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A Favor From the Faithful

As many of you know, I’m writing several books. Well, I finally have one of them ready for release. Before releasing it for sale, I want to be sure it’s interesting. Two of you have already graciously agreed to Beta read for me. I would like to have a wider audience of Beta readers. I want to warn you this book is not for small children. There are gruesome murders, although I don’t let the graphic details go too far.  Here is the teaser I’m thinking of using for advertising:  “Follow Caption Simone Reynolds as she tracks a vicious killer. Step into her world as she learns the dark secrets of two men who say they love her, but can she trust them? And what about the perpetrator of these brutal murders, serial killer or something else?”

If you are interested in Beta reading, please send me an e-mail to I will get the draft to you as soon as you e-mail me. Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.


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