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We know we’re not supposed to judge.  Part of enlightenment and ascension is rising above judgment and accepting everything as is, unconditionally.  Love all no matter the circumstances.  But is that really good for us?  There is a difference between forgiving and being non-judgmental.  We can forgive but we can (and should) protect ourselves from being hurt, wounded or even wronged.  To know when and how to protect ourselves, we have to have some level of judgment   Some feeling of right and wrong, what resonates with us and what does not, what is good for us and what is not.

There must be a balance of positive and negative.  There are negative energies all around.  These negative energies are necessary for positive to exist.  There cannot be one without the other.  But we don’t have to a-line ourselves with the negative energies.  We should not allow these energies to affect us.  However, to a-line with and accept the positive we must have some judgment of what is positive and what is negative.  Judgment is necessary to understand what resonates with us and what does not, to comprehend what is good for us and what is not.

Not everything which resonates with us will resonate with others.  Likewise, others may find energies resonating with them which do not feel ‘right’ for us.  This is where judgment should stop.  We cannot and should not judge for others.  We can and should only judge for ourselves.  This is also where acceptance comes into the picture.  How others live is not a statement on our life.  How we live is not a statement on their’s.  We must each find our own path and energy which resonates with us and leave others to do the same.

A deep subject and one which deserves more development.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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Scents Smells Odors and Other Olfactory Essences

Did you know our sense of smell is attached to our emotions? Scents, odors, fragrances, stir our emotions as much or possibly more than sight or sound? My point? Too much of a good thing is bad. You get in the elevator and end up standing next to a man wearing an entire bottle of aftershave. Or, you’re in line at the grocery store and the lady in front of you obviously bathed in her perfume.

So, today’s post is a fashion tip for the nose. Ladies and gentlemen, we all appreciate when others smell clean and look their best. We also appreciate passing by and getting just a whiff of cologne or aftershave. But it’s possible to over do it. Just like putting too much sugar in your cookies or too much salt in your casserole, too much cologne ruins the overall package.

Ladies, there are two ways to apply just the right amount of perfume. If you have a spray bottle spray the mist into the air in front of you and then immediately step into the falling mist. Do this with your head down so the mist falls into your hair and onto your shoulders and clothing.  If you have to apply with your fingers, lightly coat the tip of one finger, rub the same finger on the opposite hand and then touch your temples in your hair line. Yes, put it in your hair. You can also add some on the crown of your head, but again, put it in your hair. If this is a special occasion, you can also put just a drop in the bend of your arms (front of the elbows) and right behind the knee. No more.

Gentlemen, with regard to aftershave, just a couple drops in your palms, rub your hands together and then across your cheeks, chin and neck…really spread those two drops out over your skin, then stop. If you use a good cologne, you can use it in place of aftershave, but please don’t use them together. If you tend to sweat and are worried about body odor, use a good deodorant which compliments your cologne, then if you want, one drop, just one,  about one inch below the waist band of your underwear. It doesn’t matter if you sweat there or not, your body temperature is higher in that area and will emit the odor of your cologne in a subtle way as your body temperature fluctuates.

And finally, for men and women both, if you can smell yourself after ten minutes, you’ve used to much.

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Knowledge: acquaintance with facts, truths or principles, familiarity with a particular subject or branch of learning, familiarity or acquaintance gained by experience or report, fact of knowing, awareness of a fact or circumstance. Obviously, we can gain or acquire knowledge through numerous avenues.

Of all the things I’ve accomplished in my life of which I’m most proud, in the top five is going to college. Not because it’s made my life any easier or increased my income substantially. I’m proud of my college education because I was told growing up that I didn’t need to go to college, that women shouldn’t be more educated or make more money than men. If we did we were taking something away from a man. Okay, so my family was a little (?) chauvinistic. They still loved me.  But I digress. So far the only use I’ve found for my degrees is to be in business for myself (Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healer).  They’re legitimate degrees (Christian Counseling and Cross Cultural Communications), there’s just not a big employment niche for my knowledge, experience and abilities.  But again I digress.

I tell people all the time, ‘I’m a wealth of useless knowledge.’  I know facts about the most obscure subjects. I was watching the game show, Jeopardy recently (actually I watch it almost every day) and William asked me if I was winning. I wasn’t keeping score for myself, yet, when I thought about it, I was answering correctly on average 70% of the time. Not great, I wouldn’t have been the champion, but still not too shabby. Which of course started me thinking; which doesn’t take much, I tend to over think everything. I have education, knowledge gained from my education and from life experience and I have life experiences, so what good is all this ‘knowledge’ really doing for me?  I have a plethora of skills and abilities, I’m intelligent and I learn quickly, I’m open minded, friendly, and I love people, all people unconditionally. Yet, none of this has helped my income at all.

So, how important is education or the gaining of knowledge in every day life? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this. Please leave a comment below and tell me your perception of this matter.

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Resist, we all do it from time to time. The problem with resistance is often we are preventing ourselves from attaining, or even living in a better, more fun, easy, entertaining, beautiful way. We are all creatures of habit. We will stay with jobs, homes, relationships, and habits, simply because its easy and familiar.

Many years ago, I worked with and counseled victims of domestic violence. First let me give you a DV 101, domestic violence invades homes regardless of race, religion, sex or socioeconomic status. It will enter a multimillion dollar home at the exact same time its invading a thirty thousand dollar duplex on the other side of town. So, money may be used as an excuse for staying, it’s just not a valid reason. Victims become trapped in a cycle which they honestly don’t want or like. They stay because they are conditioned to it and the conditioning is familiar.

People who have perfectly safe, calm, happy lives will stay with jobs because it’s familiar. They may dread every minute of their existence while at work, yet they resist taking any steps to change because that would involve stepping outside of their comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory.

I have a friend who is living in a house she and her husband both hate. The reasons are really not important. What is important is they have a lot of time and money invested in this house. It will require stepping outside their comfort zone to correct the situation, so they stay in this house because its easier, they’re miserable, but miserable is familiar and easier than taking the steps to change it.

I have another friend who smokes. She wants to quit and has several times over the years. Yet she always reverts back. I have seen this woman smoke while wearing a nicotine patch. Quitting is uncomfortable. It requires she move outside of her comfort zone. She might have whiter teeth, fresher smelling hair and clothes, be rid of yellow fingernails, not to mention her blood pressure would go down, she’d have more energy and be less susceptible to colds, flu, and many other ailments. Giving up those cigarettes means moving into unfamiliar territory. She would actually feel better  physically, but the change in her physical health would be strange and different. It would be new and unfamiliar. I’m not picking on her. I know there are thousands of people who are doing the same thing. This is just an extreme example of how we stay with habits because they’re familiar and feel safe.

Any type of change means we are giving up something to allow space for something new. Change means more of the new and unfamiliar. The number one reason lottery winners end up broke again is because they are suddenly in a ‘new’ space. An unfamiliar arena of life and while on the surface it appears safer, easier and happier, deep down on some level their soul is crying from fear and stress because this ‘new’ is so unfamiliar and strange.

New relationships are sometimes difficult. Many people say they want love, but resist taking the steps to find it and make it work. They resist because new people, feelings, situations, means more newness. Gaining more of anything means allowing more newness into your life. This is scary for just about everyone.

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Okay, let me start with my favorite saying about children, “Dirt is good for kids, look what it does for flowers.” Which is really the point of today’s post. Remember when you were a kid, you couldn’t wait to grow up? Each birthday was a milestone. A year past which brought you closer to 16, 18, 21. And then you’re an adult. Many of us who are way past even our children reaching these milestones, look for ways to improve our lives. We study, meditate, yoga, exercise, healthy eating, the list goes on and on. The sad thing is, we gauge our growth or how far we think we’ve come, by how good or bad our life is at any given time. Which is wrong!

Have you ever planted a seed in water before placing it in the ground. If you have, you know the seed has to absorb lots of water, then it becomes blotted, then the shell of the seed breaks open, so the beginnings of the roots are free. They are spindly, pale and depending on the type, some are even gnarly and hairy. Basically, just not pretty, at all. At this point we usually place the gnarly spindly, ugly thing in the dirt. We water the dirt to make mud and then we leave it there in the mud and dirt because we know this is where the real growth starts. Again, depending on the type of plant, days or maybe weeks later, the first green sprouts appear. Yet even these new sprouts are not always pretty. Most plants break through the dirt in a still pale, spindly form. In order for the plant to continue to grow and stay healthy, the roots must stay buried deep in the dirt. Even the most majestic trees, the most aromatic bushes and the most beautiful flowers owe their very life existence to having their roots firmly planted in the dirt.

Each season many plants shed more seeds to become plants the next summer. During the long cold winters, they lay in the cold dirt, water, and mud waiting for the next cycle of growth.  I wonder how much more beautiful we all would be if we embraced the “dirt and mud” in our lives as merely growing stages. How much happier would we all be and how much more abundance would we see in our lives if we stopped trying to grow and change without first planting our roots deep in the mud.

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Authentic Truth

While reading a blog by Make Believe Boutique I found this quote,

Unity consciousness leads us to the same moral behavior that religions dictate for their followers. The difference is that when we ourselves choose, from the depth of experience, goodness over evil, we become good. If, instead, we do merely what we are told, we layer goodness over unhealed parts of ourselves…Elizabeth Lesser

We all are born wanting to please our parents. Especially when we have gentle, doting, protective, parents. When we begin mental, emotional and spiritual growth, begin discovering parts of our true nature, the nature instilled in us by God before conception, we sometimes find we are not created the way our parents were, nor is our true nature in alignment with how our parents see us or want us to be. This can cause immense guilt and shame for the child. Constantly told to look, feel, think, act, in ways that feel wrong or unnatural yet to not obey or at least comply with your parents directives means you’re bad or at least, not good. Finding and truly living your own unique truth is imperative for a fully congruent personality, emotional health and spiritual maturity. Yet for many it also feels as though they’ve betrayed their parents. Which causes them to continue feeling guilty and shameful long after they’ve recognized their unique truth and are far past being ready to live fully in and from this truth.

For anyone under eighteen reading this, your parents are still your parents and you should respect them for that simple fact alone. For everyone else reading this, I made peace with this conundrum by accepting these facts: every generation faces different societal structures, they base many things on the society they live in, including how they parent. Every set of parents has no way of knowing what society or the world in general will be like for their children at any future time. Most parents do the best they can with the limited information available to them. Remember, children don’t come with instructions.  Our parents are not us and we are not our parents. And finally, for every time that voice in your head or heart starts screaming…but mom (dad) said not to…(you fill in the blank), to my voice I reply….’mom and dad aren’t here.’

Living in and from your authentic nature, being fully in your unique truth is the greatest accomplishment you will ever achieve and it’s a true honor to the Great Creator. So, be yourself, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the rest of the world.

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Empty or Too Full?

I’ve noticed a trend lately here on WordPress. By Friday and sometimes Saturday many of us say we have writers block. We feel like we have no idea what to write. Which is true, yet I think I’ve found that for the most part, it’s not that we’re empty of ideas, it’s more that we are on life overload.

My spousal equivalent works long hours Monday through Friday in an office about thirty miles from our home. He also has to travel often to other parts of the state. His work is with at risk children, and children with chemical brain disorders and traumatic brain injuries.  Stress doesn’t even begin to describe what he deals with some days.  By Thursday and Friday most weeks he is very withdrawn, quiet, sometimes bordering on despondent when he comes in from work. He says “I’m full.” What he means is he’s full of the despair, the sadness, the drama, full of the world which exists outside the walls of our home.  So, as you may have guessed, Saturdays and Sundays are sacred to us.

I think many of us are suffering from this same fullness in many ways. We don’t all have jobs as emotionally demanding as what I described above, yet I think we all can agree that while people are basically good on some level, there are too many negative ideas, opinions and behaviors bombarding us every day. Even on our best days, we can find many issues in the world which bring us down and force us to struggle with life.

So for all of you out there who are feeling empty, light a candle, play your favorite music, cuddle your child, dog, cat, or significant other, say a pray of thanks for what you have, and then let go of the emptiness and I think you’ll find you feel lighter and less full.

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We read everyday about the positive impact being appreciative can have on our lives. I am a firm believer in positive thinking, appreciation, and paying all good things forward.  But this morning I received a lesson in appreciation. I have recently had a minor sinus infection, cold, something, not major and certainly not enough to interfere in my day to day routine. However, yesterday, I either scratched my eye or the sinus issue has spread to my eye, I may have it checked later today.

Many people misunderstand how metaphysics works. It is not a substitute for healers, or medicine (conventional and holistic). It is to pinpoint the underlying emotional/mental/spiritual conundrum which made us sensitive to the illness. For example, the problem with my eye. I need something to help my eye heal. But what deep down inside caused my eye to be weak so it couldn’t resist the attack?  Metaphysically, when we have eye problems, it means we are either afraid to see what is in front of us or we are not seeing something we should. So for the last few hours, I’ve been asking myself, what am I missing or should I see differently. Honestly, I haven’t been able to find the cause yet. But as I am sitting in my office here at home, just like I do every morning, I noticed something, I’ve never noticed before.

In the corner of my office I have a beautiful water fountain. It is approximately five feet tall, with a base full of stones and semi-precious rocks, then there is a stain glass of roses and hummingbirds which the water cascades down into the base of rocks and stones. It makes a lovely sound, has a light which helps illuminate the stain glass at night or when it’s very cloudy.  It’s very beautiful and I really love it. I turn it on everyday and pretty much leave it on all day until I go to bed.

This morning, just as the sun was breaking the horizon, I caught the impression of light from the corner of my eye (the one with the seeping crude). I turned and the sunlight was illuminating the stain glass on my fountain in such a way to make it appear to glow. The sunlight was picking up on the water and bouncing off as if the fountain were alive. As I sat here watching it, my stomach muscles relaxed, I completely forgot about my eye, and for just a few moments was mesmerized by the beauty the sun was adding to the fountain. I saw beauty I already knew existed in a new way and appreciated it more. After a few moments, I thought, I need to get back to work. I have a busy day. So I turned away just long enough to switch to a different internet window. When I looked back, the sun had gone behind the clouds and the fountain looked as it always does, still beautiful yet not as beautiful as with the sunlight.

The lesson? When beauty catches you and holds you, allow it to keep you as long as it wants. Stop the car, stop walking, stop checking e-mails, stop watching television, stop whatever you’re doing. Let the beauty hold you as long as it wants, because it may not be there later when you want to go back to it.


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Cultural Sensitivity

All cultures are guilty of some insensitivity to others. Americans seem to be the worst. We not only expect visitors from other countries to think and act American when here in the States, we expect American behavior when we visit other countries. While we are all human and an energy running from source, there are unique differences in all of us based upon experiences, education, birth family, language, spiritual practices and birth country. God Source intended it to be this way.

We use many excuses for our feelings, yet the truth is, we’re being disrespectful.  I once had a job in the hospitality business. We were expected to smile and look every visitor directly in the eyes. Approximately 90% of our guests were American, so this was not a huge issue. We still had that 10% who were of other cultures and I’m sure some were either offended or caught off guard by our seemingly ill manners.

We have many other culturally diverse communities here in the States. Almost every major city has an area where immigrants live, work and socialize with their culture. Some examples of non-American cultural influence are:

Native Americans consider it disrespectful to make direct eye contact unless you are intimate with the person. I’m not speaking of only physical intimacy. Family, close friends, and of course spouses all fall into the category of intimate.

However, in Austria it’s rude to not make eye contact when toasting and clinking glasses.

In some oriental cultures it is bad manners to cross your legs and/or expose the bottom of your feet.

In China it is considered bad manners to eat everything on your plate. It indicates the host didn’t give you enough to eat. You are expected to leave a few bites of each course to show you are satisfied. This is also true in The United Kingdom.

In France you should keep both hands visible at all times during the meal.

These are merely examples of some cultural differences.  With the unification of cultures around the world, I believe it is becoming increasingly important to be knowledgeable, understanding and considerate of others cultural background in order to foster friendship, trust and diplomacy among all peoples.

Leave a comment below of something culturally unique about your family, where you live or your country of origin.

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Why We Love Bad Boys or Why Men Love Bad Girls

Every man and woman has gone through a stage in life where they were obsessively attracted to the “bad” in the opposite sex. It’s normal, in fact, I’d be worried if you said this never happened to you.  Moms and dads try to pretend they never had this problem, yet they did, they’re denying it because they are trying to set an example for their kids. Notice I didn’t say a “better example.”

We flirt with danger, we skate on the edge of adrenalin rushes and we intentionally send attraction signals to the bad boys and girls because we are getting in touch with and learning about the dark places in ourselves. Many use the excuse that their life is boring or they may rationalize their behavior as a way to rebel against their parents, teachers, church or society in general. The truth is, they are attracted to the naughty or at least questionable because it validates the naughty in themselves. They are seeing their own dark places in these others.

All societies and cultures past and present have set rules, laws and certain social behaviors expected of it’s population. The reason these rules and laws have been developed is the fact every person since Adam and Eve has a dark place in themselves. A place where at least the idea of bad exists.

Facing our dark places is healthy. And for most of us, once we face the questionable ideas there in the dark, we’ll check them out, play with them for awhile and then release them. Many of us may remain adrenalin junkies which is okay, go sky diving, whitewater rafting, or on a photo safari. As far as the attractiveness of those bad boys and girls? One of three things will happen; you’ll get over it and become attracted to the preppies or the nerds, you’ll stay attracted but you’re family, culture or conscious will convince you to hook up with the preppy or the nerds, or…you’ll find the ‘bad’ look with the really good heart. A word of caution, the bad look with the good heart – comes with a unique set of instructions.

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