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Is Self Improvement ever really over

We each would like to believe we all reach a point where we get it.  All the answers are there, all the issues are resolved and we are in total alignment with ourselves and the Universe around us.

Most spiritual precepts teach us that the true meaning of life or our soul mission is to reach that place of understanding and enlightenment.  Once this is accomplished, will we then all cross over or move on from here to the next Spiritual plane?   Or are there other missions for us?  Are we here to help others?  Make the world a better place?  Or is there more to it than just resolving issues and answering questions?  By reaching that place of total alignment do we then need to use that alignment in some way?

I believe the answer is yes, we are to use the alignment we reach, to help others reach it.  Some people need to walk the same path with us as they are unable to continue alone on any road.  Many people are so lost they cannot even find a path to start. Once we know the way, we will find many others who need our help in finding the path and then continuing on.  This will also help us because each person’s peaceful alignment is different.  So as we travel with our fellow man along these many paths, we continue to learn about ourselves and the Universe as a whole.

This will become increasingly important over the next twelve months.  The planets are aligning in a way not seen for many thousands of years.  I’m not implying the world will end.  I believe man will continue to walk this earth.  But we are entering a new, more spiritually developed time in history.  Mankind is learning to care for the earth as never before and to psychically align with each other in a completely new and more highly developed way.  We are entering a stage of existence where we will need our hearts and Spirits for survival as much or possibly more than we need our brains and physical bodies.

I do not presume to know the mind of the Great Spirit who created our Universe.  However, I see a turning point in the existence of life which is bringing us full circle to living in harmony with each other, animals, plants, air, water and the cosmos beyond our planet.   To fully appreciate, respect and love this new life we have to begin now to align with the energies of the Universe and our Creator.  Then bring that deep spiritual alignment to relationship with each other and all other life around us.

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