

So this Mothers Day, let us also remember and honor the “other mothers” who have cared for and loved us, who have given of themselves to make better the lives of children everywhere.

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The Maternal Bond

I’ve not been myself lately, a bit under the weather mentally, physically and spiritually. Basically feeling like I’m walking around with my own personal dark cloud. Which really isn’t me at all, I’m usually an optimist. So, these past few weeks have concerned me.

So, allow me to digress for a couple paragraphs. My daughter and I have had a unique psychic connection since she was still in the womb. She communicated with me often through dreams and visions while I was pregnant with her. After she was born, I always understood her faces, gestures and sounds. As she grew the bond between us developed as well.

When she was about 4, I was home and she was at preschool. The class had been taken to the swimming pool across the street. On the way back my daughter fell in the street, as she was getting up, she saw a car coming down the street toward her. The teacher grabbed her and carried her to the sidewalk. But my daughter was crying…’mommy, mommy, mommy.’ That same afternoon I heard my daughter’s voice calling me. I heard it so plainly, I began searching the house, thinking she was home. I even went so far as to look in the driveway for a vehicle of someone I recognized thinking someone had brought my daughter home. Of course, she wasn’t there. Later when I picked her up at preschool the teacher told me about the incident, so I asked what time this all happened, and was told it was approximately the same time I heard her voice calling for me.

There have been other incidents over the years and I’ve learned when it happens to call and ask her what’s going on. And I know I have channeled her emotions on many occasions. But I still assume all off balance feelings are all about me. On Monday of this week I was so physically sick I thought I had the flu. But not being one to give in to physical maladies, I went about my day as usual. During lunch I exchanged several text messages with my daughter. And I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, she described every one of my symptoms exactly.  Yesterday during lunch we also conversed and she went into greater detail about her feelings. Today, I still feel off, but now that I know I’m channeling my daughter’s feelings, I’m doing a better job of separating which emotions are hers and which are mine. So hopefully by the weekend I’ll feel better and then be better able to help her through her darkness.

Motherhood really is a life long commitment.

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