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Shining Your Brightest

  For anyone going through a dark place, here’s something to meditate on

Love and blessings

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Glorious Green

Okay, before I get into the virtues of green, I want to say the blog make over is not forever, I’ve just been feeling “my oats”, so to speak. So, if you like (or even love) it, great! If you don’t really care for it, no worries, I’ll be changing it again before long.

Now, for glorious green…The only negative connotation I could find for green was the association of jealousy and the “green eyed monster”. Otherwise, green is usually associated with spring, new growth, and healing. There’s even a song which says “the green, green grass of home”. Its obvious when looking at plants and trees how healthy and happy they are by how vivid the green. So, how can green affect us?

Most metaphysical healing modalities associate green with the heart chakra. When you first consider this, it may seem a little odd, considering we usually think of hearts as red, pink, or maybe even mauve. But where else would the most healing be needed in our energy fields, but around the heart and the energetic role it plays for us? Our hearts give, take, send out and receive, every emotion known to life in the Universe.  Sometimes these emotions are positive and sometimes; not so much. Plus, even the positive emotions can be overwhelming and tire us, so even if we’re not thinking or feeling in terms of “healing”, our hearts may need resting and recharging. If you can find the shade(s) of green which really resonates with you, then it may be just what a tired over worked heart needs to comfort and restore it to its vibrant best.

Or maybe, your physical body needs healing in some way, even medical doctors, dieticians and nutritionists tell us we need to eat green things; veggies, fruits, etc. in all the green shades are supposed to be super healthy. Or perhaps all you need is  a nice comfy green robe or lounging outfit, or even just sitting outdoors with the grass, trees, and flowers, allowing the green to radiate its healing energies to you. Nature understands balance, rest, and when growth is required. Allow the greens in nature to help you with whatever you’re dealing with or wherever you need support.

Happy weekend everyone.


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