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Weapons and Humans

This is not a post about politics, the II Amendment or God-Given-Rights. This is a post about the socio-psychological propensity of the human beast for violence and blood-shed.

I am not a history buff. To me, history is boring. I love anthropology. The reason is, history tells you what happened, usually in a sequence to help you see the big picture. But, anthropology tells you “why” it happened. I’m always all about the “why”, whether it was Alexander the Great invading Persia, the Romans crucifying Jesus, Hitler desecrating the Jewish population in Germany, or the school shootings in Connecticut. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, why we never write great novels, or produce plays or movies about warm, fuzzy events which changed the course of human history? The answer? There aren’t any.

Since the beginning of time, our race has exacted horrific deeds upon others for a plethora of reasons; most of them based in prejudice and fear, and the rest based in jealousy and selfishness. There has always been some race, culture or country with something another race, culture or country wanted so badly they were (and sadly, did) kill for it. And, even more sad, is that there is no end to the reasons. Those people or that place look different, talk different, worship different, dress different, etc; and rather than get to know them and “share” ideas, philosophies and ways of life, we’ll either make them just like us or we’ll kill them and take all of their possessions which we believe are finer, more elegant or more useful than what we already have and destroy the rest. This is of course an over-simplification, but this blog doesn’t have room for the intricacies of why people down through the ages have acted, felt and died in these ways.

My point is this; ropes, knives, swords, spears, canons, arrows and guns do not kill people. People kill people. Before any of you jump on me for not agreeing with gun control, I do agree with gun control. I believe in knife, sword, and other deadly weapon control. I also believe in not only controlling the weapons, but in a more intricate investigation of the individuals purchasing these weapons, as well as their family, friends and other potential household members. This is a huge issue wich cannot be solved overnight. But I believe it’s past time to start working on it.

Finally, I’m sure at least a few of you are wondering why I, of all the bloggers you know, decided to post about this issue. As I said before, mankind is the only life form on earth with this affinity for violence and unnecessary bloodshed. Less than a month ago, much of the world was focused on a possible impending apocalypse, hoping for a giant reset button; when it didn’t happen, not many realized they had another chance, another day to start making he world a better place. Instead, the hatred, prejudice, violence, and fear continued on the same as always. I have meditated on this and questioned the spirits about it. The answer I’m getting is this: each and every one of us has forgotten who we truly are, where we come from and what is possible were we to end the hate, prejudice, jealousy and greed. How do we do this? World-wide, I’m not sure. I believe it starts with each one of us individually. Each of us must work on ourselves first, changing how we think, feel and act toward anyone who is “different” in any way. Acceptance and friendship are a great start. Is there hope for mankind? Maybe, but we have to start now and we have to make a very conscious effort to love and to not secretly harbor the negative inside thinking no one will know. Our energy will tell the story. Just look around you, watch the news and you will see, negative only breeds negative. By each of us altering our energy emissions on a personal level, I believe the world can change.

What have we got to lose by making even small changes in how we think, feel and act toward others? By changing the energy we emit out into the world around us? I’m going to really work on this, how about you?

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Dream a Little Dream With Me

Dreams, if you know me at all, you know I love to sleep and usually enjoy the places my spirit takes me when my conscious mind is resting and can’t interfere with our itinerary.  Last night was one of those nights; deep, healing, mind recharging and heart restoring, sleep.

First, the world received news that Elvis is still with us.  He was healthy, fit and looked like we would expect him to look if he had been healthy at the age of 77.  He agreed to give one concert in Las Vegas and I was there; sitting in an elegant Las Vegas show room listening to Elvis just as I remember him sounding in 1975.

Then, William and I built an island in the center of our kitchen (we have a very nice kitchen now and there’s nothing wrong with it). He then brought home an ice cream maker.  But this was a special ice cream maker because after you made the ice cream, if you added milk the machine would take the fresh ice cream and make milkshakes.  Sweet, creamy, comforting milkshakes.

Yes, I had quite a night last night.  So, what’s the point?  Only that the most spiritual people should also be the most human people.  Everything we have in the material world is here because we have been endowed by the Great Spirit with imagination, ingenuity, talents and ability to invent or become anything we need or want.  And, as my favorite psych once said, “sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar”, and to you I say, “sometimes a milkshake is just a milkshake”, so, don’t read anymore into it than that.  Happy Sunday!

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Pay Attention

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, what are you focusing on?  Where are you directing your time, emotions and energy?  Regardless of whether or not you enjoy the holidays, this is an important time of year.  The days are shorter and the nights longer, colder, and darker.  The seasons are changing and many of us are feeling that need to hibernate.  Which is normal.  But be careful.  You may miss some beautiful events.

Yesterday, driving home, I realized it was much darker than the day before, even though I was heading home at the same time of day.  While relaxing and shaking off my day, I noticed the moon was later than usual coming up, at least later than the day before.  So, right about now some of you are thinking, this woman has no life if she is really aware of these minor events.  So, to you I say, not true at all.  I just choose to focus on events which give me peace.  I love the “tween” times.  The sun setting, the moon rising, day morphing into night.  Watching as each star begins to shine in its own time and way.  Or as night slips quietly by, the moon gently falling below the horizon as the sun breaks dawn and casts red and gold hues across the clouds before fully awakening day.  I forget my worries while watching rabbits graze in my yard, the ravens and magpies quarreling over bread crumbs or the smaller birds feasting from the bird feeders outside my kitchen window.  I embrace the longer, colder nights with a fire in the fireplace, my favorite music on the stereo while sipping a glass of wine.

These are conscious choices I make.  I could fume over the flat tire, or grumpy people.  I could worry about money, bills and the economy, or I could count cracks in the paint, smudges on the windows or tracks on the floor.  But, when I dismiss these minor inconveniences and focus my energy on sunset, moon rise, red and gold clouds, and birds visiting my space, my heart rate slows, my blood pressure drops, my breathing is deeper and more even.  So, what are you paying attention to?

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Making Peace With Christmas

Unless you’re the five-year old child of Ozzie and Harriett, you’ve had at least a couple stressful holiday seasons.  Quite possibly you’ve had far too many stressful times at Christmas and it’s even possible you have excellent reasons for dreading at least the second half of December.  Thanks to the Celts, Romans, and Jews, I really doubt Christmas is going anywhere any time soon.  So you have two choices, take a two or three-week cruise to the Bahamas or Mediterranean or make peace with Christmas.

If you decide to make peace with it, here are a few interesting facts and opinions to help you.  First, December 25 is NOT Jesus’ birthday.  He most likely was born sometime in April.  Shepherds have no reason to be watching flocks at night in the dead of winter.  The only time they stand watch all night is in the spring when the lambs are born to ensure there are no complications and that the babies are safe from predators until mom recovers enough to guard them.  Second,  December 21 is the Winter solstice and Celtics celebrated by bringing in the Yule Log, feasting and paying homage to Mother Earth giving birth to the New Sun (Son) of the coming spring.  Roman rulers combined the two festivals in the hopes of converting Celts to Christianity.  There are many other Celtic-Druid practices which Christians have incorporated into their traditional Christmas celebrations.   Third, the Jewish Festival of Lights or Hanukkah begins on the 25th day of Kislev (traditionally this is different from our December 25 because the Jewish calendar is not the same as the Gregorian calendar we use).  Hanukkah is a celebration of the rededication of the Holy Temple, which again has nothing to do with Jesus’ birthday or the Celtic Yule celebration.  Fourth, the Western world (the greedy, selfish Americans referred to by other countries) have taken a time of year previously designated for spiritual respect, homage, renewal, hope and rebirth, and turned it into a ‘lets see who can spend the most money and track statistics to see where they spend it’ season.  While giving little, if any, respect or celebration to Jesus, Celtic Yule, Hanukkah or any other spiritual reverence for the earth, spirits or Divine creation.

So, how do you take this and make peace with a stressful holiday?  Start by figuring out what part(s) of this season you do like.  Maybe its just one thing, and that’s okay.  Concentrate on what you do like and reject or at least ignore the rest of it.  If you really can’t think of even one enjoyable aspect of the season, go on that two – three-week cruise.  Then, make it clear in the kindest way possible, to those around you, what you can and cannot tolerate about the season.  If the others in your house feel differently, discuss ways you can all enjoy the season in your own ways.  Finally, remember, what the season started out as literally thousands of years ago, is not what it is today.  Therefore, research your heritage, find your roots, and build new traditions and celebrations based on what resonates with you.  Or, if you must, just make something up.  It’s your life, and the Divine who created you knows how you feel and why.  You have control over this and can take the stress and transform it into whatever makes you happy.

I can assist you with finding ways to deal with the season at

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Reality In Relationship

Being spiritual beings in physical bodies we are overly trained in using our five physical sense to interact with our environment and for communication and interaction with each other.  In and of itself, this is not entirely bad, we need well tuned physical senses to keep our physical bodies safe while moving through the physical environment.  However, part of the deterioration of our societies, cultures and planet earth have been caused by over reliance on the physical and intense suppression of the intuitive senses.  I’ve discussed higher senses before so I’ll elaborate some here.

We all have higher senses which we’ve been programmed to ignore.  There is that deep gut level “I just know” sixth sense or intuition.  There is an ability to envision a situation and then it happens very much like you envisioned it; which is a type of reality creation.  Some people have dreams that are actually clairvoyant.  Some people can just cast a wish into the Universe, and then it comes to them; this is law of attraction at its best.  There are people who have clairaudient abilities; they hear spirits talking and some people see spirits.  There are people who have the ability to actually move between realities.  The spirit world is as “real” as our world and there are multiple dimensions of worlds operating around us all the time.  Most people either ignore this truth or are so overly dependent on their physical senses that their higher senses are weak, unreliable or possibly dormant.

I’ve been meditating on the possible results if we all worked on awakening, developing and strengthening our higher senses.  How would we act, react, treat each other, animals, plants, the earth herself?  Would we still fear ghosts and lingering spirits?  Would we find possible solutions to world-wide famine, poverty, and pollution?  Would it change our governmental structure?  Would it change what we focus on, or where we direct our emotional/spiritual attention?  Would it send what we’ve come to accept as social norms off into space and cause us to develop new priorities for work, spending money, play time, or how we raise our children and extended families?

Would it change our concept of religion? Would we pray differently? Would we perceive God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, angels, saints, (dead) relatives, and other general spirits differently?  Would we communicate, interact with and treat them differently if we developed our higher sense so we could hear, feel, see, sense them?  Would our concept of relationship with them change? Would how we see and feel about ourselves personally change?


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December 21, 2012

Word of warning, this is a very direct post.  I’ve been very open and honest about my personal feelings as well as providing spiritual insight.

December 21, 2012, winter equinox, the Yule celebration, the darkest day of the year (less sunlight than any other day) and the end of the Mayan calendar.  Please notice I didn’t say anything about the end of the world.  Recently there has been more investigation, speculation, research, debate, and planning than perhaps even during the Y2K scare of 2000.  We humans tend to let even minor changes panic us.  The truth is the plethora of possible scenarios running rampant in imaginations all over the world are scarier than what will probably happen.  Our fears are almost always worse than actual reality.

We may have solar flares, polar shifts, or gravitational changes; however, I have no idea why these seem to be an issue, we have solar flares, polar shifts, gravitational changes, not to mention meteor showers, and obscure space junk falling all the time.  As the planets spin and rotate around the sun and the earth, there is a constant tug, push, dip, swerve, pull, press, wiggle, sway and movement caused by variations in gravitational force among the planets and the sun.  Our earth is part of this, no one knows exactly how long this has been going on nor does anyone know how much longer it will continue.  The earth survives and continues in her support of us through all these astronomical dances and except when there’s a big news flash or some social media brings it to our attention, we go about our daily lives oblivious to it all.

Most religions and spiritual principles foretell of an apocalypse, a day of reckoning, a moment in time when everything changes for human life as we know it.  When we get up everyday and go to work; are we not ‘working’ to change our life?  When we save, plan and build for the future; is it not for a different life than what we are currently living?  When we worship, pray, meditate, and practice spiritually are we not practicing for a hoped for spiritual awakening?   What if all the societal corrections we harass our governments for happen naturally due to planetary alignment and atmospheric alterations?  Would a change in spiritual consciousness; a new age of compassion, understanding and acceptance, really be so bad?   What if the planetary changes which ‘may’ occur on December 21, 2012, repair global warming and heal the earth?  What if some global disaster does happen, but when the dust settles you realize those people you thought were different from you, that you thought were savages or morally inept due to different spiritual practices, that you thought were not as good as you, or that you didn’t want living in your neighborhood, going to school with your children, or God forbid, running your country, what if it turns out those people are exactly like you?

But, what if, . . . nothing happens.  Our calendars end every twelve months.  What if it turns out that the Mayans were just keeping much longer, more complete calendars than what we have time, attention or selflessness to create?  And, by the way, for all the religious zealots, when did you begin assuming that just because the Mayans ended their calendar, this means your apocalypse, doomsday, or rapture is set to occur?  Are not these people some of the ones you’re always trying to save from themselves? Since when do you base your religious time frames on some other culture’s beliefs?  What if the point to this current end-of-the-world panic was to teach us to care, nurture and love the earth, the environment, the waters, the plants, the animals, and (dramatic pause, then gasp) other people; even the ones that appear different.  (I know most of you who read my posts regularly do not fit into this category).

What if . . . ?  You fill in the blank. I’d love to hear what each of you is fearing, hoping or even foreseeing?

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Spiritual Illness

We are very complicated beings.  Our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pieces intertwine in very intricate ways.  When we deny our feelings, when we suppress our emotions, when we avoid our inner truths, when we sacrifice our own needs for the needs of others, our spirits will do whatever it takes to get our attention, even if it means making us sick.  If we ignore our emotions and spirit long enough, they will use our bodies to get our attention.  Our personal truths should be our first priority at least once a day.  We should care about the other people in our lives and we owe it to them to acknowledge their needs, their desires and their truths as equally as valid as our own.  Yet we should not ignore our own needs, desires and truths.  We are meant to interact with, live with and love with others, but we must maintain balance between their truth and our own.  In the next few posts I’ll be using a few basic examples of how our spirits communicate through our bodies when we’re ignoring our emotions.

We’ll start with coughing.  Coughing can be accompanied by cold, sore throat, or many other maladies.  The coughing itself is your spirit attempting to expel very negative emotions, most commonly the feeling that you’re not the one in control of your life.  Translating related physical symptoms may help pinpoint the underlying cough emotion.  If you have a head cold, you may have tears you’ve not cried, and the tears have backed up into your sinus cavities and the grief causing the tears are blocking your ability to breathe properly.  As the unshed tears drain from the sinus cavities down the throat, the spirit tries to force the grief out with a cough.  Or if you have a sore throat, there may be personal truths you’re not voicing.  We should be considerate of others feelings and our words can wound the same as a physical weapon, but when we deny our own truths, when we hold in our deep personal feelings at our own expense, the person we’re wounding is ourself.  There is always a polite, tactful way of expressing ourself without causing harm to others.

At the end of the day, the fact remains that only you can figure out what deep, unspoken feeling your spirit is trying to force out by causing the cough.  And just like the physical body, the emotions and spirit need time to heal once the unspoken grief and truth are out.  Give yourself time for all of them.

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Great Meaning of Life

In writing this post, I know I’m about to at least irritate some Christians, Jews, and possibly a few others, and I might possibly piss you off. Excuse the language, but the truth is the truth.  I’ve been working with my totem animals more than usual lately and I’ve gleaned some interesting insights about life in general.

For starters, all life; you, me, animals, plants, even the chemical make-up of earth, water, air and fire have living elements inherent in them.  Presumably, all life emanates from the same Divine Creator, therefore, all life will return to this Divine Creator.  This seems to answer the first question for me, yes, our pets and other animals will be with us in the spirit realm, heaven, afterlife, whatever name you give it.  This leads me to respect.  If other life forms came from the same Divine Creator as we humans and all life forms are returning to the same Divine Creator, does it not make sense to afford the other life forms the same respect we give other humans?  By reason this would make them just another culture co-existing with us.  I realize this is a stretch for some people as they are generally disrespectful, but I’m appealing to those of you with an open mind and basic loving and respectful heart.

If we agree that all life is flowing from, returning to, and deserving of equal respect based on the Divinity which created it, then why are they here?  Do they have an agenda?  Are they learning lessons?  Is there a higher purpose to their time here?  We believe there is for us at least a learning time in our life cycle here.  We also believe we humans are serving some higher purpose or at least supposed to be.  So are the other life forms learning from us?  Are we supposed to be learning from them?  Is this all getting really complicated and giving you a headache?

Take a deep breath and let it out very slowly.  Meditate for just a moment (in this case meditate is just deep contemplation), think about dolphins.  They appear to be playing most of the time.  They are gentle, calm, peaceful creatures who seem to make play their life’s work.  Yet, sharks fear them.  They don’t worry, they don’t stress, and they live in harmony in large pods (groups) which doesn’t seem to have much of a hierarchy.  Yet they have the whole ocean in which to roam, play and live in total freedom.  Think of bears, they are strong, confident, and fearless.  They are quiet, usually slow-moving, living in small groups which consist mainly of mom and her babies.  Babies, which by the way are smaller than a baseball when born and birth occurs while mom is asleep.  Which leads me to the next thing bears seem to get right, they hibernate about four months every year.  Granted some of this time they are only resting and not in a deep sleep. Then they wake up and come out of their dens.  But they still sleep a portion of every day.  And they have entire forests and woodlands to explore, play, meander and rest, in complete freedom.

Based on just these two animals, I see fun, play, rest, relaxation, peace and harmony.  No hunger, poverty, stress, or illness.  They take only what they need, eat when they want, play when they want, sleep or at least rest when they want.  Also, every other animal, bird, plant, insect, aquatic creature, amphibian, tree, flower, all other life cultures, except humans live this way.  So, who should be learning from whom?

Perhaps, the only lesson is to appreciate yourself, your family, and the world around you.  Stop and smell the flowers; I’ve seen wolves, bears, rabbits, smelling the flowers.  Birds nest high in the trees and we can say it’s for protection, but I’m willing to bet the amazing view has more to do with it.  Humans make life hard.  Period.  We complicate it, we dramatize it, we politicize it, we mutate and warp it, and we look for faults, constantly believing there’s something which needs changing, or fixing.  Why?  When you look around the earth, and you put aside all the issues humans have created for themselves and all other life, what else is really wrong with the earth?  What really needs changing except the way we act, react, treat each other and other  ‘cultures’? What would life on earth be like if humans began living with the same philosophies and attitudes as the other life cultures?

Just some food for thought.

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The Great Debate

Who of us has not pondered, at least momentarily, what it would feel like to be stranded on an island, by ourselves?  We would sleep when we want, run, swim, climb trees, or just relax on the sand while the warm gentle waves lap at our feet.  No noise, no job, no demands on our time, no bills to pay, no responsibility for anyone but ourselves.  Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Have you ever seen the movie Castaway?  My daughter and I hotly debate this move frequently.  More specifically, we debate what drove him crazy.  Was it isolation? Grief and longing for his family and friends? Guilt that he wasn’t where he believed he needed to be to fulfill his responsibilities? Or cold-hearted fear of the unknown in a foreign environment of which he had little or no control?  A combination of some or all of these? Or perhaps some deep wound neither of us spotted in his character?

My daughter contends it was the isolation, only the isolation because she believes all the other scenarios play into the circumstance of isolation.  I argue that isolation, in and of itself is not bad. However, missing family, feeling guilt over not living up to responsibilities and possibly some shock over suddenly being thrown from the lifestyle which he had grown accustomed, all played into his mental breakdown.

I’ve decided, after much contemplation, and discussion with the spirits, that my daughter and I are both right.  My daughter is right that all the other perspectives play into the concept of isolation.  Yet, I’m also right that a little aloneness from time to time is good for us all.  What isn’t good for us is total separation from others.  We need human contact, animal contact, plant contact, earth, sky, sun, moon, spirit contact.  Touching, talking, just feeling the energy of other people is essential for our mental and physical health.  Animals also provide this contact when it’s missing in human form, but animals also convey affection and love in their own unique way.  For optimum health and balance hugging, laughing, talking, sharing, and loving are critical.  For when we have these elements they stir the greatest element of all, love.  When we receive love it nurtures the love in us.  When we give love we are not only nurturing others, but nurturing ourselves also.  Love isn’t love until you give it away, and then it grows in and around others and you.

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Importance of Dreams

From a physiological perspective there are 5 stages of sleep, 1) light beginning sleep where we transition from awake to sleep; 2) brain waves change, body temperature drops and heart rate slows; 3) brain waves continue changing and we transition from light sleep to deeper sleep; 4) deep sleep characterized by very slow delta brain waves; and, 5) REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep where dreams occur.  REM sleep is a paradox in some ways because the brain becomes active again in a different way than when we’re awake, our heart rate increases again and we may breathe a little faster, yet our muscles become very relaxed, almost paralyzed.  There is still a debate in the scientific / medical communities as to the need for certain amounts of sleep.  My personal opinion is its very important.  We could debate endlessly about the physical health benefits of sleep, but if you don’t allow your subconscious to dream, to clean out closets and talk to you, there are any number of possible mental and spiritual problems that can arise.

Not everyone has vivid dreams, some of you think you don’t dream simply because you really don’t recall your dreams when you awake.  But you are dreaming and the dreaming is important whether you remember it or not. We basically all have photographic memories in the sense that our subconscious records everything we see, feel, hear, smell, touch, think, then stores it somewhere in the deep recesses of our brain.  Much of this information can be considered information overload or just not necessary, so the subconscious needs to release it, clean it out and reorganize the remaining stored information.  This occurs during REM sleep.

For those of us who remember most dreams and for the even fewer of you (like me) who are vivid dreamers, REM sleep is vital for our mental and spiritual health.  I admit there are many nights when my brain cleans (but even awake I’m a clean freak so . . . ), and truthfully too many nights cleaning out old, mostly forgotten, useless images from the deep, dark basement of my subconscious leaves me more frustrated than rested.  My common sense and intuition tell me its crucial because once the cleaning and reorganizing are done, my subconscious can speak to me, reveal my frustrations, longings, desires, perceived obstacles, worries and path to happiness.  Thus allowing me to deal with my deeper issues before they are out of control.

Never underestimate the power of your conscious and subconscious mind. Never dismiss any dreams too lightly until you’re sure it’s just a cleaning spree, and pay attention to the dreams which evoke intense emotions or which recur often.  They are trying to tell you something and if the dream comes often, it’s most likely something important.

Have a great weekend everybody and if you need more information about dreams or some help decoding dreams, please email me at

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