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Law of Attraction 1.5

I am back tracking a little today. My daughter, my only child, and the most amazing woman I know is fighting a demon right now. She is a smoker, and has been for far too long. She decided she wants to quit and its not going so well. She sent me text messages this morning, several in fact, about her withdrawal. She’s highly intelligent so the psychological component is not a huge issue for her. However, the physical component is major. She is nauseated, constipated, shaking all over, sweating and has a bad taste in her mouth. In short, she’s miserable. We are going to Skype later today and I’ll work with her using energy medicine. But her condition started me thinking about my blog on Monday.

The Law of Attraction sounds good and it does work. Yet I’m betting there are many people who have, will or are facing the physical withdrawals when fighting an addiction. So, I want to offer this advice. It doesn’t matter if its cigarettes or cocaine, alcohol or meth, food or something else, never try to stop cold turkey over night. It won’t work and its dangerous. Bad habits are one thing, addictions are completely different. When dealing with a true addiction, the Law of Attraction is only one tool in an arsenal you will need to overcome the addiction.

I would like to offer this to my wordpress followers. If you or someone you know needs help with a bad habit or an addiction, I will provide my services at a 20% discount and it will be completely confidential. My e-mail is and I always respond in less than 24 hours.


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Law of Attraction

Before you decide not to bother with this post because you think the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, give me a chance to explain. I am going to show you a new angle to the Law of Attraction. While positive thoughts and feelings are important they’re only a piece of the big picture. Over and over again, I would try the Law of Attraction and fail miserably every time mostly because what I was trying to create was new and different. How could I possibly hold a thought much less an emotion for something I’d never experienced before? Well, sit back and relax, I’m going to show you how it’s done.

Let’s say you want to quit smoking, and no I’m not picking on smokers, almost everyone in my immediate family is or at least was a smoker at some time.  Okay you want to quit, you’ve tried everything and you still can’t kick the addiction. The first thing you do is find a substitute for the fix you are getting. The nicotine patches and gum both work well for curbing that craving.

Now, sit down with a pen and paper, the signals to and from the brain are stronger when you write instead of type. Make a list of what you and your life will look like after you quit smoking. Will you get your teeth whitened? Will you start getting regular manicures? Will you start an exercise routine? Maybe you’ll change your hairstyle or start wearing a special cologne, or perfume. Or maybe you’ll buy some new clothes to celebrate. This one worked for my uncle, you’ll take the money you’re saving now that you’re not buying cigarettes and open a savings account with the money. Right now it doesn’t matter how you feel about these things, the feelings will come later.

Now that you have your list, pick one thing on the list. A girlfriend of mine started with getting her teeth whitened. That was week one for her. When she saw how great her smile was after the whitening, every time she wanted a cigarette she would look in the mirror at her pretty white teeth and remind herself what would happen if she smoked a cigarette.  And no she didn’t stop completely over night. But this helped her cut back quickly. The second week, she started going out for a walk every morning before work. Not a jog or even a power walk, just a leisurely stroll around her neighborhood. Over time this progressed into running for exercise, but she started slow. Week three she had her hair colored and styled  in a way she’d always wanted but never tried before. Over time she started to feel like a new person and the cigarettes became less important.

As I said earlier in the post, she didn’t quit over night. No one becomes a two pack a day smoker over night, so you’re not going to quit over night. The point is don’t think if you quit smoking then you can change other things about yourself. Change things about yourself and your life then you will attract the urge to not smoke. As you start making these small changes they will become familiar and you’ll feel comfortable with the new changes. As you become comfortable with the new changes then you attract more new changes. Over time you can and will become anyone you want to become. It’s simply the Law of Like attracts Like.

I will continue this post later in the week using other examples of weight loss, exercise, and careers.

Happy Monday!

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