What I Do

Please visit my website:  http://freedomtoafullife.wix.com/katrina-marie

I am a Life Coach who will help you overcome everyday problems and issues, from smoking and over eating, to helping resolve relationship problems with your children, spouse, or extended family to a career make-over or starting your own business.  We all have struggles in life and sometimes we just need someone to walk with us and give an impartial perspective on issues to close to our hearts for us to see in the practical everyday world. I offer assistance from a functional perspective with solutions you can start using from our very first session together.

If any of the issues you’re dealing with are of a Spiritual nature or in conflict with your religious beliefs or upbringing, I can show you how to integrate your life with new Spiritual beliefs. In today’s society many people are injured by old tyrannical religious teachings from their past. Teachings which did more harm than good. I can help you release old wounds, bad habits and patterns of behavior you may not be aware are holding you back and keeping you from peaceful acceptance of a successful life while living in harmony with yourself and the Divine Creator. I will show you how to love and accept yourself as a child of the Divine, so you can live authentically without shame, guilt or fear. I work with all faiths and spiritual principles.

Don’t know what energy healing is? No problem.  You have a plethora of energy meridians in your body. They are all connected to your chakras (energy centers located along your spine), there is some correlation between energy healing with Reiki and other types of massage, yet its not exactly the same. If your energies are out of balance you will eventually experience physical maladies. The healing I offer is to balance your energy meridians and chakras before a medical doctor or alternative medicine person is needed. If you are already physically sick, I can work with you in conjunction with the physician who is treating you to help you heal faster and hopefully not relapse with the same illness.


9 thoughts on “What I Do

  1. I am doing a lot of reading about chakras. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Katrina, why don’t you have a like or follow button? Or am I just not finding it?

    • Katrina

      On my pages when I’m reviewing a post it’s at the top right under my tool bar, I can like follow, etc. Perhaps your webpage is set up differently

  3. Warriors and Goddesses

    I really like the new blog set up!

  4. Jackie Paulson

    I love the LOA, and it does work. It’s like a journey unknown but all is Known if we ask, believe, receive.

    • Katrina

      Nice way to explain it, we each have people who can learn and grow from us, because we each explain and guide in different ways. Thanks for reading.

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