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Spending Energy

As a young mother, I was always tuning into my daughter psychically, energetically, and sometimes, just going with my gut. When she was about 4, we got a new puppy.  About the same time the puppy came to live with us a bat got in the house.  I was pretty sure the bat had not been any where near the puppy, but about 2 weeks after the bat incident, the puppy and my daughter got into an argument over a snack, which ended up with the pup biting my daughter rather hard.  I cleaned the bite and watched it for a couple days, and sure enough it became red, swollen and pussy.

I immediately took my daughter to the doctor, the puppy to the vet and one thing led to another until the decision was made the pup had to be checked for rabies. And there’s only one way to do that. I mourned the pup, but the anxiety over my daughter was intense. While waiting for the test results on the pup, I didn’t sleep, literally at all. I think I was awake 2 or 3 days just sitting with my daughter and pouring my positive, healing energy into her. Especially when she was sleeping.  I sat by her bed all night holding, praying, just keeping the positive, healing energy flowing.

Thankfully, the test results confirmed the puppy didn’t have rabies, and my daughter healed quickly.  However, I still recall how drained I was from the event. When we pour our energy into others we are giving a very intimate, very real, concrete part of ourselves to them. We are energy and we are capable of sharing our energy with ours, often we do this without realizing what’s happening, especially with our loved ones. And I will be the first to say this is a good thing. Yet you have to be careful that you are giving only what they truly need (and want) and know your limits.  To be able to give you must recharge regularly.

If anyone needs any help healing, re-energizing, or just to relax, please email me at or leave a message here and I’ll be happy to guide you through some healing exercises and meditations.

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