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Does Modern Society still need God

Recently while watching the news my boyfriend and I had a conversation about the fact people really haven’t changed much…ever. People are committing the same crimes and atrocities against themselves and nature that they have always committed. There is still jealousy, anger, prejudice, ignorance, abuse, rape and murder. Sadly, these negative energies have plagued mankind since mankind was created. In college I wrote a paper for an Anthropology class on why the Mesopotamian society needed religion. Basically, life was too much for them and they needed to believe something(s) or someone(s) were in control of all the things they could not. They needed to believe the drought which caused their crops to die, the illness which took the life of their child, or the wild animal which attacked and killed a husband, were caused by an angry God who was punishing them because of some ritual they didn’t perform or some sacrifice they didn’t make. It is thought provoking that even with all the technological advances the human race has made, human nature really hasn’t changed much. People are still afraid. Afraid of animals, weather, natural and man made disasters, space events involving stars, planets, meteors, comets, etc., even other people. So do we still need God? My opinion is yes. We need a more “Spirit”ual relationship with God and all other Spirits in the Universe. The human heart, even those scarred by trauma and abuse, are capable of great sympathy, compassion and love. Fear is what blocks these positive energies. By connecting with and reaching for a relationship with all Spirits, including THE Creator of All, we can release and neutralize FEAR which is the seed of all negative energy. Everything we perceive as “bad”, “wrong”, “negative” is based in and comes from a place of fear. By opening ourselves to God (or whatever name feels comfortable for you), we can live from a place of compassion, understanding and love. I’m willing to bet all life forms will always need God.

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