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William and I have been away for a few days, I’m slowly getting caught up on my reading here on wordpress, forgive me if I seem to be reading out of order, however, I thought I would share some photos of our trip, perhaps give a glimpse of my more ‘human’ side.

We stayed in a Resort high in the southern mountains of New Mexico and went out everyday exploring,

we met new people

  Roswell UFO Museum

We learned some ancient lore

  Roswell Museum (this has been shown on the TV show Ancient Aliens)

We explored new territory

  White Sands National Monument

Experienced new cultures

Inn of the Mountain Gods

Found peace

  Lake behind Inn of the Mountain Gods

And I spent some time focusing on the most important

  William High Eagle (yes, my William)

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I’m Not That Deep

I admit it, I’m just not that deep.  Or maybe it depends on your definition of ‘deep.’  I have written blogs in the past telling you true spirituality is being fully human.  So, when we, and I include myself in this ‘we’ are longing to be spiritual I think we should look inside for what makes us happy.  Stop reading, think of four things that really stir your heart, make your stomach lurch and take your breath away.  Doesn’t matter what or who they are, just let yourself feel these feelings, let a smile cross your face, let your heart soar and your breathing stop.  It’s okay.  These feelings are God (or whatever name you use), living inside of you.  I strongly suggest a vision board for happiness.  Print pictures of whatever makes you happy and put them up where you can see them every day, several times a day.  I keep pictures of my daughter and grandson on my desk, right beside my computer.  I keep my spousal equivalent in the same house so, if he’s home I can go look at him, or hug him whenever I feel the urge 🙂 .  I have pictures of all my family and pets I’ve had in the past.  I keep flowers and other plants growing in the house and the yard.  I keep the windows uncovered all day and open if it’s not too cold.  I listen to music almost everyday.  I pray and meditate every day.  Remember, happiness is not a destination, neither is spirituality or compassion, or peace, or passion, or romance, or serenity, or tranquility, or love; they are the journey, the path we choose to walk, the day to day exist we create for ourselves and our loved ones.

Here are some pictures I found that stir my heart and keep me connected to and communicating with the Spirits who live in me.





And the one that’s always left me breathless

My grandson, Robert Lee Pettry IV, aka Bubby

Life in it’s truest form isn’t complicated.  We only make it that way when we stop living in the positive.

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Fun Weekend Music

I was sitting here trying to think of a light easy topic for the weekend,

Guess what?  Couldn’t think of a thing…:-)

So, on this blog and my Freedom is Waiting Blog today will just be a music video.  Perhaps a glimpse into the deeper me where I hide from the world.  This song is one I truly love for absolutely no reason.  It doesn’t remind me of anything or anyone.  I think that’s why I love it so much, it just takes me back to a time when life was easy and I didn’t have any cares or worries.  Enjoy!

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The Movie, not the stuff you lube your car with or the junk in your deep fryer.  John Travolta and Olivia Newton John were the stars along with a great supporting cast.  Then came Grease 2, Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield.  Fun music, easy dancing and believe it or not, a nostalgic message.  Both these movies at first glance seem to be light, fluffy, immature, and frivolous.  Yeh, they are, that’s my point.  For us baby boomers, they remind us of a time in our lives and history when everything was easier.  Or at least it seemed easier.  I think twenty or thirty years from now the youth of today will look back at current movies and music and feel the same nostalgia.  Nostalgia is not a bad thing.  It keeps us connected to our roots, our beginnings, the small stuff which added up over time to make us who we are today.  I recommend you all find a movie or some music that pulls at your heart and stirs you to dance in the kitchen or the garage (if you’re a guy) and just let yourself remember all those fun things from your youth.

Here’s my favorite song from the original Grease.  Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

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Being Fully Human

Many religions teach that being human is not Spiritual.  Old school Christian churches preach original sin, the flesh must die for the soul to live, and my personal favorite, eternal hell fire damnation if you’re not ‘good.’  I do believe in Hell, the problem I have with these old school principles is each Priest, Minister, Preacher, and even some Gurus and Yogis have their own unique definition of ‘good.’  In previous blogs I’ve stated that many Spiritual principles are based in the concept that we are created by a God(dess) with very human attributes, personality traits and physical appearance.  And that we are created in their image.  So how is being fully human not Spiritual?  I personally belief it is the only way to be Spiritual.  To feel our feelings, to exercise our bodies and listen to our bodies aches, twinges, and even desires.  Yes, I said desires.  No Divine, Loving Creator would give us physical longings and desires if it wasn’t okay and even Spiritual to use them.  Let me interject here that I am a staunch supporter of Sacred Fidelity, so don’t take that last point out of context. To be fully Spiritual we can and should dress in ways that are comfortable for us.  Women, we should do what feels natural to us with regard to make-up, nails, hair, shoes.  Men, you should watch football, action movies, and own a sports car at least once in your life.  I’ve owned a couple myself and I have a third planned for the near future.  We should also do what we love regarding careers. There are reasons we have preferences and unique interests.  If each of us had a career that fed our soul and gave our heart peace, there would be the exact number of teachers, accountants, mechanics, hairdressers, shoe salesmen, and even Ministers and Gurus to balance the world’s needs.  The same goes for entertainment.  Personally, I love the Bubble Gum Pop music from the 1960s, I still love Elvis, The Beatles, and many others.  My favorite way to relax is an afternoon with a roaring fire and watching the old monster movies, Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, or reading a classic Stephen King or Dean Koontz novel.    It is Spiritual to be uniquely, fully human.

If you are having difficulty feeling Spiritual while expressing your uniqueness in any area of your life, please contact me at  Everything discussion is always100% confidential.

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I really don’t like this word.  But its the best ‘fit’ for my message.  To me a conviction is that deep, gnawing, knowing, feeling in the pit of my stomach.  That sensation of now or never, act immediately or all is lost.  In meditation recently I found myself wondering about giving God signs. Most people I know ask the Spirits, God, Allah, The Universe, for signs.  Signs that the answer is coming, or that relief is on the way or even a sign that someone is listening and cares.  Do we ever give signs to the Spirits, Allah, God, The Universe that we’re paying attention, that we are listening and care or that we trust Him/Them to care?  Do you ever get the feeling that you should give that homeless person your last dollar?  Or that you should donate to the cause of the school child with the brightly painted coffee can?  Or donate to Save the Children, St. Jude Hospital, The Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, or some other equally worthy cause?   I hate to be the one to tell you this…but…if it is really pulling at your heart, if you’re really struggling with the idea, then you should do it.  It’s the Spirits, the Universe, Allah, God, Angels, (you call them whatever you want), knocking on the door of your conscience.  Sorry, I’ve had the door of my conscience kicked in before, so I know what I’m saying. However what about out the smaller, less obvious, persuasions or certainties that sometimes don’t even make sense?  Should I take my neighbor a turkey sandwich, or offer the mail delivery person a cup of coffee (careful here, make sure you know them well and trust them), or maybe its just loving yourself in some way.  Could the urge to just read a book, take a nap or sit on the patio watching the sunset be considered a “sign” to the Spirits, God, Allah, Universe?  There are a lot of self help books, teachings, Gurus, etc. that tell us how important it is for us to take care of ourselves, rest, have leisure time, exercise, eat right, their lists seem never ending.  But what does Great Spirit think about how we treat ourselves?  Is it possible when we give in to that urge to watch a sunset, nap because we’re tired, or read a book to relax, that God is seeing this as our appreciation for ourselves.  That we are grateful for just being us.  That we want to make the most of every minute we have been given and that we are thankful for the opportunity to just be?  I believe this is exactly what (s)he sees.

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Awareness Benefits

While I believe Guru Awareness is too much for the average person, I do believe conscious awareness even if practiced for only minutes a few times a day can have an impact on your life. There are benefits to conscious awareness which many are not familiar with. One of the more immediate benefits is you become more cognizant of your surroundings. Conscious awareness practiced when driving will help you see possible hazards you might have missed if you were preoccupied.  Conscious awareness when chopping vegetables for dinner could help you avoid cutting yourself.  Conscious awareness during your daily jog could cause you to see obstacles thereby preventing a bad fall. If you consider conscious awareness based on your daily routine, I’m sure you will find more benefits which apply to you. A second benefit is the ability to think and ultimately feel more positive.  We are all programed from birth with certain ideas and opinions which over time become embedded in our subconscious.  Once embedded there, we are no longer attentive to the impact these ideas and opinions are having on our everyday life.  If we allow ourselves to operate solely on auto-pilot the subconscious is free to impose these deeply embedded notions onto our attitudes and actions without us even noticing. For example, as a child I often heard my father say, ‘cheer up, things could be worse and if you cheer up, things will probably get worse.’  So, for many years, if I felt happy for too long, I would have a panic attack and not know why.  Once I remembered him saying this, my panic attacks made sense.  Now I’m very cautious of my thoughts and I check myself regularly for signs of anxiety or panic. By being consciously aware, I am able to pay attention to my thoughts to be sure my thought processes are positive and life affirming. This is especially important when dealing with the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. If we want to attract positive into our reality, we must be thinking and feeling positive.  By being consciously aware of your thoughts, you can program your mind to produce more positive thoughts, which will produce more positive feelings and emotions.  Over time, the positive thoughts and feelings will become more habitual and you will start to see more of the positive in your life. Finally, practice does make perfect. The more you practice conscious awareness and positive thinking, the more natural it becomes for you.
If you would like some simple steps for practicing conscious awareness and positive thinking, you may e-mail me at

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Having recently undergone some life altering events, I am experiencing new and different ways to use my time.  I love the holidays and find myself observing the festivities from a new perspective.  With a new schedule for my time and responsibilities, I am encountering shifts in my energy…all my energy; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.   There have been days I have been feeling what I first labeled as “lazy.”  But my tendency to over-think everything got me to analyzing the difference between “lazy” and “resting.”   Lazy is an unwillingness to work, being listless and inactive, a slothful, apathetic attitude.  This is not what I have been feeling at all.  Rest is relief, break, recess, quiet, ease and relaxation.  I’m still dealing with responsibilities and normal daily requirements for living.   What I initially perceived as laziness is actually my intuition and internal barometer telling me to rest.  The recent life altering events which were totally out of my control have afforded me the opportunity to rest, to recharge my batteries and re-inspire my heart and soul.   Since I came to this realization, I am not so hard on myself.  Even God rested after creating the earth.  I now see these life changing events as the Universe, God and other spirits who walk with me every day, giving me rest I would not have given myself under any other circumstances and they have also provided me with new paths to walk and new choices to make with the gifts and talents I have to offer.

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