Who I Am

This is not an “About Me” page.  This page is to convey more of the real me.  I was born in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia on August 6, 1960. My father was in law enforcement, my mom owned her own income tax and bookkeeping business. Both my maternal grandparents and maternal aunt were school teachers. My maternal grandfather was my best friend and hero.  Because of him most of my desires were granted before I could verbalize them. My paternal grandmother was a teacher and her husband worked in a steel mill. My dad’s sister and niece were both teachers also. Yes, I was expected to do well in school and I did. 🙂

I was married rather young, I have a beautiful daughter.  Her father was not my soul mate, nor was he really the man I was looking for, hey, we all make mistakes, so we divorced after four years. I also have an amazing grandson, I’ve posted a picture of he and I together on another post. He is the son I never had and I love him in ways I can’t explain.

I have found my soul mate here in Northern New Mexico, he also married young, had one daughter and divorced.  We are both the first born in our families which we are aware can create power struggles in a relationship, so we have accepted this and we get over it. We both have educations in psychology/counseling/ etc.  He is Native American, tall, dark, high cheek bones, athletic, spiritual, gorgeous and a great guy. I’m Irish, Scotch-Irish, with a little German thrown in. My natural hair color is dark brown, but almost everyone thinks I look better with reddish gold hair, so…  🙂  My eyes are green in the center and brown around the edges (a type of hazel, but they change depending on my moods, browner if I’m happy content, greener if I’m mad, sad, or sick.  I can usually tell I’m coming down with something before I feel bad, just by checking my eyes.)  Given the mixture of Native American and Irish in this home…Yes, we drink.

I am Spiritually gifted. I was taught very Druid / Celtic ways by my maternal grand parents, mostly grandfather, but, my grandmother too, she always talked about her “spells” and I know they both lived long healthy lives, always had plenty of money, animals and children loved them, the gardens for food and flowers both were amazing, and there was always an “air of magic” on their farm.  If I was sick my grandmother made me tea. I have no idea what was in it except she added peppermint candy to sweeten it and I always got better.  My grandmother’s sister (Aunt Lou, I loved her dearly too) had a recipe for a salve that she refused to share with anyone, it was brown, pasty and smelled bad, but it would cure any type of dermal allergic reaction almost over night.

I love to dance, I like all rock before 1975, and some since then, jazz, classical, blues, flowers, animals (especially horses and wolves. These animals make the best friends). I laugh whenever possible and have a rather twisted sense of humor.  And, I hold all life sacred.

So, Who Am I?  I’m an Irish granddaughter, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, mother, grandmother, girl friend, Spiritual student, Spiritual teacher, wounded healer, and lover of the Universe.


9 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. … nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. Jackie Paulson

    It is nice to meet you and I have a new LOA blog, love your tips on it? Jackie at http://lawofattractionsuccess.wordpress.com


  4. I’m fascinated with your background. What was in that salve I wonder? Did you ever see the movie Peggy Sue Got Married? I picture your grandparents being a little like hers. 😀

    • Katrina

      I have seen the movie, I never made the connetion before, but yes, there are some similarities. I have no idea about the salve, it was almost like mud, I know I wish I could get my hands on the recipe now, thanks for the comments

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