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Mellow Yellow

Ah, yellow, it can begin as a pale almost tingly white and run the scale all the way to deep gold, and still fall into the category of yellow.  Yellow can be bright, cheerful, happy even, then segue into deep intense hues before culminating into the royalty of gold.

I found no common negativity attached to yellow. It appears to be one of those mysteriously positive pigments that maintain their optimistic allure no matter the shade. Perhaps the connection to sunshine and the light of day’s affect on mood and attitude?  Or the individuality of yellow, its home is at the lighter end of the color spectrum and stands out with its own unique presence.

If yellow resonates with you, is it because you are an individual, unique in your traits, opinions, and goals? Are you optimistic and light of heart? Do others see you as having a sunny or bright disposition? Or perhaps, you are more drawn to the deeper, more intense royal shades of gold? Do you like the finer things in life? Are you drawn to the rich brocades and silky clothing? Do you prefer gold dinnerware over silver? Is your kitchen or any room, painted yellow? Do you love sunflowers? If any combination of these resonate with you, feel comfortable to you, then you are probably a yellow person.

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